How white people can be allies

Birt 14 júl 2021
Watch to the end!

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  • I’ll name him Trevor

  • I'm white, gave my daughter an African name, but her mother is from Kenya 🇰🇪 🤦‍♂️

  • I am naming my next son Trevor

  • Racist people aren’t human. They are the enemy of humanity.

  • Sooooooo funny he like " no no there are other ways but you should have seen your face" ha 😉😜😆

  • dude just completely switch it arround. White poeple getting "black names" and black people getting "white names". This should be fun😂

  • Imma name my kid skrewdriver

  • I think most white people are afraid that if they name their kids "Kwame" and "Makeba", they'll be accused of cultural appropriation.

  • Wow.. i think that your racism has got a piece of your mind you have lost it dude

  • Solid advice... TREVOR.

  • Bro what are you saying???

  • I have a typical, biblical name, my ma and pa never got accused of Hebrew appropriation!

  • ...yeah, definitely no thanks! Maybe it should be the other way around? Just saying...

  • My daughter would have probably like that name “Makaba?” I m sorry I don’t know how to spell it. I named her Sarah. She doesn’t like it because there are sooo many Sarah’s. I think it’s beautiful but she texted me once and she lived in England and she said I am running a marathon with 8 Sarah’s. I said because the name is beautiful.

  • You speak as if America is full of racists. Seems to be treating you pretty well.

  • Just walk into a place and say that you don't se anyone of color working here and then you will get hired.

  • Comming from a guy called Trevor lol

  • Lol

  • Instead let's have KWAME & MAKEBA on the hiring board or part of the hiring management as part of regulation to equalise biase. When was the last time you went to a job interview, and the hiring manager is Kwame Makeba?

  • Oldest kids named Makayla hahahahaha ally for 17 years lol

  • Says the man dating a white woman.

  • I would never name my kid that 😭no disrespect

  • Hahahahaha

  • Trevor Noah is such a freaking racist hypocrite.

  • Why? I don’t think you make a lot of sense in a lot of your arguments, but this one is an absolute nonsense. Maybe you should change your welsh/Irish name into that?

  • Allies?? What are you proposing trevor? A race war?

  • Hate Monger Trevor really spat out his usual hatred and ignorance adjusted it with a "just joking"

  • Okay trevor

  • Thanks TREVOR.

  • As long as you self think in races, you are part of the problem. Period.

  • Best simple idea Ive heard in a long time

  • With all respect sir immediately afterwards there will be riots claiming cultural appropriation and cultural names theft so perhaps the issue is more a problem of anti-white hate then it is anti-black hate.


  • I'm not having anymore kids, F them kids. Lol

  • What's really funny is they only hire black people

  • If a job can't hold your race against you why do they even ask on the application

  • My name is Juana and I'm black... Every job I get... It's easy to make friends with the Hispanics.

  • will name my kid T'Challa

  • Your look like black shame baby in second world war

  • I don't know what the problem is that's the one thing I've always Lied about, I check white every time So I can go up there and Peep out my competition

  • Ha I don’t even want kids 😎

  • This guy is a clown. He’s so against white people that he forgets that he himself looks mixed 🤡

  • I'm sorryTrevor - Kwame Kilpatrick (Black), the ex-mayor of Detroit, was a crook, but he wasn't as sly as Coleman Young (Black) or Jerome Cavanaugh (Irish). He ended up doing time.

  • I’m a bit 💅 so kids is out of the question

  • Pssh yeah right. We'd be accused of cultural appropriation.

  • Whats funny about this for me is that whenever I have a baby boy I'm specifically naming him Michael, my future husband has absolutely no say on that Ill dumb him if he has a problem with it😂😂 Is it a black sounding name? No. Do I want it because of its meaning? No. I SPECIFICALLY want it because ive known for years I would be naming my future child after Michael Jackson, hes my absolute favorite singer/celebrity/person. My daughter will be named after my mother because she named me after her mother. So to my future husband... the first girl and first boy we have names are already picked 😂😂😂 He can have the middle names but other then that... shush 😂😂😂

  • Black people should use white names for their kids.

  • I don't get it

  • 🤣😂

  • if white people name the kid black name you black people will say they STOLE THE NAME

  • Lol, people are gonna call that cultural appropriation

  • I think African people should take long Welsh names with no vowels.

  • Imma name my next son Trevor Grosshan. Now we're allies!!!😭😂

  • Or there are always Utah names, like Abcde. Yes, that is a legit girl's name in Utah. It is pronounced Ab-sid-ee.

  • Last name ?

  • Just finalized the birth certificate! Wait, there are *other* ways!?!?! 😲 👁👄👁

  • So it's not racist to refer to people by the color of their skin?

  • Calling your son Kwame is like saying: here you go son, you are going to be 6'11 and humiliated by all the nba greats

  • Makeba I would.

  • I’m down

  • U look brown too me. U sure you black ? I'm guessing mixed race. Maybe ur one of the one drop self hating racist black people. Ah ok.

  • Trevor should change his name...

  • This dude so dumb I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't even joking when he said that.

  • Ok everyone can tell you have white in you Trevor. Facts....if you are light have white dna in there. Facts.

  • South Africa is burning and this is what Trevor Noah is speaking about I have lost hope in South Africa this is what you speak about as your country's having a race war why don't you be quiet and stop trying to start going over here

  • Why are Trevor and Obama consideren black and not white or mixed?

  • Imagine not giving your child a ridiculous name.

  • This dude is a race obsessed clown lol

  • Wait- is it problematic to do that, though?.. Because I wouldn't mind doing that at all, and my face was just completely neutral. (actually, though, only a few supposedly black sounding names actually sound black to me. and the only ones that sound disreputablish seem to also sound distinctly white to me, so .... i get tired of hearing my stereotypes stereotyped. :P)

  • Hahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Hey Trevor Noah how about you talk racism in South Africa where they have introduced a racial law where only black people can get a job . How about Zimababwe Farm laws and farmers genocide!!!!!

  • My name is Russell and my kid's name is Jerome. LOL

  • My kids name is a black name!

  • If I decide to have another kid, I'm going to name him Darmok, or Jalad. Maybe both.

  • You white people?

  • Lol smh

  • ~~~ Hazel 😂 yes I got me Noah~~~

  • Lol Trevor Noah has 9 million subs and doesn’t get above 100k views on 99% of his videos. That’s a lot of bots that subbed 🤖

  • Start talking about Africa. We want to see who's side you take.

  • Name the Apple 🍎 Orange 🍊 and Pear 🍐

  • No ty

  • Vasectomy the day I turned 35 ;)

  • Please cover the ethiopia situation the way western media has been presenting the situation has been extremely one sided to a point where the tplf now seems the victim after they them selves admitted attacking a military base in Ethiopia and the New York Times literally released images of the tplf using child soldiers and covered it in a positive light shot is f*#ked up and it really dissapointing that basically media is just a vehicle for advancing USA foreign policy with no regard for the facts or the truth

  • My kid is called La'Shawnduh Caramel Mbungo.

  • Allies implies war. So Trev wants a race war..

  • what do you mean? they left over 30 years ago, and look at what a wonderful paradise south africa has become since then. i mean how many more "allies" do you really need lol?

  • Bruh, not reporting on what's happening at your home country?

  • I named my boy sue before I left his mama. I expect him to find me for my asswhooping any day now.

  • Talk about RSA n the zuma riots turned anarchy make fun of it Trevor .. Won't u ?

  • err isn't that appropriation lol

  • NFW. Why would I want to handicap my child? How about if colored people (aka as people of color) name THEIR kids with anglo names? Problem solved.

  • I was going to give my daughter a "Black" name, and I had a Black woman tell me- very angrily- that it was cultural appropriation.

    • @HevxHev I never said she was the reason I changed my mind, just that it happened.

    • Yes to the above comment. I don't know what you would expect to gain in discourse with someone of heightened emotion, black or white. Black people aren't a monolith, in my opinion, I would have sought a wider perspective than basing your decision on the opinion of "one very angry black woman" as you described it.

    • Why do you even communicate with irrational people? They are idiots. Ignore them and live your life

  • Trevor, come on, make a perspective video on the current situation in South Africa and bring some much needed perspective to the happenings, as only you can.

    • Yeah it is sad that he didn't make a video on what's going on in SA at the moment.

  • Saw a video about a Muslim women who was escorted off & arrested in an American Airline flight, because; wait for it............. the male passenger she was sitting next to "felt uncomfortable" around her. At this point AA should just have a "whites only" plaque at boarding lol. MF Karen's are everywhere....

  • I’ll name my kid Tyrone

  • I use Ubuntu.

  • This dude is cringe

  • Does it count if I named my mixed children white names?

  • I am white but my name is different so I can relate

  • Trevor in a subliminal way is motivating hate towards white people. Why he is always talking about race , is it because he is racist himself? . I am amazed how many apologies for naming their children ( So called white name) . It's time to use our understanding. We are all people!