Death Wish: Coming to an Unventilated Theater Near You | The Daily Show

Birt 21 júl 2021
Death Wish: One band of anti-vax vigilantes is all that stands between America and herd immunity…

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  • Tucker Carlson begins every sentence on his show with, "maybe....." Maybe he is vaccinated and maybe he is just questioning the vaccine for a shitload of money and ratings. (I'm just asking)

  • Doomsday Is here .

  • I prefer the original Death Wish.

  • Would be funny if not for the fact that they all have been vaccinated. Better title would be "Hit Squad", a group of over indulged, over paid, shameless self promoters, on a mission to wipe out those that are easily misled.

  • "Eat German, Show me your papers, huh. " Funny how these Fox types don't see the historical parallels in the demagogue Trump, but they do with the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Republicans never give up their dead... never

  • Antivacers are a dieing breed!

  • This is nature’s way of cleansing the world of stupidity.

  • The Pro Death Party of America has spoken and the rest of the world is wondering if stupidity is contagious ...

  • Amazing how they all preach that it is their choice... but when it comes to abortion, they want to impose their choice. Hippocrates.

  • These Anti-Vax have already been vaccinated.

  • So True!

  • On Aug 1st 99% of all US COVID deaths were unvaccinated. The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated rages on.

  • Someone is going to have to prove to me that Tucker Carlson doesn't f goats

  • What's funny is the hypocrisy of all of this because all these people talking against the vaccine I will put $100 and bet that they all have received the vaccine.

  • Coming soon, Death Wish Surge II, Death Wish Surge III and Death Wish - No IV.

  • The gop just became the DOP

  • Come on the whole show is for children. This man and his show are irrelevant.

  • Maximum stupidity would be so very laughable if it wasn’t so SAD.

  • at least they are killing our enemy, their own constituents.

  • The Fox/News corporation is making ALL employees put their vaccination data on their site. You don't have to be vaccinated but you will have to wear a mask at all times unless you are on air and social distancing accommodations will be made FOR you.

  • I quit going to theaters when I had to finance popcorn

  • As I sat on my kingdom 🚽 I couldn't stop laughing 🤣

  • I bet all these garbage individuals aré vaccinated already !! 💉💉💉

  • No thanks.

  • Can we just infect them

  • Love it..........

  • in the end darwin wins

  • Let the qGOP cult cull out their herd. bye bye! Nazi's

  • Charles Bronson is the delta? We're all done for...

  • Hahahaha, it should be called, Moronic USA. This comedy could only happen in the USA.

  • Why do they sound like they've never had vaccine in their lives or heard of it before?

  • If only we could just put them in a wherehouse to die and not spend so much trying to save them.

  • That is exactly what the government's job is to keep us safe why do you think we have a military

  • Can't wait to see the low GOP voters turnout in November 2022 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • "Maybe it is the ebb and flow of life that kills a certain population"

  • Socíopaths, psychópaths

  • 😁😁🤔🤔🤭🤭.

  • The catch is that all of these individuals had their vaccinations.

  • Boebert is the generic Sarah Palin nobody wanted.

  • And Charles Bronson as the Delta variant 🤣

  • Great Stuff!

  • Maybe something comes along that kills a certain amount of Republicans every so often.

  • That ‘ against nature’ guy should shed his suit and go into woods or caves

  • Bet most of the Mask-holes that are against masks and vaccines are closeted mask wearers that are vaccines and are just blowing this out of proportion so they keep their ratings up with their simpler minded viewers that soak up all there misinformation as if it were from the gospel according to trump….

  • Starring Karen Carlson.

  • And I can promise you, all of these people are vaccinated, and were vaccinated way before us normal people

  • 99% of people who are dying of COVID are unvaccinated...that's their choice. Suicide is a choice (which I hope you don't make), but while you're killing yourself, don't spread COVID to me.

  • If the end result is increased mortality amongst fascists and Trump cult worshippers, is that really so bad for society? I mean … Darwin, anyone?

    • I am just sorry for all the little kids who loose one of their parents or maybe get sick by themselves, because they cannot get vaccinated yet. The number of seriously ill kids is just increasing to about 25% of all cases.

  • No offense, but international news channels are making fun of America all around the world.

  • Shame their dental work doesn't reflect the 💩 coming out of their mouths.

  • It's really about 'Natural Selection', i.e. empathy and the inability of morons to adapt to change.

  • Lifewish: A Coward Arises

  • Search “disinformation dozen” for articles and read the report on: CCDH - Center for Countering Digital Hate Read the new report from CCDH that shows how just twelve anti-vaxxers are responsible for almost two-thirds of anti-vaccine content circulating on social media platforms - and explains how platforms can fix it simply by enforcing their standards.

  • This should be enough for that bunch of unintelligent persons to be at least stopped of "free" speech on air. Or to have to explain themselves in front of a judge.

  • Faux news

  • Some of the conservatives out there will trade in they're lives any day of the week instead of admitting and learning from mistakes.

  • Brian Kilmeade: It's not their job to protect anybody! Oh... so it's not huh? I guess we can get rid of the police after all right? Since it's not government's job to protect anybody.

  • I like how they keep saying safe and effective when people are still getting sick

  • "Vaccines are going against nature. Maybe nature has to wipe out a certain amount of people".... Wow.. Just wow.... He would be the guy who runs to the hospital ER even when he gets a paper cut. Talk about gaslighting the sheeple Magats 😂😂😂... Can't believe how quickly they lap up this BS and crave for more... Do they lobotomize you when you register as a Republican voter?

  • Charles branson as the delta varient 😂

  • Natural selection via covid will deal with many anti vax idiots thereby improving the human gene pool

  • "Dont come knocking at our doors like Nazzies" say the white people waiving the Nazzie flags at BLM protests.

  • USA lost respect, credibility in the world

  • Survival of the "Vaxxed-ist"...

  • That caught me off guard: "...and Charles Bronson as the delta variant...". Hilarious

  • All the Republicans are getting that Barney Fife look in their eyes, scared to death

  • I didn't know Moe was a blonde

  • they want death wish, let them have it... herman awaiting

  • The brain capacity of people who believe trump, has been studied by scholar Cognitive Psychologists. Their results show that the people who truly believe the election was stolen have the same capacity of a juvenile monkey.

  • How can such people say such things without consequences?

  • I feel so bad for people with actual auto-immune disorders and allergies who legitimately cannot get vaccinated. The right wing propagandists are killing those innocent bystanders who depend on herd immunity to survive.

  • Fox News hosts, who are vaccinated, scaring their viewers into not getting vaccinated. This is perfect, Trevor!

  • the insanity is real and so sad. russia is laughing so hard at the destruction of usa by half of its delusional inhabitants .

  • Charles Bronson definitely approved this message (from beyond).💀... That's him laughing in the background.

  • "Maybe it doesn't really work and they're not telling you that. Maybe none of this is about COVID, and it's about social control." JFC. You're talking about your own show I hope, Tucker?

  • Not afraid of dying. Got to be better then this existence.

  • Canada is the most vaccinated country at 71% followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France. The US is the 7th most vaccinated country.

  • Natural selection at it's finest!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fox News: “Staying healthy goes against nature.”

  • Funny and sad

  • Charles Bronson as the Delta Variant lol

  • "Fauci Ouchie?" They think he is responsible for the virus and they STILL won't get a vaccine to combat the "Fauci Ouchie!"

  • I need a button and a t-shirt that say, "I got my Fauci Ouchy - because I'm a big girl now."

  • Charles Bronson loves your captions too 🖤

  • 🗣The stupidity of these people is astounding! Tucker & the misinformation squad= Death ......Unfortunately.😷

  • Oh Tuckems…why are you still alive. 😢

  • "For every vain and useless word that a man shall utter, he shall give an account on the day of judgment." -- Holy Bible

  • What if they are right?

  • Everyone on Fox news has been vaccinated.🤡

  • Everyone in this video is vaccinated.

  • Tucker Carlson body bags, brought to you by Fox News.

  • Democrat's are killing Republicans by telling them to get vaccinated. They should have told them it's for Democrat's only, then they would be clamoring for it.

  • Gotta respect the idiot who said it was God's will.

  • I say if their supporters want to not get vaccinated let them we can move them all to the north west so they can build a wall around themselves and hand out all the guns and confederate flags they need and they can have Trump run their little community. The rest of us will be able to take our masks off and go back to normal.

  • Republicans are as Dumb as they come. Let them die if that’s what they want. Do not get in their way.

  • Everyone of those people are vaccinated bet on it

  • These 3 murderers plus all the media that promote conspiracy theories are killing their followers, shame for them, how can they sleep with a clear conscience? traitors and murderers.

  • I think actually that this video would be the right way to manage to convince the anti-vax people to get vaccinated 🤔😎👍