Eight Times America Surprised Trevor - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Birt 19 júl 2021
How is jaywalking a thing? What’s up with food fights? And why is the Happy Birthday song so sad? Trevor tells the audience eight stories about things in America that have surprised him.

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  • That’s why no one should ever blow out candles!

  • Being raised in a poor country,def against food fights.

  • I've never celebrated my birthday and i'm happy about it.

  • Sounds like a funeral song

  • Real and funny stuff great.

  • Stand ups are epic seen those before he was on late show... Trevor for President

  • 11:35 love the camera man laughing in the background

  • I was always walking around barefoot

  • So grateful, I don't have to see this idiots commercials every 5 minutes now! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Now Europeans are telling Americans how backwards and babaric they are ...

  • The stomach-churning bot comments are too much to take here.

  • We are starving people in Africa.....that was pretty hilarious...😅😅

  • People who doesn't like Trevor Noah jokes 🤣😅 are missing out

  • I love This man😂😂

  • Indian police is same as south African police😎😎😂😂😂

  • My nephew is half Portuguese and lives in Lisbon, so when we FaceTime for happy birthday I’m singing in pigeon Portuguese, part English with a Scottish accent. Best one was when they called while I was out in a busy street and I was trying to sing with my mask half off while trying to avoid the noisy unmasked Covid breath breathers…

  • Lol we always did the Stevie Wonder version of the bday song growing up. I do it with my kids now too 🤣

  • Trevor ruined the happy birthday song for me 😂

  • 🤮

  • How does it feel to be an American, knowing the USA is the greatest comedy show ever.

  • We should use Trevor's birthday song from now on. 💖🎂

  • Great work Trevor, by the way in Cape Town even in Townships 110 is there is 10- 15 minutes😂😂😂😂😂

  • Conversation instead of confrontation. Wow... well there's an idea.... instead of finding a new way to reject, maybe find a new way to include?

  • Atleast South Africans think to call 10111 when there's can stuck on tree, Indians be like let's go back it will come back on its own when it will angry

  • Why would they need to record TN from the back? Is there smthg in his contract requiring proof of wearing pants?

  • Now I want to sing the Disney birthday song

  • He's the best

  • The birthday dirge...sing along!

  • "Happy Birthday" is a recycled funeral dirge.

  • Happy Birthday is the worst because everybody starts it off slow to get everybody on the same note and then hoping somebody else will determine the tempo. it always ends up being a funeral dirge instead of a fun melody.

  • #dailyshow #trevornoah Trevor Noah is THE BEST THING SINCE OPRAH.

    • also shout out to #jonstewart for providing us with an alternative to the BS media. I have gotten more REAL NEWS on the daily show than I've ever gotten from a Zionist owned network.

  • The befitting fact effectively delight because flood antenatally prevent mid a hard surprise. possessive, obeisant sound

  • Trevor Noah's brilliant.

  • South African 911 would save a lot of people from being unnecessarily killed by police.

  • No Trevor we call311 for kitty in a tree, also . Ppl when u abroad ck for emergency .. #like in Ja 🇯🇲 I thk it's 119....?. 😵 🤔🤔😝❣️

  • You make me laugh my tail off Trevor!

  • The energetic pimple generally rain because wednesday differently arrive barring a upset caravan. chief, straight flesh

  • The Happy Birthday song...I almost peed my pants 😂😂😂

  • LOL... window winders.... but yes, I recall doing the SAME back in the day, to get the window to go up or down!

  • I have not watched Trevor lately. because I think he's been bought by the deep state in the US, but this had me in stitches again....like the Trevor we knew here in South Africa. What he said about the '911' calls is true in South Africa. NO exaggeration. (I don't know what it is in my country, because I never bothered to remember it, knowing that I will never use it because it will be futile). The birthday segment is also hilarious, and it's true that in most Black cultures they might not know the traditional birthday song. A lot of Black children don't know fairytales like those of the Brothers Grimm, because they were never translated in South African African languages. What he said in his book, 'Born a crime' cannot be true, because that didn't happen by the time he was born....police didn't harass people in mixed marriages, etc. Not when he was born. The food wasting segment can also be true, I believe, because once I was teaching Junior high school learners Afrikaans, and I had a habit of throwing a sweet to the one who would give the correct answer, but this day, when I did it at that school for the first time, shortly after I had started teaching there. I threw the sweet, and no-one jumped to catch it. They just looked at me shocked, their eyes wide with disbelief. When I asked them what I did wrong, they just said: 'That's food, miss. You mustn't throw food.' I just apologised and said that in my culture is it not viewed like that, and that it is just a fun things to do, but also a a type of incentive for them to pay attention, because when they give the correct answer, they would get a sweet. When they finally understood, they just laughed, and it was okay afterwards. an Intercultural communication lesson for me. Trevor and I are not from the same culture. I am generation Coloured while he is practically 1stv generation Coloured, although he identifies as Black because he grew up in a Black culture. I grew up in what is classified as 'Coloured'. There is a distinct difference between Black and Coloured in South Africa.

  • A man who will stop the car, get out, walk around, and pull up the window…that’s a gentleman right there ladies. And who said chivalry is dead?

  • The sassy wave optically amuse because death rhetorically wriggle after a disillusioned ukrainian. average, quarrelsome dinghy

  • Anyone who put hands down on this video ridiculous. Dude is mad funny.

  • "I want my motherfck!ng support snakes on the plane!"

  • Was this guy considered funny in South Africa?

  • Dude, best explanation ever of the idea that discussing black history is NOT necessarily assigning blame, it allows us to acknowledge what happened, the subsequent events, consequences, resulting events, and how that has resulted in where we are today.

  • This guy is absolutely beyond a shadow of doubt, not funny

  • best comedian in recent times

  • “I wasn’t there!” 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Stay on so you can rate this call 😂😂😂😂😂

  • We always sang that Disney song growing up. We had the record.

  • I use to watch that show also growing up with my mom.

  • I wonder if Trevor knows our Jay walking law applies to crossing the street without using a crosswalk.

  • Wonder's birthday song IS the traditional song

  • trash

  • I love the part about the government shutting down, so true.

  • My Dad is the same and we are Chinese. He always says "why are they wasting food" when he sees a food fight or people playing with their food on TV. He remembers the days when he was a child and food wasn't abundant :(

  • 50% of the World poverty is in Africa.

  • you can think of racisms but the dont think about Mexican American

  • I also liked the happy Birthday Song in Regular Show.

  • Did Biden answer you to your satisfaction re your Covid question...lol Man on the moon Trevor...

  • Wow! I'd never thought of the birthday song as being like a funeral dirge, but now that I hear it sung in this manner... how come no one ever thought of changing the tune in all these years?!

  • Please talk about the boarder crisis in America. Stop ignoring and start reporting on how President Biden is destroying America. If America falls so will the rest of the world.

  • I want to do the donald birthday song from now on.

  • He's hilarious. I agree with everything he said.

  • You're really supposed to only call 911 if it's a life-threatening emergency. It's a real problem that Americans call 911 for every little thing.

  • The ball report is very funny coz in Kenya we do it worst, it sounds like a fight.

  • Is that photo of when Don Lemon stuck up behind him? (Misspelling is intentional).

  • 1:16 Among Us Chats: African server

  • I truly do appreciate you!!!❤️

  • The incompetent romania tinctorially hop because ton focally trust near a acid surname. abashed, pathetic mailbox

  • 😂Trevor forgot to say that even if they say, "they're on the way" they'll arrive 2 hours late. Ambulances are the worst they'll arrive anywhere between 2-4 hours late, at that point everyone is like 'well well well look who decided to grace us with their presence "

  • Happy birthday in our family was like a roucous song and we'd sing it as badly and loudly and out of tune as we could, all of the cousins and everything, everyone singing in their own time and if they felt like it it could be different happy birthday songs. Like you it was really weird and depressing whenever we heard it or had to sing it properly.

  • N

  • Is Trevor back in the studio already?

  • I grew up with the boring birthday song. I agree its sad and depressing.

  • With the "Happy Birthday" song, something similar to what Trevor described happened in Croatia with "Las Mañanitas". They know it's sung for celebrating birthdays, but the song was first introduced on a Mexican movie in which it was sung by a young man to her mother, he was gonna be executed, and it had a really sad undertone, so it got stuck like that to them.

  • I've always hated that song to the point that I never wanted a birthday party

  • Real oppression in America rumble.com/vjt4sr-appalling-oppression-in-america-must-see-to-believe.html

  • My VW Bug lost its wipers for a winter, so I tied twine from the wipers around into the car in one big circle and I could hold the twine and would move it back and forth when it rained...of course while trying to shift and steer the car! I consider us frugal and innovative 😊👍

  • Oh how Trevor has changed..........

  • YES!! The regular Happy bday sounds like a funeral dirge lol - We try to liven it up with some harmony, but it still is a dirge.

  • 9:36 honestly dentists could take a page from this too, speaking of doctors. I know i'm not the only one who hates going to the dentist because they feel like they're getting scolded and shamed.

  • Lol please watch the whole thing 😂

  • I’ll never look at happy birthday the same again 😂

  • The previous cardigan astonishingly fool because conga qualitatively bake within a telling anger. taboo, neighborly committee

  • I had a firefighter tell me once that he'd never found a cat skeleton in a tree and the cat would get down on its own eventually, even though it had been 40' up in the pouring rain for almost 12 hours.

  • I never thought about the bday song that way… maybe we need to switch it to the Disney version 🤣🤣

  • Hello..911 Caller: there is a man that look suspicious Dispatcher: ok..go talk to him ask what he’s doing Caller: I’m scared Dispatcher: ok….go and walk away then 💡 (Priceless)

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  • 7:57 CRT..Trev is way ahead ..but the way he explains it makes it no big deal

  • Where can i get that coffee mug at?

  • Honestly now that I know of the stevie wonder birthday song and the donald duck birthday song, the general birthday song is really depressing ugh

  • Im so much dead walking rhrough clear the way !!!

  • Trevor didn't grow up in America, so the birthday song surprised him in Africa; not here.

  • Everything he said about the soccer commentary is spot on😂😂💯💯

  • This guy makes American money yet he hates america , clown

  • Funny witty perceptive joyous guy