Alpha Kappa Alpha: Kamala Harris’s Other Family | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 18 feb 2021
A lot of people are pretty excited about Kamala Harris becoming the vice president, but one group is more excited than everyone else: Black sororities. Dulcé Sloan uncovers Kamala Harris’s second family. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulcéSloan
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  • Thanks for the education it was inspiring

  • This is what I was waiting for

  • What's this gonna proove? She ain't the first black nothing, she's the first woman,we ain't freaking blacks

  • Do not see the necessity of "pledging". And women and men can do community service with calling oneself "Divine". Black Greek members are a small percent of college-educated black people. But do the good work. And please do not disenfranchise the black women who are not in these sororities. Would you support non-Greek black women? I would hope so!

  • Yes sororities and fraternities are the black Illuminati also known as the Boule.

  • Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work, Trevor, Dulcè, and Team.

  • Little Brown girls....thought she was black ...colorism??

  • \0/

  • So inspiring.

  • These sisters look and sound stuck up... And Skamal ain't Black!


  • i love your smile! Dulce, you are j beautiful!

  • For all thoes who are racist and women haters, just know you havent won and you will never win against us.

  • looooove this!!! Thank you so so much for sharing!!! It makes Kamala Harris that much MORE important more appreciated. 🥰

  • As a white women it breaks my heart to see the 'sweat, blood and tears' of black women to participate in the suffragette movement only to be met with more racism. Black women have done so much and we are only now opening our eyes to it. Thank you

  • Why haven’t I heard about the Divine 9 until now! Thanks Mr. Noah!

  • Who gives af about AKA or sororities ... they are irrelevant to her win? How come you didn't mention the brown paper bag test they implemented for membership back in the 20th century?

  • Dulcé, you are a treasure!!! Thank you for sharing this! You could actually do a whole show on these and other amazing black women.💜

  • "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman." - Malcolm X

  • Divine Nine Baby! Serving our communities!💜💚

  • Thought Zora Neale Hurston was Queen Latifah for a sec

  • Wow! watching this filled my heart so full, tears spilled over...

  • Blk ppl in positions to effect change for their ppl's unfortunately, r the major influencers of systemic racism. I'm living an example of it as we speak.

  • This is what should be thought everyday, instead of that constant reminder of slavery that keeps the hate and resentment going. Anyone with a big platform needs to push for that, call out the media for what it continues to do.

  • Appointed ones

  • There is NO AMERICA without the BLACK WOMEN💚🖤❤

  • What a wonderful history lesson 👏🏽👏🏽💙💛

  • There you go, soror! Black illuminati crap! Ha!

  • The need for intersectionality laid bare.

  • This was good.

  • "we don't have to be seen to serve" this is why black women are iconic and must be seen for the gems they are.

  • I watched this interview four times in a row and I am not ashamed to admit it. God bless the beautiful creation that is a black women.

  • I loved this. Being a black woman is tough at times, but when i see ths i know its all worth it.

  • I didn't get to pledge because I lacked the finances required. I was approached by an Alpha who suggested I pledge AKA. I did a tribute video for Kamala Harris. My Vice President Looks Like Me. Great video.

  • We speak about her Asian ethnicity but she is also Caribbean too don't forget that she has Jamaican DNA too

  • Black Magic 💗💚💗💚

  • Trust Black Woman #periodt

  • Pauls Giddings wrote THE book on Ida B Wells!! Must read book! She is HU alum too!!

  • Sororities and fraternities are nothing more than secret societies an off shoot of mason and eastern star rituals. Wake up

  • Goodness. At first, I thought she ended with "trust white women, it works." Had to use the CC to make sure what she actually says. Whew-

  • ✊👏

  • Welcome to Kamal Harris. God bless you all world.

  • paula giddings was my professor in undergrad! 👊🏾

  • I got a few ideas for the "little brown girls"

  • They rock!!!!

  • I feel educated :) thanks for this video.

  • The black Illuminati... Lol...

  • Thank you for sharing this 💖

  • The tight barge initially fill because cylinder formally seal until a mellow furniture. living, illustrious brandy

  • Just Beautiful. I Graduated For MSU In 2001. Wish I Had Pledge Delta Like My Aunt.

  • Thanks so much for that beautyful history lesson. You literally brought me to tears. And I am not black, not a woman and not even a US citizen.

  • I loved this! ♥️

  • This does not talk about her family from the Caribbean at all.

    • It was a short on D9 and the contributions of black women in American progress. It was not an full expose on VP Harris and thus had no expectation to take a deep or shallow dive into her Afro-Caribbean family and roots.

  • This is what I want to see, her other family because I’ve noticed that she’s always pushing or they are now pushing the Asian portion when they only push the black portion at first but I would like to see her other family. she seem to never talk about.

    • Well this doesn’t talk about her family from the Caribbean at all

  • The cool quicksand unintentionally excuse because fighter laterally play during a decisive albatross. happy, wanting horse

  • Yes they are. The Bole the 10 %

  • This is one of the best videos ever. Short and sweet. It enhances Black History Month and is a great intro to Women’s History Month. I see I need to do a lot more research. Dulce always makes me laugh as she sweetens the pot. Lol. Thank you.

  • Thanks for showing the positive side of Sorrities and Fraternities. The drunks idiots usuanlly get all the news and the community service gets ignored. Most of these groups try to hold their members to higher ideals and yeah some don't live up to them but many do.

  • Wow I never knew these sorrorities for black women existed in America!! Great stuff!! Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾❤️❤️❤️

  • Respect!!!

  • I love it, out of all 3 of her guests, the mature lady looks like the most fun, most interesting person you want to know and be involved with. No offense to the other two, I’m sure they’re pleasant too. I wish I knew her name, but the collar popping momma just dominated this interview and I think that is great.

  • 🖤 illuminati lol

  • Kamala don't give a damn about black people.

  • thanks , black women and men

  • kind of refreshing to see educated black women making a difference in the world. They do not get enough air time but I guess with our new VP Harris, it is part of this country's new vision. But unfortunately probably bugs the hell out of men as well as white people. Old ideas are hard to change.

  • Qt to tt5t .......

  • ☝️, why are those questions been answer by that white lady?

  • Thank you. I learned something today. Also, I like Dolce's color sensibilities, with the leopard print top, the multi-color chair and the green nails. Some may say it clashes, but I say it rocks.

  • Well done!! Black women are a force to be reckoned with!

  • She is aslo of Indian descent

  • Raphael Warnock was once my pastor, so I had to whoop when you flashed his face.

  • We want more Dulce. What y'all hiding her for???

  • IDK what the deal is with black women?? 1 of them took my ❤. So I love them dearly

  • Love this.

  • Young black women and fake hair

  • It should be "Kamala Harris’s ONLY Family we feel comfortable talking about" because she is also INDIAN. yes, I know. her being indian shouldnt be talked about much because America does not have enough Indians to pander to for democratic votes. And since American only realize White and Black and Mexican, Indians dont even exist on the map, despite being some of the most literate group in the US. But again, they Arent of the Jewish faith either, so that American liberals can relate to Indians. For them Kamala Harris is just a black woman. Her South Indian Ancestry isnt needed.

    • @Rabibi Lah Are those Indians have TV shows where they say that kamala is only Indian? DO they deny her other identity? The "Others are doing so, so it makes it right" white policy suits nations with history of colonialism, not those who were colonized.

    • Do Indians (not just a few) even claim Kamala?

  • What is sorority? Can somone explain it to me, I am not American.

  • Wait, was the lady in pink also on that Dec 2020 Zoom call that civil leaders had with Biden where he went off and yelled at all of them? 👀😳

  • Thank you

  • Very good!!!Loved it!!

  • seems like everyone practicing segregation on each other .

  • Thank you so much,ladies

  • Kamala Harris is BLACK? How convenient to forget she's also BROWN.

    • That being said, Go Ms. Stacy Abrams. I was wondering when we were going to get true leadership? I am an older introvert myself; but I am so happy that she and others have stepped up to the plate! YAY!!! The new generation powering forward!

    • @Charlotte Washington Her mom isn't Indian?

    • She has very little Subsaharian blood in her. Probably less than 25%. Unless you subscribe to the 1 drop rule, she is not Black. This is also probably one of the reasons why she was selected in the first place.

  • rah ,rah, kick ass , ladies!

  • This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful history lesson and insight on these amazing organizations.

  • Yup. The stupidity in this video, which I suppose some would claim is "comedy" is just too stupid for my brain. PEACE! I am out. Finally unsubscribed. I came here for the comedy. After 4+ years of political dribble and NOT even an non-bias opinion. This channels leans harder to the left than CNN, MSNBC and ABC combined! On top of all the regurgitated videos...I am done. Best wishes Trevor, I will miss your comedy but I think it is safe to say that we ALL have been missing your comedy for a couple years now.

    • @Gluten Free Gam3r I don't find it lacking in comedy, and that's my whole point 😂 just because YOU don't find it funny, doesn't mean it's not funny...

    • @Natalie Morgan enjoy the lack of comedy on a late night comedy show? There used to be funny monologues and other comedy type sketches. Nowadays, the majority of the content is hard left leaning political thrashing and the occasional bit of satire.

    • @Gluten Free Gam3r oh dang you're right, I misread, though I mean.. the meaning is essentially the same but whatever haha 🤷‍♀️ Literally.

    • @Natalie Morgan actually no, that is NOT what I days. Liberally. Go read again.

    • @Gluten Free Gam3r you literally said you speak for us all 😂😂😂

  • here we go again with black people claiming something for themselves again and its a first....bruh kamala is a mixed race person of south asian decent

  • Does no one want to talk about the history that Kamala Harris has withing the community? I get that its important to recognize the significance of history... but can we talk about the innocent people in jail because of her?

    • @William Franklin I wouldn’t describe it as “walking back” since she never said it. She was very clear as she made her comments in stating that she did not believe he was a racist but instead that he had a blind spot for racism. Frantic white people, particularly those on the right and the disingenuous ones on the left intentionally blew it up as her calling him racist despite her very explicit words. I agree wholeheartedly with VP Harris’ sentiments on Joe Biden. He is an ignorant and dangerous white liberal, product of his time, that is all too willing to see the good in white racists in the sake of unity at the expense of those who they intentionally harm. He is weak and feckless on the issue of race and every time he thinks his white liberalism is helping he ends up doing more harm then good. Unfortunately for us his unintentional racism is and has been as equally harmful as the intentional racists he ignorantly empower through his fecklessness. The last part of your post is hard to answer because it is unclear what exactly you are talking about but I’ll take a shot without appearing as though I’m caping for Joe Biden. In reference to tax dollars flowing to other places, I’ll assume you mean other countries. If that is the case I’ll also assume you are referring to the omnibus spending bill passed in December, which Joe Biden had no role in since he wasn’t in office. That is the standard annual spending bill that is passed every year without fanfare. In terms of Joe Biden’s position on aid to Americans, his Covid aid package that he ran on will be passed in Congress and signed into law by him by the end of this week. So I don’t think he opposes aid to Americans at all. In fact he stood his ground in making sure Americans got this next round of aid at 1.9 trillion dollars when Republicans proposed cutting it down to 650 billion and no new stimulus checks.

    • @DRfc Spezial I was unaware of her having walked back valling him a racist. I think you're correct that her VP nomination was the reason for the rhetoric change though. I'm curious as to what you think of Joe Biden's political history as it relates to race. And also curious of your thoughts on his perceived refusal to give Americans aid during the pandemic while letting tax dollars flow to other places.

    • @William Franklin I’m sorry you’re correct Cali’s population is 40mil. I was definitely being hyperbolic and wildly rounding up. She did explicitly state that she “didn’t believe he is a racists” in that same moment people often cite as her having called him racists. I know many white people who are ignorant and problematic when it comes to race and often have blind spots when it comes to racism but they themselves are not inherently racists and that is what she was calling out in Joe Biden. I don’t recall her ever calling him a pedophile but I do recall her saying that she believes the woman that made an accusation against Joe Biden when it first came out. However, that story went on to change and morph dozens of times and didn’t hold up to scrutiny and neither did the credibility of the accuser. I’d argue that we’re all allowed to believe women until they give us reasons not to. However, I won’t pretend like political opportunism didn’t play a role in VP Harris’ decision to get over certain thing’s expeditiously.

    • @DRfc Spezial Okay. A few questions. You think that Cali has 50 million people? That's almost double its actual population. While there are some that think that she should fix every problem; that's not what should be expected. She the vice president to a man that she called a racist and a pedophile. I want equity. Actual equity. It's a shame that more things 9nline can't be as fruitful as this is

    • @William Franklin If we are being objective and have an interest in the complete picture... when we step back and take a careful look there is no way we can pin the centuries of systemic problems with the justice system’s inherent racism, particularly in Cali, on one woman of color and her inability to solve them all. Also, I do think her record is worthy of critique, evaluation, and criticism. The issue is that the cases being presented to people just weren’t it and it said more about the people who tried to pin fabricated stories to her then it did about her. Most of the issues being attributed to her she wasn’t the prosecutor on the case. One story circulating was that she chose not to prosecute the cop in Oscar Grants murder except for the facts that his case happened in another part Cali where she wasn’t the DA and the cop was actually prosecuted. The fact is that she didn’t solve every problem and some places fell short but her collective record when it came down to the facts and numbers is one that saw incarceration decline and a state of 50 million people seeing roughly 40 people in jail for weed (they had other charges as well) by the time she left office. Those are the numbers, those are the facts that most of us were willing to settle with. I appreciate your openness and willingness to understand why people eventually came around to her. You should also take notice that part of your confusion about why no one is talking about it anymore is because the Russian bot farms and internet provocateurs have gone dormant and all that’s left are really just the people who fell for it wondering where all the talk went.

  • This gave me so many feels.

  • Wish black people could have African sororities or just start our own without Greek numbers or letters. Its just so weird that everything we do we have to have a white spin on it just to be accepted.

  • As an Indian brown skinned female, you go Kamala Harris!

  • Sounds shady af

  • Damn illuminati! Divine 9, Devil 6

  • This is so cool !!!


  • Question. Is her father jamaican? Despite the relationship do they ever highlight her jamaican heritage?...Not me but a lot of jamaicans root for her...but the jamaican acknowledgement was put aside... I'm just curious...and yes I admire her process.

  • We still til this day continue overcome obstacles that are setup by evil ppl. And yet these evil ppl claim to be scared of us. Smh. But they know if we come together it's over

  • There are many great, intelligent black women out there, Kamala Harris ain’t one.

  • Kamala, the prosecutor that arrested hundreds of innocent black men and denied them access to evidence that would illibate them. She's a psychpath and a liar, Tulsi exposed her.

  • 😭😭😭 Beautiful. To all my black queens out there you are ALL Beautiful. Let your voices be heard always! 🖤