Eye on Arizona: Why Is It So F**king Weird? | The Daily Show

Opting out of Daylight Savings Time. Recounting their election votes. A politician campaigning with his d**k. Here’s an eye on Arizona, one of the weirder states in the country.

0:00 - Opting Out Of Daylight Saving Time
6:08 - A Politician Campaigning With His D**k
10:56 - Recounting Their Election Votes
16:39 - Suffering From Climate Change
21:38 - Scamming You Out Of Your Body

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  • I mean.. is it more weird than Florida?

  • Why is Arizona so white?


  • Desi. Please stop allowing publication of your hyper close ups. Not flattering for you. Seems like that's the only kind of photo TDS is publishing of you! Make them stop!!

  • Is it Nutty? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Here’s one she can cover, why do they put the accent on ti when saying antifa.

  • South Arizona winter yes. Otherwise....

  • They're only behind during "daylight savings time".

  • Let's add a fourth branch to our government called: THE PEOPLES BRANCH, and let's have this fourth branch allow people a full vote on all pending legislation. That way the politicians will have to pay attention to what we want!

  • Day light stays the same back or forth with the clock i like the clocks ahead

  • TBH, when I lived there, I LOVED not having to mess with the clocks. Believe me, there's plenty of sunlight there just naturally.


  • Do not conflate the audit with daylight savings time.. The audit is a f'king joke foisted on us by Republicans. When I was a kid in Chicago, Daylight Savings time was OK, because the sun still set by 8:30 or 9, and it cooled off in the evening, regardless. Here in Arizona, being as far south as we are, the days are already plenty long, and these days, with the climate changing and all, most summer nights it's still over 100 degrees well past 10PM. Probably the ONE thing Republicans and Democrats agree on is NO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.....

  • LOL... She went to WHITESDALE... Scottsdale is the whitest part of AZ. Come to Tucson.

  • Studies have shown daylight savings results in greater incidents of stress-related health issues, car accidents, and even death. But yeah, AZ is somehow the weird one...

    • It’s the back and forth change from standard to DST that causes stress. DST should be made permanent, since we’re already on it longer than standard time.

  • Great for AZ. I live a bit north of that and to us DSL keeps us from driving into a rising sun on our way to work. My city was planned so that the wealthy eastsiders can drive downtown without the sun in their eyes while us westside poverty hounds go blind trying to get to work. But I'm retired now and the sun is up or down. Don't need a clock, my window tells me if it's day or night. I sleep through it all anyway. Now go milk me a cow, it's my coffee time.

  • Daytime save light time. 🤣 kudos for staying so serious while pulling his leg.

  • I think it's time for a timeout..

  • 😃

  • I knew it. It was just a guess but I was right. It was for elites to have more daytime. American citizens vote on which crooks will vote on individual laws on our behalf. It's sad to think this is the best we've got so far.

  • I personally think it's a show put on by the elites just to get an extra hour of daylight in on the yacht or the golf course.

  • changing clocks twice a year feels like the same type of things as not using metric units...

  • That person from Arizona was weird

  • "Are you looking into the Hungarian Vector?" -- Jordan, my man. You're da man! 😂

  • "Such a German thing to do to make people lose an hour."

  • He finds her incredibly goofy

  • As a hungarian i can tell you that the hungarian factor definitely exists, we cast all of the ballots in the 2020 election instead of americans😈

  • Don't forget about the body parts in your McDonald's hamburger !!! 😎

  • The Daily Show has followers? Amazing!

  • Lived in Buckeye, Az for 5yrs. Loved the silence detest the weather.

  • Definitely a solid joke

  • "The Hungarian Vector?" The two mouth breathers Ken Bennett and John Brakey ate that up. I can't believe that those two imbeciles aren't wearing tinfoil hats so Jordan, Speaker Pelosi and the squad can't manipulate their last brain cells. The Deliverance movie should have been filmed in the Arizona Senate. These two have the same beady little stare that Paul Gosar had while playing the banjo in the movie.

  • Bruh, I'm in az, and they skipped that news headline of chop shop... something tells me politics were involved.

  • So ivs are gross

  • It doesn't matter what you do with your clock, it is still the same amount of sunlight. The Earth doesn't alter its rotation simply because you change the number on a clock

  • "never had a drink"? i was with him till that. thats just weird.

  • The guy with the 357 strapped to his hip, is a walking commercial for gun control!

  • I really get tired of the anti science dumb bells If you donate your body to science you Relinquish control over it . half your body could be used to test medical equipment. half could be crushed in a machine to test something else . Are they supposed to hold a funeral every time a body enters a room . It's science it's what they signed up for .. Thank you to any generous selfless person that Donates anything to science.

  • It begins to make a lil more sense if you can think of the evolution of the universe different. The big bang wasnt this huge explosion way back in the past. It was/is the birth of inspiration. It is still happening now. Think of it less as before, than over there. Kinda like the projector lense is to the movie screen.

  • People really dont get how much they live in illusion.

  • Farmers and small town people always thought it was the banker's idea so they had more golf time.

  • I like the "Freeze you Demolition Man style" option

  • Arizona is too weird so please don't move here it's getting too crowded.

  • I taped out at 1:57

  • Im sure the state where Caitlyn Jenner, a man in a dress, is running for governor is the weirdest

  • This video gets a dislike from me for having a swear word in the Title.

  • I'm strangely attracted to her!!

  • Is this a case the ACLU can Help with! Do they have PRO WORKER/LABOR Attorney among their staff?

  • Problems of America. Welcome to Africa.

  • Anything which helps to uphold the norms of the current system is white supremacy / Fascism. Obviously this includes Daylight Savings Time.

  • I love day light savings, let's just make it permanent!

  • That human chop shop thing xD Sure, science all the way, but if that won't happen, give back my corpse! So that my family can sell my parts to some rich foodies and help fund inner city education or something. Progress, where are you? :(

  • 1:30 This dude must be hoarding those cactuses from Avatar The Last Airbender 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arizona doesn't care about education. Proof in all the republicans they vote in that are uneducated.

  • "Such a german thing to do, to make people lose an hour." Desi, you wound me :( You entertain us, it's much appreciated, but ouch.

  • I agree with the desire to check out the ballots with the intent to ease people's minds. I do NOT agree with that being done by random people who have no legal authority or experience doing it. I don't even like the idea that votes are public. It used to be a sacred thing to have those kept private. My own parents wouldn't tell me who they voted for when I was a kid! It protects against influencing others on who to vote for or from harassing you for your vote. It should be done with onlookers, from both sides. Onlookers who are at least partially trained on how audits go and how machines work.

  • It's so obvious what you're doing.

  • Seriously, getting out of daylight saving time: the fact that a state in the US was able to do it pretty much surprises me, and here in Europe we keep "researching the possibility" of getting rid of it (mainly for the fact that it does not really provide the benefits the people in favor of keeping it like it is). As for farmers, they've more than once complained here that all their animals tend to be completely confused for all the machinery including the farmer and his personell suddenly being in the stables at a different time.... Europe has never proven to be more ineffective and split up at actively deciding something like when it comes to daylight saving time and trying to get rid of it.

  • That woman is the least funny comedian ever to be associated with TDS. Just not funny at all.

  • Climate change is seriously scary. Hopeless really.

  • Ha I got everybody and went digital

  • This is more than being honest. He's bragging! Vote for Katie Hobbs!

  • Have the National Guard run the election sights. No more folks looking for work outside Home Depot and going home to Nogales at night.

  • She asks them how they feel being an hour behind the rest of the country. Hawaii: 🤨

  • I guess their time was up. LEEROOOOOY JANKENS.

  • 20:14 guy is so unfunny

  • If I could turn back time. - Cher (1989)

  • Perfect character break at 7:24 😹

  • Father Time, Mother Earth so we have to change everything so often to let the female Mother Earth put on her make-up but not waste an hour. Plus it has something to do with the earth being flat and under a dome and the moon is actually a Death Star. The moon does not rotate.

  • Can't wait to see how these nuts twist the 400th audit of the election! I'm sure they will have trump winning 99%-1%!

  • I love how only he knows what everybody wants!

  • Desi Lydic: "So it's [permanent daylight saving time] a bipartisan issue?" Scott Yates: "It's totally bipartisan." Lydic: "Wow. I don't think I've ever heard that from anybody before." Finding bipartisan agreement in Congress and elsewhere among legislators is actually not that difficult to find, even now--it just depends on the topic at hand. Gun control and a huge number of other things are largely partisan, yes, but supporting offensive warfare in other countries (along with Raytheon and other profitable arms manufacturers), refusing to condemn Isreal, Saudi Arabia, etc. for various war crimes and indeed providing consistent foreign aid (including weapons that could be used in lots of nefarious ways) regardless, partnering with multinational companies and their lobbyists when creating and signing bills, and a whole host of other such issues continue to be truly bipartisan and generally fly through the process(es) to become law with relative speed even in today's particularly divided legislative environment. Basically, if a majorly profitable national or, especially, multinational industry benefits, it's much more likely to be (mostly, with a few outliers here and there) bipartisan amongst elected officials. Social and comparatively non-economic topics (such as permanent daylight saving time) can also often get agreement from both major political parties, partly (at least) because they don't particularly inconvenience the aforementioned large industries. Just because the prominent national news platforms (MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, ABC, CNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc.) don't tend to focus/report on these more successful types of bills/laws--especially the ones that are more directly economic in nature and not purely social--doesn't mean they're not getting largely positive support by most lawmakers in both the Republican and the Democratic party.

  • That reminds me... stay out of Arizona.

  • lol wrong state to campaigne with group x try utha there you can have gs without cheating on any of your wifes XD

  • 2:20 so lets take the daylight saving time for standard time. in winter its anyway allways dark when you got to get out of bed but so i can go play golf also in winter XD

  • Native Americans were given hundreds of acres, which the government bought back for $1 an acre. Regardless of any structures built on the land or any cattle purchased. The government conveniently forgot to pay even that small amount of money.

  • Climate change? Lol if it's hot chances are it's... Summer.

  • Idk have you ever tried playing a game called hipster or hobo with people from Cali or New York. Just about every state has its own brand of wierdness. Most sane people just would call that diversity it is the race baiters and people who want to sow division who point it out on a large scale.

  • or don't care what they do with your body. I don't care if they sring me up like Pinocchio and dance me around . it's better than making some funeral director filthy rich on my family heartstrings. I would bet that this propaganda is perpetrated by said directors.

  • Because it's full of gun nuts, whackos, and religious zealots that would otherwise be in Florida but wanted a drier climate.

  • Probly cause of the people and there indecent behavior

  • The advantage of daylight saving time in northern latitudes is that instead of it being light out for an hour or two before most people are awake, it stays light enough long enough into the evening so that you don't have to turn on any streetlights, lights in houses or businesses for another hour. It saves a lot of wasted energy. You also have enough time to finish a game of baseball after work before it gets dark. Who wants it to be light for two hours before you get up?

  • Jesus, this was some pathetic Try Hard comedy right here. Cringe AF

  • One of the best show.

  • The public opinion against DST is growing. I hope every year it is the last.

  • If QANON told You I Jumped off the Verrazano bridge , would you do it ? Would you believe them If they told you I Jumped off the bridge and Lived ?

  • QANON , Cause thIs ?

  • organized the first nationwide implementation starting on April 30, 1916. Many countries have used it at various times since then, particularly since the 1970s energy crisis.

  • Who started daylight Savings time in the US? President Lyndon Johnson The Uniform Time Act of 1966 (15 U.S. Code Section 260a) [see law], signed into Public Law 89-387 on April 12, 1966, by , created Daylight Saving Time to begin on the last Sunday of April and to end on the last Sunday of October.

  • Suggested It ?

  • Daylight saving time is one thing that Franklin did invent. He merely suggested Parisians change their sleep schedules to save money on candles and lamp oil.

  • Daylight saving time-the practice of moving the clock forward one hour-has many critics. Losing an hour of sleep only to wake up to darkness? No thanks. But is Benjamin Franklin to blame for this “invention”?


  • Benjamin Franklin .

  • It's not for us But the people who feed us . It gives them more Daylight to start their day .

  • Damm!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lock the clock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣

  • Money and the keeping of time, the two stupidest things humanity has ever invented.

  • Daylight saving time is to help facilitate child labor. That's all.

  • Just to set the record straight the biggest con job ever is religion