Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Continue to Rise | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 16 feb 2021
Since the start of the pandemic, hate crimes against Asian Americans have been on the rise. Ronny Chieng explains how you can help stop this wave of violence. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RonnyChieng
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  • Stop using hate crime for political use. 98% of the attacks are from POC. Don't think they are Trump supporters.

  • Only loser will do this to elderly, no matter the race

  • Kung flu 🇨🇳🇨🇳

  • Time to get out of New York and make it anywhere!

  • Trevor looking lowkey like the Weeknd these days.

  • How about we put "Black, Asian, Latinx, Native American, and White and any other ethnicity I may have left out's Lives Matter." (ALL lives matter, and we are all humans. The terms "Black, White, etc." are only terms used to mention a persons nationality, not their beliefs, behavior, or personality, with maybe "Karen" being the only exception.)

  • the outbreak is not in china 1st.

  • Hes not just old hes 91. Imagine if that was your dad or grandpa.

  • Amerika shit 🤩


  • “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” said Jesus. Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. If today you hear His voice harden not your hearts. Now is the time to be saved!

  • It won't stop, Trump in cited it. He has alot of followrrs.

  • Disgusting! Our society has gone down the toilet. It's lost its soul!

  • If anyone sees anyone attacking someone please follow the suspect to find out where they lives without them knowing that you are following them. Then you can call the police you can helps save lives . Only take one caring person to change the world.

  • I'm not seeing white people commit these attacks.

  • it hurts to watch

  • Usa is pathetic

  • Yeah the US of America 🇺🇸 The greatest country in the world 🌎

  • Ronny chieng is golden 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thank you Trevor! God bless you for this!❤️

  • one day time will come asia hate white too

  • Please Stop with the Asian hate! It's Mainland China IS the problem. Don't you know how other Asians are trying to fight them? Also, most of the Chinese who immigrated to the West usually want to escape from oppressive China. Does America really stand for segregating and labelling everything? The reason why there's so much racism is because you guys have to label everything. Colorism (not even a term understood in other countries), MSM (what is that), snowflake, African American, Irish American, Asian American, Native American, Latin American, etc...etc... YOU ARE ALL AMERICANS TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. NO MATTER YOUR ETHNICITY, RACE OR COLOR. This is what China is doing to other Asian countries. ismem.info/life/PLaLZEpYKrOJH4TFm5SgZJ14Bdou5rSI4h.html We are with you against China! Ask your President to remove all the US businesses, factories and jobs in China! It was Biden who spearheaded the deals to transfer US businesses to China! Ask him to bring back the jobs to US! We Asians actually love MADE IN US products and are dismayed that everything is MADE IN CHINA. So what if China is cheaper? At the cost of what? Oppression and taking over other Asian nations! You think it will still be cheaper once China has completely taken over other nations' resources used for electronics, everyday goods and food supply? The trade routes on land and on sea? Ask your President to stop repairing ties to China. The next Pandemic from China is here. Bird Flu has been recorded to be human transmissible in Russia as of February 2021. First half of 2020, China had new strains of Bird Flu and Hantavirus. Latter half of 2019, Swine Flu from China has been devastating the pig industry in different countries. Frozen and pork products from China was enough to carry the virus that made pigs sickin different countries. If Swine Flu becomes human transmissible... COVID could be SARS 3 or 4 already. Expats told me that SARS in China happened in 2003 and they hid is as usual, but there was SARS in 2009. The news was buried because Michael Jackson died (RIP) and China quickly covered it up. China is the problem! Even their citizens who spoke up about the virus are still missing! ismem.info/for/v-deo/k2Oain2Y0pfHmrA.html Please demand Biden to stop dealing with China and return all your jobs to the US! Stop giving power and money to China! China is the problem!

  • Let's the America destroy itself! We always knew that people are a bunch of racists in the U.S.

  • The problem with this is this is it is now being brought up and its been a thing for ages and we have been suffering in silence. (no offence) you guys have been taking care of black discrimination for all these years but you never realized us Asians are even worse. this is just so messed up especially having a old man being pushed face first into the ground.

  • If the attacker was a white man in blackface, would that be a double hate crime?

  • Trevor maybe we could've chosen somebody a little bit more serious about the topic or perhaps tone down the jokes? I mean if we treat this with humor, how are people supposed to take this seriously?

  • All this hate may have been done by blacks against Asians, but it was an orange person who encouraged them. Because blacks cannot be hateful and bigoted on their own, they must have had encouragement from a white person.

  • They're so funny, but yeah! Hate crimes are Hate crimes and all should be reported !

  • The crazy thing is black people are attacking asian, but they are blaming Trump..lmao..

  • Even one hate crime is one too many. However, the article linked below is worth a read. Here are some notable passages: "The robberies and assaults in several big-city Chinatowns have led to significant media coverage and outcry from activists, many of whom have labeled the incidents hate crimes. But recent higher-profile cases that have gone viral on social media aren't being investigated as such, law enforcement officials say. Officials say the occurrences don't show signs of being racially motivated." "Some sources have declared a 'spike' in hate crimes, citing an astronomical increase. But the figure they refer to specifically reflects New York City and New York police data obtained by NBC Asian America, which showed three anti-Asian hate crimes in 2019 and 28 last year." "Other sources refer to 18 incidents this year involving Asian Americans in Alameda County, California. But local law enforcement stated that there's no proof any of them have been racially motivated." www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/violence-against-asian-americans-why-hate-crime-should-be-used-n1258793

  • I just listen to what the Asian man said at every culture should be fighting racism what what happened to you when blacks was fight I didn't see any Asians marching with us now that you are being attacked then it's for everybody to help you I don't think so

  • The hotel manager did no wrong, oh come on. It's true, the virus started from China at that point in time and if the guests came from China, they have to be quarantined or refused from entry. It's just a precaution measure to protect the wider public. Now everyone irrespective of ethnicities can be a covid carrier. The Chinese did not bring covid to the US but the American travelers who returned from China or in contact with other infected travelers who did not quarantined themselves.

  • Why blame (ordinary) Chinese people who live in America... or anywhere in the world? The fault is solely on the Chinese Government for their mishandling of the virus etc. Plus, wasn't the Trump Administration informed 3 months beforehand that COVID-19 might become serious, but they did nothing... all the way until 2-4months into the pandemic? So why harrass innocent people?? Those who attack the innocent just because they cannot take on the powerful are nothing but cowardly losers with anger management issues! 😤😠

  • How repulsive. Only the lowest, morally vacuous element of society would attack the elderly, to say nothing of racism towards anyone, including Asians/Asian-Americans. But here we are. Black people and Asian people should team up to look out for each other; that would really send the message that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  • We say that the grass is greener on the other side. Reality verse Freedom of speech, human rights

  • When biden heard these, he sleep another 10 hours a day.

  • If that man who push the asian old man caught in China, it will be the best show ever, pull five sides from him and tear it out separately. Those days they used horses, now it's motorbike and what a terrific show.

  • 05March 2021 - Racism existence way long time back, but it escalated even further and higher due to the Covid19. So Asians, kindly do be very careful when you’re out of your home. I know that it is ironic to be in that situation living in your own home country just being Asian looking. Targeting at the elderly, my goodness, I am devastated by such behavior.

  • Idk if ya’ll talking about rich Asians but poor Asians been getting hated on violated way before COVID, we grow a lil attitude to fend off neighborhood bullies and the same well mannered Asians would also look down on us as trouble makers.

  • As a collective, Asians don't like darker skinned individuals and discriminate heavily against against Africans in Asia and on the continent of Africa. However, this violence is disgustingly reprehensible.

  • Stop asian hate. DO CHINA KILL. Please!!

  • European descendants should return America land to American Indians and go back to Europe.

  • Instead of feeding into racist journalists and media one-sided propaganda. It doesn’t take a brainiac to do a little research. To discover the majority of the folks harassing Asians today are actually KKK like minded-people and/or a member of these organizations

  • Democrats created hate crime and discrimination for Asian and immigrants in the United States and the country.

  • I am an Asian who used to dream to go to America and settle there. But now I'm fucking not going to that shitty country.

  • Lets blame Trump

  • I hope that these kinds of incidents will further awaken what has seemingly been an increasing change within the Asian communities from the kinds of abhorrent racism that existed, in my experience, for decades in those communities throughout the country. My understanding is that so much of it is rooted in a desire to be seen as part of the dominant group in this country by disassociating themselves from those people who are seen as less than or second-class. Existing within the mentality of being the grateful "model minority".

  • Our family and friends watching this video, feels deeply hurt to see some Asians being assaulted & harassed. Hope all those racists and punks can get the beat down they deserve.. and then go straight to hell. We all want to live with joy & peace together.. so we can all grow up healthy together. Why act out, and destroy relationships, and ruin the community?? We live and work in the same city/area. We're in the same boat. We should make the most of it. ✊✌🗽🌈

  • "GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY" was the sentence I can hear very often during my study abroad. Racism against Asians is not a new thing, pandemic is just an excuse to justify some people's hatred.

  • His face expressions seem to be a joke why gesture like that😔

  • shit crazy, i live in the "racist" south and not too much like this happened down here. probably because they know everyone stay strapped down here.

  • The Asian American hate has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats

    • You are so correct. It's all the fault of those fucking INDEPENDENTS!!!!

  • www.fox10phoenix.com/news/phoenix-pd-murder-suspect-arrested-after-74-year-old-grandfather-was-attacked-for-no-apparent-reason

  • America the biggest African country in the world...

    • Blacks in America most definitely live a better quality of life than blacks in Africa. The police in America treat them much better than police in African countries do. Blacks are treated better in America than anywhere else, except Europe or Antarctica.

  • I don't see Bill De Blasio anywhere on this issue at all?

  • Why now they get attacked

  • This needs to stop now. It is sad that people would react in such a way. To blame person's for this health issue is insane.

  • This is the legacy of Donald Trump, and tha saga continue.....

  • Why is the media covering up the racial makeup of the attackers??

  • America. So shame.. Very disappointed

  • I'm Asian-American, and honestly, I don't think there is necessarily a rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans due to COVID but rather a huge rise in regular crimes committed against people who happen to be Asian-American being falsely reported as hate crimes. People that were never racist against Asians to begin with didn't all of a sudden turn racist because of the pandemic; they stayed more or less the same. It's some of the people that were already racist against Asians (the ones with already violent or aggressive tendencies) before the pandemic that are using it as a lame excuse to attack Asians. They would've probably done it at some point in their lives anyway regardless of COVID. Anyone with two brain cells would know that it is unjustified to attack any random Asian person for something you heard about a small particular part of one Asian country.

  • 2:56 my man aint even wearing a mask

  • I never met a single person that dislikes Asians ... Or was racist towards them... Pretty sure everyone loves Asians .... At least everyone I know loves Asian ladies.... 🤔 .... Asians might just be the most LIKED group of people on the planet

  • The white supremacists, most of them are convicts/criminals of the UK, being deported to the USA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. So don't be so proud of yourselves, descendants of convicts.

  • Prophecy about Civil war inthe USA from around 2024 and how racial divides will play part (excerpt from Peter Tan Melchizedek)..link below. ******************************************** Then the Lord showed what will lead up to the civil war. This time will be the time of the riots which will lead into anarchy which will lead into the civil war. All these times are subject to the prayer of the Church. If the church does not pray, the years of the riots will come two years early into the years of prosperity, which will then start the time of anarchy which will begin the years of the Civil war earlier and will prolong the time of the Civil war. If it is prayed and pushed back the time of the riots, anarchy and civil war will be pushed back and held in to the years of the famine. The prayer is to prevent it from starting earlier. (Note: There was a call to a three day fast for USA from Saturday March 28th to Monday March 30th 2015,) Then the Lord said that when the time of the riots starts there will be 5 things that will cause this. The first is the price of food will increase and there will be a lack of food. The second is racial divide that will come. The Lord continued and said this racial divide will be strategies that are pushed to divide the nation into civil war from Russia and China. There will be paid factions in the media and all kinds of people who will promote racism and racial divide, every color will be pitted against each other: white vs black, black vs white, Hispanic vs black, etc. It will be promoted and help given to raise up leaders and fund leaders in each division to create race war. Then the third is rich vs poor, there will be an attack on the wealth of America, the upper middle and lower middle class will disappear. It will become the Poor vs the Rich. This will happen when the American monetary system collapses. The wealth of many will fail and billionaires will be turned into paupers begging for food. The dollar will fail and be replaced with a new form of money. This will coincide with the price of food inflation ...Slavery will be back after 2029 interested in entire blog,find it here.. johannministries.com/site/blog_old/ (Note; some facts ofthe prophecy are inaccurate but most things are playing out as prophecied) At the end of these inner fights and external attacks,Most USA would have become 3rd world and most Americans would have fled as refugees..the reason I share this is because it is starting to play out as said.#Cancel culture is part of this whole thing,as it creates hatred of people against each other

  • Okay, seriously, who the fuck hits the elderly? What is wrong with these people?

    • Other than underpaid employees of nursing homes, I don't know of any people who are actually underpaid to hit the elderly. However, overpaid members of Congress take much more damaging figurative swings of the bat of the top 1% at the elderly and crack them in the face on a daily basis. So wow, I guess more people than I thought hate the elderly

  • "Black people can't be racist" shows black guy pushing down old Asian

  • Nah, America's trash, just leave the country

  • YOU CANNOT BLAME TRUMP it is not him CHINA MADE THE VIRUS ..WAS THAT THEIR RACISM TOWARD ALL ELSE.....PELOSI TOLD PEOPLE TO GOTO CHINATOWN... .... and it is always Blacks attacking but NO you all will not say it.

  • and who will say the one PUSHING THE SENIOR IS BLACK? WILL YOU

  • I am in shock after seeing an African American assaulting an Asian (2:52)... I mean, how much have dark-skinned people suffered from discrimination? And now this man does the same against an Asian woman? 🤬

    • I would say that attacker is setting his race back 100 years, but the mainstream media will make sure his identity is uh, "white"-washed. So no worries about too many people realizing the race of the attacker.

  • Its heartbreaking indeed 💔

  • Hahhaha i love shrimpaste, I paste all the shrimp hahahahah

  • Can you consider a missinterpretation of the phenomenon? After a long time confined watching action movies and working out, young men whant to proove their value in street fights. And what can be more satisfying than a duel with a true old Shaolin kung-fu master?


  • I personally think both mike pampeo and Donald trump can tell people where this Covid- 19 pandemic originated from? Hehehe

  • It was disgusting this hate crime

  • Who's an asian nurse in U.S. here?🙂🥴 👇

  • Yellow lives matter

  • None of this is relevant to the scientific investigation into covid19 origins, whether it be the lab leak hypothesis, or otherwise, and using these victims to achieve the end of quelling that important discussion is shameful, and sadly predictable.

  • These are random events that has happened over the coarse of some yes the young African male's attorney said he has a history of mental illness, yet they tell black people we need to come together to talk about it. I saw comments before me that let me know people don't know how disrespectful it is to say something like that AND to push this agenda in mainstream media. The benign neglect for black people has been obvious and its just getting ridiculous at this point. B1

    • Edit: over the coarse of some yrs

  • Over half of the Interracial/Hate Crimes committed in the U.S., are done so by POC... that's a fact. Over three fourths of the particular Interracial/Hate Crimes against Asains... are committed by POC... that's a fact. I understand that there is a tradition of XENOPHOBIA towards Asians from POC, and that's been going on for DDDEEECCCAAADDDEEESSS!!!, but when will the POC community step up and take responsibility/accountability for their bigotry?

  • Why is it always america...attacks against black. Communities, attacks againts asians, why tf is it always america, what is this so ingrown ideology of white supremacy do these guys have and why tf do they feel that they are the only people on this whole fuckin planet

  • I've been to several western country like australia, uk and us. guess what i felt and experience the racism towards me (asian) in all of those country. Also, many westerner thinks all asian are chinese which we're not.

  • Lol whites pick on blacks and blacks pick on Asians then China takes offense and picks on America. Cycle of crap. Let’s all just admit racism is existent in every race and stop blaming white people. All lives matter stop with the giving one race a pass to do anything they want and claiming only their lives matter. Keep this up America and you will have an all out civil war of all the races against each other.

  • hey China... can't bully a bully ha..

  • Trump called the Corona Virus the Chinese Virus and afterwards whites started showing racism towards the Asians and Chinese. Trump divided the whole country with his hatred

    • youre not wrong!

  • 3:58 lol that shit was cringe not gonna lie lmao nvm he was doing a comedy persona

  • Ronny is great! Omg, way to funny!

  • It's a cowardice act against the old, got the guts then go for the ones your own size.

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  • It's sad..this is really sad...please don't be a racist..it doesn't solve the problem of corona...just saying...

  • In every video clip we see blacks attacking asians but there's no mention of the race in your report, why? According to the media only white people can be racist yet you report these as hate crimes based off racism but how can that be if the attacker are all black. Care to explain? We've been told over and over from the media that blacks can't be racist so what's the deal here? Why are blacks targeting asians? And why isn't the media pointing this out? Let us not forget that dang near all of these attacks are in Democratic States and cities, what's going on in these cities and states anyways?

  • Blaming Trump is nonsense. So, everything bad happening is Trump's fault?

    • nono. by him calling the virus "Chinese virus" is not just very unprofessional of him, but he as a president should understand very well that his actions can encourage hate crimes and that is wrong

  • The obnoxious glove observationally watch because battle philosophically mine behind a concerned swim. parallel, lyrical stranger

  • Dear God🙏💞♥️💕 in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness. I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin. You said in the bible that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved. Right now I confess Jesus as my Lord. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved. Amen.

  • Gospel of salvation of our souls: 💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,

  • I find it interesting that Asians are being attacked, and this idiot is hating this type of racism. Maybe America could stop the racism overall -- that way, they could finally address the African-American racism that has been going on for 400 goddamn years. By the way, it is not important but since you know, I am not African-American. Was there an Asian killed in the public eye on camera by police or otherwise during this pandemic? Goodness, I hate hatred.


  • its not fair , just becuse your different dont give you the right to hurt black ,jews or asians .