Femtech: Empowering Women’s Health or Selling Period Data? | The Daily Show

Femtech can help women track everything about their bodies, from pregnancy to periods to kegel exercises. But what are they doing with your data? Desi Lydic investigates these snatch snitchers.

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  • Penniless woman here. If a free app sells my menstrual cycle, is that going to affect me at all besides betraying my trust?

  • I use two of thats apps wow

  • What are those "data stuff" in the graph? It sounds fancy

  • Okay they are selling the data , but are the ramifications of this leak. What are the companies doing with this data. Targeted ads is one thing , but what else is possible.

  • Love Clue! They’re brilliant!

  • I've never tracked my periods..every month is a surprise

  • Please tell me who is buying this data and why!

  • Well, on my way to download the CLUE app. then if it's available in Egypt. But what do the companies benifit from when selling our period data? Like giving us ads. about the perfect pads for us or something? Baby diapers? What?

  • I do not like the term "femtech" one bit. How about investing in some inclusivity?

  • Congratulations Desi! 🤘🏼🍾

  • Both-it’s common capitalism.

  • Flo is really awful. After learning about their terrible behaviour I requested them to disclose and delete my data under GDPR - the hoops they made me jump through! They STILL haven't complied with my requests and now it looks like they will not allow me access to my data like they should under law, because they "oops" deleted it. They're so so bad as a company and I'm really angry and frustrated I ever used their terrible product.

  • Go open source: f-droid.org/en/packages/com.log28/ Fully complaint with very high standards in terms of privacy, security and transparency.

  • What's with the unnecessarily cisnormative language?

  • Sorry. Could not see or hear past the earrings. Clearly not as smart as she seems. Desi, you are a genius.

  • Why would a company want to know what days I'm bleeding

  • Wha-

  • Who's got their red wings?

  • Yes, the app I use doesn't look like it'll sell my data...yet.

  • Welcome to the Wild West!

  • 4:32 she says as i sit here watching ISmem... for free

  • The introduction exchange at the start there was hilarious 😂

  • If ya'll love Desi Lydic here, you absolutely need to watch her in the show Awkward. She plays a high school guidance counselor with zero tact and she is HILARIOUS!

  • GROSS!

  • This is so obviously filmed seperately and shes just acting as if its live. Cuz desis terrible acting is painful

  • Ow cmon google has prior knowledge of an apps eligibility for safe use, why not grind google instead....just say: hey google i want u to disclose all safe apps out there based on the freedom for information act....

  • I don't mind my data being sold... I'm not paying for these apps and those guys have to make money somehow. Sell on amigos

  • We have never sold data and we will never sell your data..... 😁 😁 😁 😁

  • ...boy

  • it's cool, internet ads think I'm a radicalized 36 year old male militia member since I bought one coleman tent 8 months ago.

  • I get lost in those eyes.

  • Ummm here is something else, don't care if you know what sites I go to or what food I eat, how big my parts are. Whatever. Here's a point, if no one ever told you those companies did it, would you ever have noticed at all?

  • ......just tell women what apps they are...then fudge a bunch of info....then make it public that it's bad info. Then that info is worthless.....done deal.

  • I want to examine Desi thoroughly. I am a Dr. Of Pepper

  • No! The government does not need info about my female health.

  • Now flo has premium plans. Not only are they selling our data, they want our money.

  • I used Clue for a while and they're a DELIGHT, super helpful

  • A guide to ketchup bottle esq escapades 😏

  • blood pact made me laugh out loud :-D

  • That number at the end shoulda been 1-800-I-AM-LATE

  • I wish I was "sand" - -

  • "Mtech","snitching on our snatches"

  • I hope we can watch the Desi show soon

  • They're offering the empowerment of women with abuse of women as their actual goal. The world has lost its mind to limitless capitalist greed.

  • I wonder what exactly one does with such data, like who is buying it and why?? Was honestly waiting for that to be adressed in the video but never was mentioned. If its something like research I honestly dont even think you can talk about selling since science is something else than capitalism. I even think if anonymized many women probably wouldnt have an issue with that, you could make it an aopt opt out option like cookies or something. But in a capitalist sense, for making profits I dont see how this data is useful

    • Interesting, yeah I see what youre saying

    • I have actually read academic papers who used data aggregated from multiple period apps for purposes like calculating the average length of the luteal phase in real women. However, these studies will cite the source of their data (though I don't think the apps notify their users). I am not sure whether the researchers actually paid for this data. But I am under the impression it is used in aggregate and analysis not done on an individual level. Personally I think it is much more often used for targeted advertising. I'll copy what I wrote in another comment: ... studies have shown women spend more money on buying "items of adornment" impulsively/frivolously near ovulation, so that's a great time to spam youv with ads for cute clothes, makeup, shoes, hair products, etc. And of course I'm sure women who have entered they're TTC get bombarded with ads for baby stuff or even fertility treatments. And if they know when you're on your period, ads for period products and perhaps even emotionally charged ads for charities begging for donations might be more successful. Know your mark.

    • Spad, think about it in large numbers. If you know, for instance, a couple million women are ovulating around the same time in the month and you have a campaign for a product related to this, it's an easy way to do customer segmentation & target ads for these users.

  • I'm suddenly reminded of that one episode of Community where everyone found out Abed accidentally started tracking the menstrual cycles of female characters on the show.

    • @Pelo T oh lol 😂

    • @Tina Loye he started noticing that at specific times of the month some of his female friends could be easily agitated, or could be calmed down by chocolate or other such things. Their behavior fascinated but confused him... So he started noting it down in a book and only realized after a few months that he was tracking their cycles 😭

    • @Tina Loye For real

    • Never seen the show but how do you accidentally track female mensuration??

    • 😂 😂 😂 Yes

  • i wish they would share an example on how they shared data that we should be concerned about.

  • 🤣🤣🤣👏👍

  • Desi is awesome and should have her own show.

  • I'm Desi Lydic and I'm also a woman.... 😅. Priceless!!!

  • Wait, property brothers lol

  • Desi lyndic her first name is Desi that a hindi word.

    • It's an abbreviation of Desmonet. Lani Desmonet Lydic is her full name. Lani, not Rani.... :)

  • Anyone tried calling Desi's period number?

  • I mean women are a little accomplished with that, they do have reason to make they shouldn't send personal information about themselves

  • My college roommates wrote it down on their bedroom wall calendars. Some things need to stay between you and your physician and off of the ether's prying eyes.


  • It's all a Cooche Conspiracy

  • I really hoped they would tell us why this would be bad. We're you going to sell your data and make money off of it and now you have competitors? Is there anyone out there that cares where your personal cycle is and when? Worst case scenario seems like targeted adds, but maybe they will point you in the right direction if something is off.. In all cases, benefits of using their apps seems more beneficial to you then the harm. If there's something I'm overlooking, let me know. Addresses, phone numbers, etc would be an issue, but this? I don't get it.

  • Sorry but apps sell data! Period! Pun intended.

  • Desi's next investigation should be on getting them to make an app to differentiate between being a menopausal woman and a real Karen... sad lol

  • I still write in my diary

  • "...but much less accomplished" totally sums up the feelings lately

  • China 🇨🇳 got the data ! 🤫 now and DNA 🧬

  • Dude, the blond is so hot

  • Fck Clue.

  • This is why I never trusted these apps....

  • all of the clips of people using Clue and then having the creator talk about how Clue Doesn't share your data gave me whiplash, don't scare me like that lol

    • I saw statistics using Clue data for a study... and I use Clue too and was worried ... I wouldn't be so sure they are as innocent as they claim. Wish I had kept that study, I'll try to find it again and post here

    • Yeah, why didn't this include which apps are selling the data and which aren't... this is just confusing. Saying "free ones bad" doesn't seem accurate

    • @Nathalie M same... My life went from unpredictable chaos to predictable chaos after getting a tracker, and I've been using Clue for quite a while now...

    • Yeah I love clue so I got so scared

    • Ya I was scared cuz uhhhhh LOL

  • I have been tracking this for my wife since 2006 just with an excel spreadsheet. After 12 years of marriage, we have on child and know when is the best time to plan activities. If you need an app, well, I don't know what to say for you. It's not hard folks. Do you really need an app to manage your lives? Remember, if the app is free, you are selling your data no matter what they say.

  • Such a great pregnancy announcement at the end!

  • Thank you Desi for always bringing it, and thank you Trevor for being an ally and giving Desi this platform! ✊🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

  • Yet another reason I'm glad I grew up before the internet, and have no use for this app now, so, lol

  • Hmmm. Almost like they can take your data and use it to advertise when you're most emotionally vulnerable.

    • @Heather Bryant well said. And that's the scary part of it all.

    • Perhaps, but actually studies have shown women spend more money on buying "items of adornment" impulsively/frivolously near ovulation, so that's a great time to spam youv with ads for cute clothes, makeup, shoes, hair products, etc. And of course I'm sure women who have entered they're TTC get bombarded with ads for baby stuff or even fertility treatments. And if they know when you're on your period, ads for period products and perhaps even emotionally charged ads for charities begging for donations might be more successful. Know your mark.

  • Cringe comedy for people who wanted Bill Clinton back in the white house 🤮

  • Ok Desi is really funny 😂🤣😂🤣 please let's help her find... whatever she is looking for

  • I love her. She's so funny and smart.

  • Oh so now we're back to "my body my choice?" What a bunch of losers

  • How about all those women using oral contraception? They have no menstrual cycles.

  • Clue offers a free version….

  • this was actually so informative

  • This interview was very disconnected, you can tell the guest was having a conversation with someone else and Desi's parts were filmed after and edited in 🤡

  • I mean take it! Learn something about women because you people are lost.

  • Desi is freaking hysterical!😆

  • 04:32 "If you don't pay for the product you're using, you're most likely the product yourselves," - Ida Tin, co-founder of Clue app. If that statement doesn't give you a clue, I don't know what else does.

  • Handsome. I can pull off a FAKEABABY fake ultrasound prank on him, LOL!

  • DesiLydic I love you💛💛💛⚽💛💛💛

  • The Daily Show helping us single dads with pre-teen daughters...

    • @Ryan Gibson lol what?

    • Dad caring for daughters period hygiene is one of the precious thing ever. More love to you & your daughter ❤️

    • We know it's you Epstein

    • Your daughter can consider herself blessed with a dad like you who takes the time understanding women's hygiene. It may not mean much because i am a stranger, but I am very proud of you. Best luck to you and your daughter =)

    • ismem.info/for/v-deo/13rRfIyxytXfXoI.html

  • I love how the guests are willing to partecipate in her shenanigans ahahah

  • The US is legit the wild Wild West of the World

    • It's happening everywhere

  • "So how can we safely use these apps, moving forward?" "Well, it's hard. Honestly. In Europe, we have really tough regulation and we've been checked, whereas in the US, you are not being checked-" 🤦 'Murca: land of accountability.

  • How is this news. Like, I am not saying this isn't to be discussed. I am surprised by the multiple Pikachu faces. Every "free" app sells your data. And most of the ones you pay for do it too. You think just because it is a medical app that they have to follow HIPPA? Laughable. Tell me where the "internet" clauses are for HIPPA.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anybody actually try calling that number?

  • "If you don't pay for the product that you're using, you most likely, are the product yourself." One of the smartest things I've ever heard about the digital age.

    • Which is probably why it's such a famous saying that it's almost trite at this point. Welcome to the internet age, time for some to get acclimated ig

    • Even you pay for the product they will still harvest and utilize your data for "product improvement" which means using analytics to gather information on the demographic. Share this info with stock holders, marketing teams and perhaps 3th parties. Where ever there are share holders/ marketing involved, big data is used and usually this involves data from the product and the users of that product. If you do not want to share any data. Do not use smart devices. Privacy is dead. P.s. I do not wear a tinfoil head :) Where there is money to be made, data is gathered.

    • The problem is even if you are paying for the product, it does mean you are safe from privacy intrusion. Need to read the fine print and have a government that works for its people.

    • This has been around for a while.. it's not only about the digital age.. Why do women have "free" entries to some places like bars or dance clubs?

    • It's been this way for a loooong time.

  • It's really nice to know that Trevor incorporates different topics to his channel.🙂

    • @Mountain Goddess Stop spamming with idiotic videos from right-wing, conservative mouthpieces.

    • Desi is the best part of his show

    • @Joan Anaeze he has higher ups. While he gets a say, he doesn't make the decision. There's a between the scenes clip about it. He says his team is nice, and if he has a suggestion, they'll try to fit it in, but not everything works out.

    • @a b but it's his channel

    • @a b I don't understand

  • 0:30-0:47 😂😂😂😂

  • Thanks for deleting that for me. Now I Get your ideology!

  • Guys, this graph shows the difference between men and women meaning if it's decreasing, it's getting more equal. 1:27

  • I am a male and I am getting ads for female hygiene products and high-heeled shoes. Ad targetting is one of the biggest scams ever. First, they scam the users into tracking and sharing even the most intimate data and then they scam the advertisers into false belief that they can actually deliver their ads to the right people. Once this bubble pops, it will be huge. Much bigger than the dotcom bubble.

  • Another way to 'pink tax' women via big tech.

  • "I'm Desi, and I'm a woman"😂