Finding Middle Ground Amidst The Gun Violence Debate | The Daily Show

Birt 17 júl 2021
Jordan Klepper learns about how a former gun control researcher and a retired congressman backed by the NRA have come together to further the study of firearms.

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  • There are people who want to have assault riffles to get ready for the government to attack them. There is no middle ground with a mentality like that. Case closed. There is no middle ground left for any argument between the dumb people and the rest of us.

  • I know it's edited, but the awkward pause at 1:08 already has me dying.

  • Can we not put serial numbers on the bullets? Make the bullets more expensive?

  • Over educated………wow

  • LOL. How about pro-gun vaccine!!!

  • I like a man who can admit he was wrong. Respect. ✌🏼

  • Cdc finding scientific results to reduce gun violence like they find scientific results to reduce covid cases. On it 💯💯💯💯 you go cdc!

  • Dickey already took enough money to squirrel away for his grandkids so now he wants to talk about common sense. He knows it’s too late. We will have blood shed courtesy of republicans because they would rather sell America out to putin. Doing the right thing? Sorry, but that just means the dark money from the NRA dried up & stopped paying.

  • The odd thing about "middle ground" is every time the middle is decided, the next middle is more to the left. Liberals are slowly pecking away at our rights.

    • @Charles Wettish Trickle down? You every work for a poor guy? And nobody is steeling money from taxpayers more than Democrats and Bozo Biden. I've got nothing of liberals? Then why can't I carry a fully loaded automatic rifle down my street in New Jersey? Why are people on a No-Fly list without any due-process? Dohhhhhhhhh!

    • This liberal owns guns and would like less people to die from them. This liberal would like to capitalize more effectively for himself so would like criminals to pay taxes and the environment to be protected. This liberal believes in free market values, like the one that says if you can't pay, you can't play...speaking to the business that are crying about min wage initiatives. Conservatives are not conservative, in any way, have zero initiatives, and are ONLY small minded, selfish "teamspeak" bootlickers that enjoy watching their big daddies steal their money while hoping their profound subservience to these same big daddies will some day make them rich. So they wait for that moist money to "trickle down" the legs of their masters. Please, PLEASE answer me so I can expose what a weak, valueless, bootlicker YOU are. Your turn genius. Trust me, you got nothing, people that lead with "liberals are taking our rights" are simpletons, really should not be in a political debate, and are the perfect cult members.

  • Consider this: absent “well regulated militia” private gun ownership is forbidden.

  • Klepper is the MAGA whisperer.

  • The NRA would freak out. Study gun violence? That might cut into sales.

  • LoL go to Chicago and talk about the gun debate, f ckface.

  • It's so disappointing that we're really not a democracy.

  • more klepper please !!!

  • Stopping gun violence protects gun rights. If we had gun violence under control in this country, there would be no reason to look into gun control.

  • I'm not interested in middle ground. I want everybody who wants to own a gun to PROVE that they legitimately need one or perhaps two at the most. Make domestic ownership of any form of automatic weapon illegal. For target shooting the guns MUST be locked up at the club. No exceptions. None.

  • He molested that keyboard.... Ew.

  • The comment on the river was gold

  • Jordan to the pixar guy “we study them mothersf…” Lol

  • That’s it I have no education I am going republican where the money is

  • 4:48 I about died

  • 4:44 Watch, 4:51 Pause: You already know what moment this is.

  • Worlds worst fake Typer 😂😂😂🤣

  • I deeply appreciated this video. Thank you.

  • He kinda looks like the old guy from up

  • That like an inception level twist 😂😂😂

  • Liberals want to work together. But right wing media has turned every aspect of American life onto a culture war.

  • Jorden a bit of advice - Never walk in front of a person who is aiming a shotgun

  • Dude is talented. Bravoo

  • Jordan Klepper is the second coming of the Colbert Report

  • Don't think we should take guns away. I think their should be a lot more regulations towards purchasing a gun and guns that can not be purchased. auto is cool but you dont need it.

  • "We're gonna study them ya bleep!" -Jordan My favorite internet thing of the week.

  • Honestly guys, i think i kinda like guns but i want safety too. Can’t we do both??

  • The last Rifle was a super new and very expensive Prototype of the safest Gun in the World!... It just dosn't work

  • There is no middle ground. Enforce gun laws and arrest criminals and do not let them out on bond. Period. Lock them up. Also the 2a shall not be infringed. Period. Done and done. Period. Do the crime pay the time.

  • Best video that i never truly wanted to click.

  • Jordan you're the best!

  • A gun is not a disease. And you're not an American if you fear gun ownership. You may have the paperwork for it. But if you support the destruction of the 2nd, then your paperwork means nothing.

  • Almost like the moment he isn't getting paid to push guns by the NRA he thinks differently about gun control.

  • Still doing us proud in West Michigan. Love ya, Jordan. Keep up the great work!

  • He summed up why we move backwards in the US...if we cannot eliminate a problem, we won't try to improve things.

  • WHOAH, you shouldnt use GUN and VIOLENCE in one sentence!!! those GUN HEAD, NRA fans are going to FLIP!!!

  • Newfound lovers!

  • If you can protect yourself with 2-15 round 9 mm clips and two fully loaded 12 gauge shotguns then you shouldn’t own guns! There’s no reason for all that other BS 30 round clips hundred round clips you’re just an idiot that can’t hit the target if you need that many rounds! Morons!

  • Wow I'm left siding but this was way to extreme left im glad I don't watch TV as much as I used to every show getting worse smh..

  • We could drastically reduce gun violence and compensate for all damages done by simply requiring full comprehensive liability insurance for all firearms and ammo. Encourage gun safety with insurance discounts, and make coverage based on full risk assessment by private insurance. Want an AR 15? Minimum $900 Million policy mandatory. Put the research into action on how to reduce gun violence


  • they should have put a new ticker under Jazz Shaw "world's worst fake typer"

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Dickey died in old is this video?

  • How do you watch this and not feel like the language is condescending and manipulative? Like that little 'immediately' at the end. Who is so shut off they cant see the intention there? This show is the opposite of jon stewart. Are you guys strapped down in a chair with your eyelids held open when watching it and you cant leave until you force yourself to laugh along with the edited copy and pasted identical political belief having 'deadly virus' braving audience's laughtrack that probably wasnt even really laughing or are just workers on the show or are just a stock laugh track? Use your brain.

  • We're doomed

  • I'd watch a Dickey and Rosenberg show. It might heal more than a few families.

  • I think we should start teaching firearm safety in schools, including hunting safety.

  • Like trying to find a middle ground in fighting cancer related to smoking cigarettes, come on, just stop smoking.

  • The CDC wants to preserve life JUST LIKE THE LIBERALS!!!

  • The Dickey amendment didn't ban the CDC from gun research. A quick google search will show you several studies the CDC has done on the subject over the last couple of decades. The amendment just required that the CDC cannot advocate for gun control when publishing their research. That being said, the amendment did hinder research out of fear of budget revocation.

  • Anyone else cringe when he flags klepper with his finger on the trigger? JFC

  • 3:31 I feel like he was making a Jason Bourne reference here

  • What a Dickey! "I changed my mind." How much blood on his hands since??!

  • Is insane how a politicians make decisions that can ruin anyone or everyones lives.....

  • To be fair. The U.S. government would legislate AI controlled self driving cars as the only choice as soon as it is feasible, to prevent road accidents and road deaths. Way before the gun debate is even done.

  • Jordan Klepper is the best!

  • Lol “Jason”

  • It's probably easy for him now and not gonna change anything, but a republican changing opinion and acknowledging that he was wrong did shock me quite a bit.

  • 'nother gud un Klepper !

  • Promote the general welfare? It may be an outlandish idea but I think that should be put in some sort of important document.

  • And I'm not happy because in my country there's a law letting people have a gun per member of family. You guys have arsenals.

  • Republicans on NRA payroll are the biggest threat to the people of USA

  • Haha this guy kills me 🤣

  • TF, that's a great idea

  • What I would like to know, is why is it always Republicans that reject science and facts. You name it...Gun Violence, Climate Change, COVID Pandemic, etc. I am no liberal but that party and their supporters always seem to be clueless and when presented with scientific evidence they still reject it.

  • Ever consider it odd that in such a Christian Nation that they would seek to expand on a weapon of mass destruction to apprehend a person. Very little research on how to capture without damaging the specimen. Have scientists given up all hope on developing nonlethal weapons for capturing humanoids? Are we doomed to forever increasing the arms race? For the eradication of the human species?

  • There are more firearms in this nation than there are people. Somehow, I do not think this is what the Founding Fathers meant. The Second Amendment's primary justification was to prevent the United States from needing a standing army. Preventing the United States from starting a professional army, in fact, was the single most important goal of the Second Amendment. However, it is too late to reverse this. Sadly, over a hundred or so people are killed every single day in the U.S. Is the United States of America a safe place to live? I think not...

  • We need bullet control.Make bullets cost $500 each.

  • Did Dicky die of gun violence when he walked off stage.

  • "the world's worst fake typer"... No lie, re-watched that 3 times.

  • Dickie feels different now that lobbyists aren’t paying him for his vote.

    • Absolutely. It's all about the benjamins.

    • Same realization here

    • My first thought. He's being his real self now

  • I love this because I'm a liberal, but do like firearms. I agree there is a problem with gun control and safety, but I hope there is a way to protect the second ammendment and lower gun violence.

    • 2nd amendment doesn't apply to you unless you're in the "well regulated militia" (AKA national guard). The rest of us are subject to the national firearms acts.

  • The 2nd amendment does not give anyone the right to own a gun. It gives them the right to operate one within a well regulated (by the government) militia. As in, if the time comes when you need to be deputized in a war scenario, you are legally allowed to serve your nation and fight on its behalf. That is what is not to be infringed. In 250 years the words haven't changed, and yet very few can comprehend the meaning. The gun companies if you think about it, are trying to convince you that the 2nd amendment ensures the selling of their product. That their product is mandated to be sold, in the constitution. They couldn't be more wrong.

    • The rest of us are subject to the national firearms acts

  • Make guns that require an electric charge from a fingerprint scanner, and add a chip that records trigger pulls with a time stamp 😉 OH and give hand guns a wifi chip with ip version 6, so it can be pinpointed by police the moment a gun is fired in a home

    • I'm not saying keep people from being able to pull the trigger, I'm saying record who's pulling the trigger, where and when. And just watch what happens 😆

    • They could make it all integrated into the action itself, and outlaw and destroy any weapon that can't be retrofitted.

    • They would only have to broadcast their ip address, all handguns could have a special identifier in the address itself, it would be so easy, it's completely idiotic that it hasn't been done.

  • Oh so we should ban cars. Got it

    • @Jake McKee well we are certainly not going to touch guns so maybe a less controversial option is better lol

    • I sense a really bad argument.

  • NO guns equal no guns violence ! IT is so simple that nobody sees it ?!

  • It's funny when liberals get mad when the government over reaches their boundaries.

  • Republican party is a cancer of thoughts

  • Lol, overeducated. Yes, knowing too much is scary, huh?

  • "We're going to study it, you f@#$!" .. exactly what I was screaming in my head. I love Klepper.

  • I haven't enjoyed the show since Jon Stewart left, EXCEPT for Jordan Klleppers stuff haha

  • "How are you gonna improve the gun?" "You're gonna study it, ya f*ck!"

  • GUN VIOLENCE. Caliber 45 are not preferred by law enforcement, because it pinches their skin between index finger and thumb when they fire it at the person 😪

  • The best way to solve gun violence is to legalize prostitution/brothels.

  • 4:09

  • I hope he wins the Emmy

  • The main causes of gun violence - poverty and mental health - these are problems that neither side of the political aisle are interested in solving.

  • Awwww looks like some SJW went crying to ISmem to delete me comment. Man every one of you are losers.

    • ISmem algorithms delete hate speech and racism.. I bet it happens to you all the time.

  • fewer people should own guns. people who are responsible enough to own guns should have less restrictions .

  • I need to see Klepper & Rob Cordrey tag team some republican senators!

  • Health care for all like what is available to other countries will reduce shootings from the mentally ill. Reduce homelessness and drug use.

  • There is no middle ground with a gun cult. They're sick thinkers.