Florida Water Gets Hacked & New Zealand Parliament Demands Ties | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 13 feb 2021
A hacker almost pollutes the entire water supply of a Florida county, and a member of New Zealand parliament is ejected because he isn’t wearing a tie. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NewZealand
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  • You can get rid of the arrows now. 🤣🤣👍🏻

  • "Floridians don't even drink water." I know somebody who lives in Pinellas County and this is _precisely_ true for them.

  • "well , you got the guns so what can I say" how true. its so important that the brits remember their roots , else they might point their bloodied little fingers at non brits.

  • I didn't know how beautiful New Zealand traditional face tattoos are. Those are some exquisite patterns!

  • But, but, Trevor, ... you used to wear a tie before the pandemic! I’ll bookmark this video so that when the pandemic is over, and you have a regular show, you better not be wearing a tie! I hate them too.

  • In the time before buttons men tucked their shirt tails into their pants and used the belt to hold it in place as well as hold up their pants. The tie then kept the shirt closed at the neck. Buttons have made the tie obsolete. It serves no purpose except decorative. Hence the clipon.

  • A no tie day should be declared !!!

  • Does anyone see face drawing? Tattos. Forget about the tie!!!

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/laKzjYt9r8OydX4.html

  • Best joke: the end-card of Trevor wearing a tie

  • Ties are bad, as a woman the only time in my life I ever wore one was when I worked as a waitress and ties were a required part of our uniform. But as bad as ties are they are nothing compared to pantyhose, and high heels. Oh, and don’t even get me started on corsets.

  • The secret environment individually prevent because spade conversely instruct out a faint fair adapter. adventurous, calm greek

  • First time I’ve ever heard him say nigga love it funniest man alive to this day

  • Takes me back to The Whale Rider

  • Any one with half a brain can see that human kind has gone insane. To the point where I don’t know if I’ll upset the status quo if I throw poison in the watermain.

  • Whoever noticed the hack and immediately reduced it is a hero

  • The tie issue is so dumb I almost can't believe it's a real thing. To be ejected for that.. so old-fashioned and narrow minded.. 😒

  • He could be shirtless for all I care, if he does his job and fights for his people in government, then that works for me.

  • 2:34 As a wrestling fan, he reminds me of Umaga. I miss that man.

  • I drink mainly from bottled water but my pets drink from the sink water and knowing this makes me pissed!! You tried to kill my fur babies and you going to catch these hands.

  • I went to a Catholic high school and had to wear a tie for 4 years. After that I only wear them for weddings funerals and so on. Hell yeah, it's a noose!

  • So when it's not the corrupt Republican governour poisoning your water supply, it actually gets fixed? Asking for a city with irreversible health damage and hundreds of miscarriages after years of lead poisoning.

  • Bring Fluffy in your show

  • The tie helps hide that I’ve gotten too big for the dress shirts that I wear at work.

  • Damn New Zealand still colonialists. If the issue was about bringing a gun or being topless, then that would have been a different issue. There is some categorical socially acceptable line on what and what not to wear. "Ties" certainly is not a requirement. Long live the Queen! /s

  • Ties were originally food-catchers to protect your shirt.

  • Trevor, you are so funny.

  • Is the cowboy hat cultural?

  • That last 5 seconds made that segment

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  • Trevor is really getting his "Fro" on.

  • What ever this is😂😂😂

  • Pardon for being ignorant but is that lawmaker related to Taika or does Waititi mean something special for Maoris?

  • Hair style cool👍☺️

  • Good on Rawirir Waititi stood up and got the law changed!

  • Yo are are way too funny...so talented, huge fan bro

  • I like living in Florida only bc i can say... haha hey that’s my state!

  • Forget the tie. No one is going to talk about his face??

    • @Nellie K. Adaba You're welcome :)

    • @Nannied State Thanks

    • This is only an introduction to the subject, but should help explain the basics :) www.newzealand.com/nz/feature/ta-moko-maori-tattoo/

  • Florida man 100

  • So Trevor isn’t going back to the suit and tie? NP... he looks amazing now.

  • Dress codes are a bit weird and last century. There are none for the Dáil in Ireland and one result was the colourful sartorial choices of Mick Wallace. His voters really don't care about ties. Or shirts. Or sleeves. Or haircuts. www.dailyedge.ie/mick-wallace-vest-3421900-Jun2017/ More recently he's been elected to the EU parliament, and continued in the same vein, as they also have no dress code. To me, it just feels grown up to leave uniforms behind for desk jobs.

  • Colonial noose indeed!

  • Mori party lmao why can’t they atleast learn how to pronounce it

  • Good question Trevor. Why should the computer even have an option for increasing sodium hydroxide to such a dangerous level?

  • Must have been a rare, intelligent Trump supporter.

    • @Rich W. lol😂

    • @Mark Williams I lived in Florida for about five years, so I know Florida isn't completely fucked. I was talking specifically about Trump supporters.

    • Not all us Floridians are moronic Trumpanzees. It's the hicks in the sticks that go 80% Republican (because Jebus...or Pizzagate...or Qmoron) and a few wealthy counties that usually throw it.

  • Some things should NOT be controlled by computers. Period. Fucking Florida.

    • Well...when your citizenry expects tourists to pay for evetything...and refuses to pay for infrastructure...you have to automate. Fucking Floriduh, indeed.

  • Why bother doing this when Oil companies will just do it legally??

  • We should all be worried. Our infrastructure in this country is so outdated and vulnerable, it's a wonder we haven't had more attacks like this one.

  • Apparently, ties became part of formalwear after first being used by Croatians to show their allegiance to the king of France(, and the king thinking they looked cool and starting to wear them himself) so Americans should 100% not be cool with them

  • Hi new Zealand is beautiful i have a lot of friends but now covid-19 make i don't understand if is OK to go and visit friends i feel is OK to stay home

  • New Zealand police is my favorite because they are very happy for very one i do talk to them sometimes i feel they are very much friendly

  • "tastes like blue" Best description of any blue drink that you don't know what flavor it is. Its probably some sort of berry, maybe raspberry. But you know, it taste like blue.

  • It was the scarecrow

  • So much of New Zealand was pissed off about the tie debate that the law was changed the next day :)

  • and yet immediately after the video, there is Trevor wearing a tie and a full suit.

    • When I saw this, it just popped up

    • 😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • Who remembers when Andrew Yang got s*** because he didn't wear a tie

  • What about shaving? Not only do we risk strangulation from a tie, but we risk cutting our throat.

  • So what would happen if New Zealand passed a law that Parliamentarians must have their faces tattooed?

    • Already done. We start tattooing en masse as soon as the lockdown lifts.

  • Damn I live in Pinellas County and hadn’t heard the story!

  • He has nice nails.

  • Hate the ending. Just unnecessary.

  • Maybe a MAGA Hacker who tried to heal Florida from covid by distributing bleach to everyone!?

  • Wait, this is straight up outta splinter cell: blacklist🤔🙁

  • i love that it just cuts to trevor wearing a tie in the outro

  • Lmao FBI investigates Florida Water hack but it took them months to highlight Flint’s Water issues.🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Florida government is complicit #GOPKillTheirOwn #rondeathsantis #putin has spies all over Florida

  • Trevor is insane...lol

  • Last time I checked, using the same login / password on all your equipment for remote desktops, using remote desktop for your water plant, and having that l/p pair leak is not "hacking" It's incompetence.

  • "Hacked" if you want to call TeamViewer a hacking tool 😂😂 Also the Computer would have turned it down automatically if it were to detect a higher amount than allowed in the water.

  • i'm not the only one who thinks that water plant employee slipped up at work and made up the hacker story, right?

  • _"Water gets hacked."_ - Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. And it is stupid.

  • They should have updated their teamviewer subscription.

  • Hey Trevor how come no one has thought about asking the cops who were there how they feel about the Republicans letting him go 🤔..

  • The tie points at a mans penius lol omg yeah I never thought of that before. I may never look at the the same way again lol

  • Show pic of rock with Mom jeans

  • Please talk about Burma There's a military Coup

  • There are no indigenous people in new Zealand! This dude is just as indigenous as everyone else!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why are they putting sodium hydroxide in the water in the first place.

  • Shame on you NZ😤

  • Trevor how do you know how Blue taste like?

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/m3SvqaeLu6ern4Y.html

  • Regarding the water hacking: there is no real need to have the computers actually controlling stuff like energy and water directly connected to the internet. They need to be airgapped and any instructions applied by a live person. Statistics about what the plant is doing could be sent one way to an internet connected PC if that data really has to be accesable on line. It's just to dangerous to leave them open.

  • Good question: Should the computer even allow poisioning the water? Better question: should that computer even be connected to the internet, running an outdated OS and use the same simple password for remote control as all the others on the plant?

  • Florida man😀

  • Florida man goes digital...

  • First i notice he didn't mind wearing a colonial shirt and jacket. second the parliament decided that ties were outdated and no one needs to wear one any more.

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  • Wow, They are seriously underplaying drinking lye.

  • Ought to love those wigs too😂

  • The languid quarter regularly suck because fur anecdotally blot anenst a clean sign. waiting, thick crayon

  • “Ra-wee-ree wa-tee-tee” *cringe*

  • So I am not the only one who has spent the past couple of months fantasizing about poisoning the water supply of Trump supporters'?! How many other people had the same idea?! Don't pretend you have never once thought about killing the people who voted for everything wrong and given all that is right a bad name. I'm not going to accept judgment from people who claim they have never had violent thoughts before, (and are more likely than not going to advocate for my own death [or equivalent imprisonment] for doing so). And I am certainly not going to take crap from Trumpists, nearly all of whom I'm pretty sure have vocalized their desire for democrats' deaths at some point in time.

  • “You Ass hacking bitch!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂OMG ....0I LOVE YOU ... Hilarious!

  • I wonder if he is going to mention the fact that today NZ just went back into lockdown for the first time in 6 months

  • Daammmnn this is some mr robot shit hacking a water plant

  • I was really hoping for a graphic of The Rock in mom jeans.

  • We can get rid of the arrows now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It’s probably the moron governor trying to kill those he didn’t get by spreading covid for a year.

  • what the hell is that chemical doing in drinking water in the 1st damn place.