Hundreds of Joshes Battled to be the Best Josh

Birt 16 júl 2021
You couldn’t do that with Karens

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  • A Karen off would be hilarious. It would be a perfect movie

  • Those are some truly horrendous wigs

  • Wealthy Globalists like George Soros and the Rothchilds are evil and want to control the world and want to take all your rights away like your right to own guns and your right to free speach. Globalists are responsible for election fraud and the virus.Globalist also control the Democrats, Mainstream media, sports, Hollywood and social media. Globalists are responsible for election fraud and the virus. Globalists removed Trump because Trump wants the people of the world to have the power and freedom. Go to the website for the truth. They have daily reports..........................................

  • You have to be a lib to find this funny.

  • Child lives matters

  • Rather be a Josh than a Cuomosexual

  • South Africa Burns while your puppet behind space quiet

  • Still nothing about South Africa...I was expecting a little word or something. This is terrible what is happening in South Africa, those recent events was showing how fare to the limit people have been push and they were deadly too some poor people died. South Africa will need sometimes to recover from all this.

  • ~~~ Joshua TREE ... GET TO THE PROMOTION LAND 😜 LOL ~~~

  • Lousy as usual.

  • So, no comment on what‘s going on in your home country?????

  • Who is Karen? Lol

  • Technically it would be nice for the rest of us, all the karens literally destroy the other karens 🙂

  • Why are you silent about what's going in on your country

  • Hey Noah, how's ZA doing? Any ideas what's going on down there?

  • karen fight: the worst nightmare for any minority

  • cringe af.

  • If your real name is Karen. I sincerely apologetic on behalf of today’s society. Lol they just won’t let up.

  • So you just not going to talk about what’s happening in South Africa and how you feel about it.

  • Considering what's happening in South Africa and Cuba right now this is a well timed useless fluff peice.

  • Often imitated, never duplicated

  • My brother is the best Josh of course!💯😆

  • Trevor help south africa people need to hear what's going on

  • 😄

  • If they're going to do Karen's they need to do male Karen's into that fight too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Or would that be unfair

  • My best friend got AIDS.....Pray for him

  • FAX

  • please do some South African stuff. we wanna see

  • If we ran and won the presidential election can we make it so that debts are paid through tax refunds? Example: I owe to revenue services, court fees, probation fees and things of that nature Instead of going after peoples wages that are used for daily life can both federal and state tax refunds be redirected to the counties where debts are owed? That way the people like me won’t have to worry about payments, the debt would take care of its self and counties wouldn’t have to sell debts for less, counties would get the full amount What do you think?

  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😃😄

  • 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • And when my SA friend will you stand up for your people back home and shed light on what is going on? You are one of the few people who have the platform to do so.

    • @Edit Name The privilledge of being your own boss hey lol get over yourself man, stop scapegoating him, and complain to people who can actually help you, your community leaders, members of parliament, whoever, just not a comedian who has clearly left the country for bigger and better things, your complaints fall on deaf ears. And you know what? That's okay lol it's his life. Why you so mad about someone not talking about the things you wna talk about? Can you not just stand up for yourself, and speak out against whatever it is oppressing you. You have a ISmem account so that's one platform, bet you got Facebook so there's 2. There's Insta, Snapchat, discord etc. All these platforms to speak up on. So go do it yourself and stop whining to the rich and famous because your complaints will be looked over. Asking him to talk about this is like asking santa to give gifts early this year lol it's a waste of time, he operates on his own time now bro, get used to it lol

    • @Cody Cloete he doesn’t live in Israel or Palestine either but has alot to say about the current situation there

    • @Edit Name Because he lives in the USA where those matters are more relevant

    • @Cody Cloete but preaches 24/7 about white privilege and racism….

    • He's a comedian, that's not his job bru. Besides, Cyril spoke last night, look to him for answers, that's the leader you chose

  • My fav is the curly red hair. She sounds sooo real in distress …🤣🤣 I wonder if your world tour plan happens to include southern states by any chance??


  • Karen off would be like the news anchor fights in Anchorman, “Where’d you get that hand grenade?” “I have no idea!”

  • Recycling old clips, lovely.

  • It's funny cause it's true 😂

  • Fun fact: coming last is harder than coming first

  • Hey Trevor, please say something about what’s going on in South Africa

  • Trevor please talk about South Africa.. People are suffering.

    • he is said to support the police of Africa stopping the rioting and looting and killing. Guess he may support the police in his homeland.

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  • Trevor these shorts are horribly trash content. Please don't make these. Lets just stick to the regular shows

  • It's bedtime, kids...go brush your teeth and I'll go check for Karens under your bed....

  • Why do these old things pop up as new?

  • @TrevorNoah You talk about American riots and try to justify it I really love to see you talking about South African riots which is happening now.

  • Nice👍

  • A bit late as this happend a few months ago but what a fun fight it was to watch!

  • Imagine Trevor come back to studio and we lost all of this kind of fun stuff...

  • I'd love to see that, it'll be like the most hilarious thing ever 😂

  • A Karen fight? What do you mean I would pay to see that!

  • Imagine transforming literally a name into an insult and thinking this is okay

    • If someone named Karen is offended by that, you're doing them a favor. They're looking for any excuse to be a victim, and you're giving them that.

    • @AManWhoCantThinkOfAName Yeah I felt it might not be your actual name, anyways

    • Yeah, but I get u

    • Jake isn’t my real name lol

    • @AManWhoCantThinkOfAName But then imagine if it was Jake instead of Karen

  • Ok internet explorer

  • Oh my Josh!

  • Wow, a Karen Diss. That's so Karentine-20/21

  • A Karen-off would be like the highlander movies, but they just keep going until there is only one.

    • @ultraman_99 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The last one shall be dragged down into the ancient city of ryleth by the ancient ones, lets see how long it takes for ctulhu to spit her back out.

    • 😂

    • Then we take the last Karen and fire her off into space....

  • Dear person that's reading this, we don't know each others but I wish you all the best in life ❤️ don't ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and a key for happy life. *I believe in you, Love from a small ISmemr!* 🖤....