Eye on Nebraska: Death Penalty, Serial Killer Tourism, & Tri-Faith Religious Spaces | The Daily Show

Tri-faith religious spaces. Republicans squashing the death penalty. Serial killer tourism. Let’s head over to the good ol’ Cornhusker State: Nebraska.

0:00 - Republicans Squash The Death Penalty
5:08 - Serial Killer Tourism In Nebraska
6:30 - The Tri-Faith Initiative: Peace In America’s Middle East

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  • I love this mixed church. This is what they are suppose to be. The hateful is not true followers of religion.

  • "Should we Uber?" _holds the phone up_ 😂😂😂

  • yeah

  • Next door to that walgreens are some of the best chicken wings ever....GO Watering Hole.

  • Desi is zxy

  • is Desi pregnant?

  • Why not just give little shock or wave...

  • Because that's called leader, they always using civilian to deffend

  • Nobody can avoid Judgement Day. Not even John Conner.

  • Shariah Law is best solution.

  • Love you guys!!!

  • Don't want to put an innocent person to death? Why? Worked out in the past.... Am I right christians? John 3:16

  • Finally a republic with common sense

  • I love how that senator plays along.

  • "I know I am new at this "

  • Criminals should be put in a zoo for people to toss rocks at

  • We can all agree on Portlandia.

  • Excellent!

  • So the American Christian, is the intolerant one??? Why am I not so surprised?

  • Killing an innocent person is an acceptable sacrifice for conservatives...Wonder if the innocent person they killed were one of their own family members, if they would feel the same?

  • The real criminals wears suits and tell u what to do

  • aaahhhh, republicans are starting to understand what pro life actually means. about time they start catching up.

  • No wonder Richard marx wanted to get out..jejejejeje

  • He is so disrespectful to these religious leaders.

  • Leftist, unjust propaganda

  • Life in prison is far more cruel than the death penalty.

  • Killing is wrong, right?

  • I wonder how they produce these interviews. Do they tell the guests upfront "This is serious but it's also entertainment so I may say a weird thing or two, please bear with me." or do they just go full Sasha Baron Cohen on them?

  • developed, civilized countries do not have death penalties

  • I don't think the death penalty serves a purpose crime hasn't went down be cause of death row. I think making someone live life in prison with no parole it's better.

  • 🤣The Rev. walked straight into that four-some joke! 8:40

  • Come together.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pro life republican aren't vaccinated ha I thought they are pro life guess not just have the death penalty Nebraska

  • Desi are you pregnant 🤰

  • hey, hey, hey - wait a minute - "tri" - faith? where's the Hindu Swami? Hinduism blows them all out of the water - just sayin' - walk into a Hindu temple and see Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna for example - all standing together

  • I mean, in Albania, they have mosques right across the street from cathedrals. Idk why this couldn’t happen in America.

  • About time Republicans and all those fighting against decriminalized abortion are ready to be pro-life for the living.

  • Ideas are powerful.AR15.more powerful?

  • Trifaith is 👌 people hate when there ignorant of each others motives? 👎 America is not then middle east

  • I love design man!! She's 👌😜

  • Was she prego????

  • Didn't know pregnant women could run like that.

  • This was adorable and I despise all religions. There's hope!

  • Death penalty puts those perpetrator’s own life on the line, and therefore grants them a chance to truly empathize with their victims. It also endows them to die as a redemptioner, a human being, rather than being locked up like an animal as they were before for the rest of their life.

  • Jesus was against the death penalty. He hoped he was the last sacrifice.

  • Epic

  • RepublicanT's want Tax payers money to keep them Alive .

  • Foursome

  • The "Coexist" bumper sticker was actually a design stolen from a specific piece of artwork. In that piece, only the "C" was a crescent, the "X," a Star of David, and the "T" a cross. Balanced and coherent. The artist didn't know that his work had been ripped off until he saw the bumper sticker on a car.

  • Nebraska reinstated the death penalty in 2016 and carried out its first execution in 2018. Also, Robert Blecker is a LEGEND.

  • I have lived in Nebraska, give me Arizona any day. Arizona has almost no tornadoes or earth quakes. I have been in both. The best place in Arizona to live is in Flagstaff, at 7000 ft. In the mountains near the San Francisco Peaks. Beautiful.

  • Honestly, as a Christian.... I love that temple's concept.

  • Capital Punishment is an easy way out. 2x2 ft cell with plain walls, no sunlight, 0 watt bulb, Cardi B screaming day and night and culprit will ask for firing squad in a week.

  • Binky

  • Thats foursome.. 😂

  • I'm watching from Istanbul, and I love this show, thanks Trevor Noah!

  • People don't come to Nebraska for anything!

  • I am super curious that this Republican doesn't want to have a death penalty. I agree with him though and I'm super liberal.

  • Honestly, keeping people in jail is a money making machine

  • someone's pregnant

  • Against death penalty ..

  • 4:35 - LOVE that Homer reaction

  • Nebraska is not the podunk state you are making it out to be.

  • If this is no death penalty the us will turn into Gotham

  • Only in the US does execution cost the government more money than life in prison lol smh

  • First of all we have the death penalty here second what ever church they're talking about is not here im from Omaha yall got my city fuckd up

  • Im from Nebraska and this is not how it is we have the death penalty

  • But.. if religions aren't killing each other how can atheists feel superior!?

  • It is said it cost more to put a inmate to death than it is to keep them in for life. A 45 caliber in the back of the head cannot cause any more than maybe $0.75

  • *is she pregnant?*

  • I luv her 😍

  • The Death Penalty hmmm do we need it? Please take a look and much thanks yes much thanks studio.youtube.com/video/0i1fekgBW6Q/edit studio.youtube.com/video/bCQc5PzVjWA/edit studio.youtube.com/video/9dMPSuap-DE/edit

  • Conservatives:we're pro life Conservatives: DEATH PENALTY!!! Stupidity:💯

  • Desi is finally doing the Sacha Baron.

  • "We did our best. Sorry we executed your husband/father/brother/son when we absolutely didn't have to." - Death penalty advocates

  • I'm against the Death Penalty.Abolish it and no more innocent people will suffer(including the Friends and Family).Makes sense the Christian Right are behind this,after all, their Lord and Savior was an Innocent Man Put to Death.

  • Mmm...turduckin!

  • She's pregnant?

  • He's so red

  • "globally two out of three Muslims want to overthrow the government and impose Sharia law." I don't know what statistics you are using buddy but as a Muslim, I personally know no one intrested in overthrowing any government or imposing any Sharia law.

  • “Try Lyft” 😂

  • Most important line ....... " The government can't be trusted" ....now ain't that the truth!

  • why is these correspondents disrespectful these much i do not get it

  • Apple Pie is British though lol

  • Whenever I watch Daily Show content, and only then, I get this suggestion to marry a young Slavic woman. This connection is baffling.

  • Y’all are so much funnier than Colbert 🤣

  • Conservative Coash using fiscal responsibility to stop capital punishment... Okay, we'll take it. ;) Seriously, though: With all the innocents behind bars, every state should stop instantly.

  • Death penalty for those claiming it's "1 word" but in reality they used more than 10 to make their case.

  • Desi Lydic is so beautiful

  • How could the professor keep a straight face??

  • I ❤it

  • In regards to tri-faith, if everyone just stopped believing man made mythology and fables the problem would also go away...

  • Foursome 🤣🤣🤣😂 enough said.

  • In the Middle East of America…. Or North America…. Or the United States of America.

  • I still don't get how adults still believe in fairy tales

  • How many Africans in america have been "accidentally" executed ?

  • Maybe poeple afraid of the death penalty are the one's who is more like be part of it

  • We just had a vote on this to bring the death penalty back to override the state legislature. Now they are ignoring the voters.

  • "try Lyft" wish I knew why this is so funny to me😂😂🤣

  • This wasn’t even funny.