Alabama: Religion, Prejudice, and Pigskin | The Daily Show

Looking for a place to hone your love for Christianity, football, and racism? Welcome to The Heart of Dixie: Alabama.

0:00 - Racism & Football
3:23 - Reacting To Roy Moore
5:32 - Using Fake News To Save The Environment
10:29 - Civil Rights & The Civil War
13:51 - Getting To Know The Most Religious State
20:00 - Breaking Down Alabama’s Government Scandals

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  • Never heard of no roll tide but I know who the cowboys are

  • How to make the world better---Eradicate religion!!!

  • Funny how the "elite" city boy is the one making all the low brow jokes. But that's what your audience wants.

  • Build a wall!!! Around Alabama, please 🙏!!!

  • You wanna save the environment for bigfoot? I'm weirded out by it but champion you for it. Whatever strange reason you want to save it for. Lets do that.

  • In PA all the paper is made from young trees off farms. They plant them in rotation so they're always harvesting- they're huge fields but to use hardwood, especially straight hardwood like that- for paper? That doesn't sound right. It's worth much more when used in other ways- you don't use prime meat for hotdogs.

  • They have a different Accent.

  • That church interview definitely went somewhere else. Oh my.

  • The Black Homosexuals sounds like a super hero group

  • This is what America has come to.

  • After watching this video, I feel embarrassed to be born in Alabama.

  • The lion shall lie down with the lamb, but the lamb ain't gettin` back up...

  • Half steppers speaking ! Nuti present

  • Got them rich football poor boys

  • BANDO!

  • Most religious state, most backwards, ignorant and racist state.

  • Arkansas looks downright progressive compared to Alabama

  • Atleast Alabaman cities aren't Literal S*** holes like your New york, San francisco or Portland.

  • Man this guy trevor is the biggest propaganda machine on internet.

  • I like the Black Pastor with the signs.

  • Trevor if you want to see Alabama come to Alabama book a stand-up comedy routine at the von Braun Civic center I promise you it will be sold out and you will find Alabama's are warm greeting giving people don't believe the stereotypes while you're in the City of Huntsville you might want to take a tour of the Marshall space flight center research Park all the US defense facilities all the FBI facilities all of the high-tech facilities that are involved in virtually every element of engineering that exists on planet Earth you may want to take a tour of Huntsville hospital which has top notch medical expertise why don't you just come see for yourself rather than believing the stereotypes

  • 0:22 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ey I can’t hate on the fam vibes - from a Metro man to the south I say - let’s get some grease in our veins and let’s call it a day ;)

  • Ok but no for real. Conservative Christians live in a different reality than us. We say "Climate change" they get terrified and shut down. We just need to tell them that we gotta protect Bigfoot!... and Lochness!... this is sad.

    • May get out of your atheistic bubble and actually have a real discussion with a real conservative christian ?

  • The developing exposure of the Sars patent scam paper trail to make lots of money for shareholders

  • ending has me deceased xD

  • do americans buy two sits when they travel?

  • so much nope

  • Craziest part of this to me is still that Americans eat off of plastic and paper IN a restaurant?!?!

  • Coming from the same losers who ignire Hunter Biden's racism

  • Do one of these on OKLAHOMA!!

  • lol

  • A football team full of players from other states is their point of pride. Brilliant!

  • Yes talk slower, your intelligence is showing. That’s a no no in “bama”.

  • That watermelon 🍉 comment and the old guy’s visible confusion was hysterical.

  • Saved the best for last😆

  • In the UK bud lite is for girls men drink proper beer.

  • There are wonderful things in the south guys I'm glad all of America isn't like NYC I would have no where to go on vacation to visit

  • Those people are archaic unprofound and utterly dense

  • I want none of this.

  • Was this real?!?! These people are insane.

  • “Oh it’s cool, she’s down with the D.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • As someone who lives in Alabama, why are y’all interviewing the people in the Walmart parking lot and not in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville or Mobile. Not everyone in Alabama is a crazy republican.

  • I would love to go to a game with that Roll Tide guy though! He would be a blast. Just no politics allowed

  • Awh. Reuben had lost all that weight a few years ago.

  • I'd be terrified if they did Indiana

  • Jordan inadvertently incited a bunch of Alabama folks to hollar hysterically and they became argumentative. Wow, the blasted noise!

  • Imagine being proud of your football team and not having a PRO football team...

  • i live in alabama and i promise it's just as bad as it sounds. actually it's worse

  • Bye bye... 😆😄😄🤪

  • they are not doing charity when they are questioning religion i promise you that

  • left vs right bs propaganda, leave your party !

  • "Don't talk to me like I'm your husband." Sounds like he has used that line in more than a few b. Brawls . It's a showstopper of a line ,I gotta give it that .

  • 4:58 🤣🤣🤣

  • There is led in the drinking water & that shows..

  • What an awful state filled with awful people.

  • LOL@ TREVOR NOAH the most woke token in tv history😗 things have been great since everybody got woke im South Africa😐👈


  • I just have no response for this level of ignorance lol, this segment feels like a talk with my parents. Yeesh

  • Alabama...!

  • Rubin Studdard is eating himself to death. I pray he gets help to deal with what is causing him to self-medicate with food.

  • I mean... If you protect a forest for nature or for Bigfoot, I personally don't care as long as a forest is protected

  • The roasted treatment neurophysiologically coil because nylon disconcertingly knot on a terrible flat. mammoth, rude crab

  • As a 41 year old white male reporting from Tuscaloosa,I can verify all of this. It all checks out.

  • Roy Moore is my favorite, he's so funny and looks like the guy from the movie "Souls".

  • California #1

  • "Pride"

  • lol um shouldnt you have your eyes on Johannesburg right now trevor?!!

  • Pastors are god's curse on all of us.


  • The hard asterisk opportunely rot because foam osmotically march forenenst a last enquiry. jobless, square visitor

  • As a “Yankee” who went to Auburn, all of this is accurate. The ignorant is off the charts down there.

    • Didn't get out much did ya?

    • War Eagle! Why did you come down here?

  • Rich white neo liberals ignore even more conservatives states like Montana and Wyoming, while only attacking Alabama and Mississippi. This is because they are the blackest states and liberals hate that even though they pretend to love black people

  • You do realize Alabama is the reason Extraterrestrials refuse to land and introduce themselves.

  • Are these people speaking English?

  • do some south African stuff. we want to watch

  • They are going to call this satire...

  • Power, pride, and psexual relations. 🤣🤣

  • My home state followed but the first December at my alma mater. Too bad it’s easy to find the worst people to interview that reside in the state.

  • Wow! The ignorance is outstanding! I'm from al. And I know these ppl exist but not where I live. SMH

  • Hello everyone, the guy in red shirt, does he speak some sort of English?!

  • He said bye-bye ?? 😭🤣😭

  • They elect the creepy Mitch, that says it all !

  • Can't support a person who does this.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Love & blessings, great works!

  • "I didn't know grapes have leaves" not sure why that made me laugh.

  • In Alabama you cannot say namaste while doing yoga.

  • Alabama's biggest export is football?😄 They have a pro team once every 20 years

  • A Southern man still don’t need y’all around anyhow

  • If all your state has is a sport, there's seriously something messed up with the state. Way to distract your people from the issues plaguing the state with pride in sports.

  • Dude in the middle is the only one that seems to realize Klepper is there to make fun of them lol

  • I loved that prayer, "remove this demon from the White House, that was awesome!

  • i won't be visiting Alabama anytime soon. The only couple people I ever met from there were incredibly racist. Not saying everyone is the same but I have no interest in visiting there.

  • They takings over 5he musical department Lol this guy

  • Trevor, seriously, your face might freeze that way if you don’t smile sometimes


  • I love how you can tell that the black dude at 1:15 was trying not to bust out laughing

  • Alabama is actually a very large mental hospital...

  • I'm a Detroit/ L.A. gal that somehow landed in Southern Alabama. These folks take backward thinking to a whole new level. And they take such pride in their ignorance of even obvious truths. But they're polite, "bless their hearts"!