Eye on North Carolina: Discrimination, Counter-Protests, and Lawsuits | The Daily Show

North Carolina: Come for the Covid deniers and lockdown protestors, stay for the voter suppression and discriminatory restroom laws.

00:00 - America’s Got Suppression
05:23 - Putting an Anti-LGBT Law to the Test
10:11 - The Federal Government Sues North Carolina
16:40 - Counter-Protesting Healthcare Workers

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  • Is… is the camera above them? Why are their heads so big. It like playing NBA jam.

  • North Carolina is and has always been a racist State. I know! I was born there.

  • Is Pat McCrory now the 9th Worst Governor ever?

  • "you see protestors I see INFANTRY" 😂 QUARANTINE would be a blessing for the sham lords of the real Army and Marine Corps infantry, "Grunt law: why stand when you can kneel, why kneel when you can sit, why sit when you can lie?" Specialist mafia and Lance Corporal underground! Sham lords of the universe

  • These are old ones cobbled together. We remember the BBQ truck! And HB2 was repealed in 2020. What's up?

  • Loretta Lynch is a real one!!

  • never been so disappointed in my home state before

  • Can't the UN send monitors from Angola, Iran and China to observe American voters and report on how they cheat.

  • Who else had any clue North Carolina was this level of heinus douchbag state??

  • It’s cute that Americans think they are the “most democratic country in the world”… if you look up online democracy index ranking, USA doesn’t even make top 5.

  • N. Carolina’s new state anthem: “Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine...” (insert Yoko screeches as desired)

  • Conservatives protest tyranny in the most ball-less way possible. They’re literally just docile puppets being allowed to stage faux-resistance until they stare at the next TV Show. They should’ve done what black people did to not get COVID while protesting.

  • Sad, but there was like 4 recounts for governor in 2016

    • Difference was just over 10,000 votes, 0.22% margin.

  • I've known Dan MacCready since high school- he can say black.

  • Why can't we just focus on fighting racial discrimination against all minorities first (and we are way off so far) before opening another can of worms?

  • I'm very interested in the position of open dialog and fight with facts. And then we can see who tells the truth, and who is "against" all of the others what. Until people who have different views and opinions, do not come to the television or mainstream media, nobody with normal head and understanding will believe anything Faucci and people like him says!!?

  • It's not about what who believes. But about the truth, facts, reality, you know?? 🤔 🤔

  • I see that's many more people at protests against the politics, and very few against-against!! Who pays them?

  • I don't hate, i don't have anything against anyone. But these politics they push against the will of majority people in any given state, is anti democracy and to aggressive pushing the people who thousands of years know that they are women and men. You can produce in the factory whatever you want today. You don't know what they doing!! It's not criminal, it's to low word for that kind of the crime against all living things, not only humans.

  • Can we just let them secede again?

  • Shouldn’t the dude just vote absentee in Sc?

    • Nice education and they really letting that white girl slide w racist jokes

  • Florida, Texas, Mississippi, are three more anti everything states.

  • This is america. No one should be surprised.

  • North Carolina Republican democradictatracy.

  • I love my lil nook in NC. I live on a lil island on the Southern Outer Banks. Its quite, closest stop light is 12 mins away and closest town is 15 and city is 25 mins away. Yeah that's the boondocks!

  • The federal government wont give them any money for universities? Sounds like a plan... we could all use a revamp in our federal education system.

  • The experts on being losers.

  • North Carolina is the worst state I have lived in. I was born in NC and lived there for 33 years. I will never step foot in that state again

  • 13:29 Size Queen.

  • Defund voter overwatch.

  • I and my 3 sons have been in NC since 1984 when the boys were 9, 11, and 13, and I had never seen voter fraud ever before in my life. It was by republicans as it usually is.

  • Dan Mccready is such a liar he’s a fraud

  • Desi and Roy are so funny, dynamic duo😂

  • Yo this was sad but harlarious

  • *“You, Lenny Kravitz, and Cee Lo”* 🤣 💀

  • Don't turn your back on Republicans; they are here to destroy democracy!!! Don't turn you back on Democrats; they are here to preserve Democracy!!! "Stand up, "WE WILL VOTE!"

  • Let the people say, "WE WILL VOTE!"

  • Hey Trevor, I can't express strongly enough how important it is to NOT us the term "voter fraud" when talking about "electoral fraud." Electoral fraud is perpetrated by officials and accounts for 100s of times more ballots than voter fraud which is perpetrated by voters. McCreedy's case was ONE case of electoral fraud that effected ~900 votes, versus ONE case of voter fraud that effects exactly ONE ballot. Please make sure your writers get it right!!!

  • Hilarious that the banner ad for this video is a law firm based in NC

  • I need to find a new planet, this one is broken.

  • USA, number 1 worst democracy in the world.

  • I’m from Brazil and we can use any kind of ID to vote…

  • Nc weird dudes real frecking weird

  • Trevor you were making fun of India and so many other countries and cultures- any take on rioters in your own country South Africa?? Or are they burning the place down because they are ‘not included’ like you said for BLM rioters. Cmon out man and grow a pair

  • All of this is important. But I remember watching this episode on TV. This was back in 2016. Except the first & last segment about voter’s suppression and the counter-protesting healthcare workers.

  • I hope this becomes federal law. This is the most hilarious form of discrimination I've ever witnessed. I don't think this skit achieved its desired aim. If they had just described the law, I would for sure be against it but explaining how some dudes taste buds wired different and showing the law in action convinced me 100 percent

  • Sadly this is currently my home state.

  • Republicans are King when it comes to filibustering!

  • " The 9th Largest "

  • NOW, THIS IS A FANTASTIC IDEA !!!! “How about we use Covid vaccine cards as voter ID and watch Republicans lose their minds?”

  • The NC ID law... I want to say is kind of on point... a little bit... cuz I mean a college senior from South Carolina might not stay as a resident of North Carolina. So... essentially he could potentially be shaping policies for a state we doesn't live in afterwards. So that kind of makes sense.

  • I live in no chance alamance in North Carolina where you have to have a permit to have a protest

  • Beautiful America teaching the world democracy

  • ask the people, who want states to reopen so they can make some money and go back to partying i . e .the reason why they need to make money, what they think abount the minimum wage situation in america.......cause what they are going through right now during lockdown is exactly what 30% of americans face throughout the year

  • I almost went broke from polio.....

  • TBF NC is apparently actually number two. :(

  • Just keeping track of how many dislikes get removed from hr to hr

  • As long as she doesn't Crip walk

  • are you guys aware that Xfinity's last Daily Show available On Demand is from 6/17/21? It's always this way for your show and it really ticks me off. I love seeing your show the next day, but that rarely happens.

  • I Just Wanna Know Why Its Such A BIG Issue About LBGTQ,People Don't Have To Accept ANYTHING & You Can't Force People To Accept Anything

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I don't see what the issue is, with people using restrooms, based on their gender!

  • This does make me feel ashamed to live in the 9th largest state after living in the... whatever place Maryland is.

  • NC! Super racist! Always have been!

  • historically ✊🏻black✊🏻

  • Ridoculous. Like the water thing in Georgia. Democracy?

  • freeest most democratic country in the world"?!!!!!! If you think that you just finished elementary school MAX! In fact the USA doesnt even achieve TOP 10, one of the best jokes this show had for a looong time.

  • I know this is SUPPOSED to be comedy.. but.. I'm literally in tears.. even though I'm across the US from NC this affects my soul so deeply.. racism.. misogyny.. homophobia.. xenophobia.. allllllllllllllllll supported by biblical 🐂💩 and.. gerrymandering SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! ffs.. this all gives me ulcers

  • Ru anti-Carolina everything mister Terror Trevor? 🤓 👍 👌 🤡

  • I love Desi Soooo much. Her brilliance in playing the airhead, but woke blonde is a perfect foil for Roy Wood, Jr.

  • Soooo CRT????

  • most democratic.... looooool

  • I lived in NC from 2009 to 2012 and loved it. Great people, wonderful landscapes and nice weather.

  • That Ellen Joke ☠️

  • I was trying to sleep and I lol'd

  • That is not discrimination. You see what just happened in wi spa.

  • Hb2 law.

  • Yall should let me get that trunk when yall are done with it. Word.

  • I live in North Carolina and for me (a sis white middleclass man) it's a very nice place. But then there are huge, and I mean HUGE Confederate flags EVERYWHERE. Most of the time it's really nice here but every once in a while I get a reminder that this is a very red state.

  • This is why I left the state. It was most progressive southern state. It now is embarrassing

  • Hmmm, if out of staters (college students) want to vote, they should vote in their own state. No harm done, just vote in one's own state.

  • Sadly

  • Why is this so out of date? This stuff was from months/years ago. Obviously done at the time as they are speaking of things happening, not things that happened. McCrory not gov. for years. Loretta Lynch, that's Obama administration.

  • i live in NC, it’s as crazy as they say…

  • So much for the Love potion...#9 ..it didn't work

  • South Africa's not looking so hot Trevor

  • If we can't vote, you shouldn't have to pay taxes for the entire four years.

  • I feel lucky to live in Raleigh, NC. As tough as things can be throughout the state, Raleigh (as well as Charlotte and Ashville) tend to be much more accepting and forward thinking. I love this city and I hope it's influence continues to extend its reach,

    • Don’t forget Durham! Very progressive here!

  • The freest and most democratic country in the world? When was this the case? Lol

  • America's got suppression winner is Addison Mcconnell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • North Carolina is super racist, so I'm not surprised.

  • Paid/ aware actors or else they would have had their face blurred.

  • 0

  • NC is a place of magic and glory! When there was a logjam over passing the budget, the GOP got creative! They would actually *lie* to the Democrats about the time for the votes or, like on 9/11 when almost all of the Democrats were at memorial services, the GOP tried to sneak in a vote without them. Thankfully, State Rep Jeff Jackson (running to replace Burr, JACKSON FOR SENATE 2022) was there to sound the alarm and hold up proceedings long enough to stop the vote.

  • NC is amazing! When the GOP governor McCrory lost his seat to Democrat Cooper, in part due to the HB2 debacle, the state GOP legislators went through and basically nullified most of the governor's powers before Cooper came into power.

  • NC is the best! The GOP overreacts to Charlotte passing an anti-discrimination law by passing HB2, which included the bathroom restriction (a nice little lightning rod to attract all the outrage). So the GOP agrees to amend the bill....removing the bathroom clause, but keeping: - cities cannot pass their own anti-discrimination laws - cities cannot increase the minimum wage above the state level, which is kept at the Federal level by the state - LGBTQIA+ has been removed from the protected classes - discrimination lawsuits cannot be tried at the local level, only the state level, making the lawsuits exponentially more expensive and longer (thereby making them all but impossible for the individuals who have been discriminated against to get remuneration) - cities can no longer require contractors and consultants provide health insurance for their employees to be eligible for contracts

  • NC is so much fun! You want a voter ID? No problem, just get to the DMV, but not *that* DMV, that one only does registrations; the other one, with the 2 hr wait and not near any major business or lightrail. Oh, and it'll be free, unless you don't explicitly say it's for voting purposes, then it'll be a cool $10.

  • The last part? They will not be forgotten and thank you all in particular for your services. Much appreciated 🙏🏽💪🏾🤗❤🤗

  • My brother expects me to sell my home, give up everything I have, and abandon everyone I know to go move to North Carolina f*** that.

  • What a joke your in college and can't get the correct I d wow future leaders of America

    • @Wurdnurd lol I never said I was educated but thanks for the correction but I can get a I d lol

    • *you're