Jordan Klepper Asks Trump Supporters: Impeachment v1 or v2? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 11 feb 2021
Jordan Klepper heads back to Washington, D.C. to see how Trump supporters, district residents and Democratic senators are handling Donald Trump’s second impeachment. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Impeachment
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  • Leftists were part of the storming of the Capitol? I can't imagine anyone actually believes that shit.

  • It was an even bigger embarrassment for the democrats than the first one. Now go ahead and slam us for your incompetence again. Caught red handed doctoring evidence, falsifying e-mails or tweets, and hoping the word fight was enough to do it

  • Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  • Impeachment trials are not criminal in nature. The evidentiary standard of a criminal trial (beyond a reasonable doubt) is inapplicable. Congress does not need to find a crime was committed. It is sufficient to show a grave abuse of power or other misconduct that alone applies to the President.

  • If Antifa was there, why didn’t the people holding Trump flags stop Antifa? 🤔

  • Did anyone talk about Schiff cursing during the interview

  • "A villain who hasn't been held accountable in his life" that describes Trump

  • January 6th had to be one of America’s whitest moments

  • Yeah, the evidence that they were "antifa" is that they were literally waving around Trump flags and signs that stated "Q SENT ME" while screaming pro-Trump slogans. There was literally nothing else these people could do to show that they were hard-core MAGAs.

  • When Adam Schiff says the congressmembers believe in batshit conspiracy theories, it sounds less like hyperbole and more like just the most concise and objective way to describe the situation. Who knew this would be real life in 2021?

  • pls wear even more masks, so i dont have to hear that shit yall saying

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  • beyond trevor this is my favorite part of the show

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  • So far only 817 deniers of facts . In the past 16 years we have found out that republicans don’t care about morals, religion , the debt , or the constitution.

  • Leftists think there so perfect

  • Liberals are so freaking weird man . It’s almost like they need a check list on what they believe in. Or what the latest thing to focus their fake outrage on.

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  • Trevor joke time?

  • I always thought the MAGA Cinematic Universe was overhyped to begin with.

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  • It's all a big joke.

  • The republicans didn’t vote to acquit because there party is already dying they are trying to slow it down.



  • Adam Schiff said "batshit"! Hahahaha!

  • Question: “Why do you think the impeachment is necessary?” Answer: “I think the impeachment is absolutely necessary” Buddy it wasn’t a yes/no question it’s a short answer

  • Always love coming and seeing the stupidity in the comments of these videos

  • The most American thing in this whole video is the woman saying that she is not "excited". Reality tv country.

  • we need an hour long version

  • how to ccok

  • All the non Trump supporters were the hilariously intelligent people. Except the nerd in a suit. He wasn't hilarious. Just intelligent.

  • Jordan is the man.

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  • Excuse me Jordan Peele already made a movie about people with scissors

  • Both impeachments were scams.

  • only american to lose the popular vote...TWICE only president to attack his own administration...

  • What I don't understand is why anyone even bothers with having a "trial" or presenting evidence. The only thing that matters is whether or not the senators want Trump to be guilty or not, and they won't be persuaded based on what happened. All democrats will find him guilty regardless of what they believe and Republicans will vote based on if they think they stand to gain more from him being guilty or not. So just have a vote immediatly.

  • These last few trump people more loyal than all of my exs. Other than that everything else they are doing is pretty gross.

  • They will never get it right.

  • This video is excellent and spot-on.

  • As hilarious as is it see you interview clueless people, you should try someone intelligent (if you can find any)

  • It's ironic that all those republican senators who acquitted trump ran from the senate chamber from people who trump encouraged. Bunch of spineless cowards who care more for their careers than the country.

  • The tilt shift at 2:09 had me so disoriented 😂😬

  • Damn was this daily show this slanted 10 years ago? My god...

  • Didn't fucking finish the border wall, but made sure proper fencing was installed around the heart of the country's own democracy. Good job America on just barely killing yourself

  • Cookey crazy bat shit conspiracy theory stuff 🤣

  • He said accountability for the last few years, American has never had accountability its profit over people always have been. But who we are gonna hold accountable is minorities prison population proves that

  • When will black folks ever learn that the democratic party just 'uses' them as political pawns... Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican party, which was created specifically to end slavery. Ruth Bader Ginsberg said herself that the only reason she supported abortion is to keep the black population in check... Sooner or later the black folks will realize how the democratic party has used and abused them... Trump was correct that the best way to help black folks is to give them a great job, by building a great economy, by building a great America. Why do you think the democratic party wants to bring in illegals so badly, they want to 'water down' the black community, by bringing in more minorities who will have minority status and compete for much of the privilege's currently enjoyed by the black community because of their current minority status.... The Democratic party wants to end that..

  • Adam Schiff - "these batshit consipiracy theories" ... lol. So true.

  • That First Lady was like that was antifa then said you are adding that they were trying to kill the speaker. Well which is it? Was it antifa or trumpers? If it was antifa then why are you offended?

  • Not gonna lie impeachment 2: electric boogaloo is a good name for this

  • The irony of banking on Ted (Cancun) Cruz...especially after today.

  • Can you recite Rush Limbaugh quotes to Trump supporters and see their reaction pls??? Maybe in due time but would love to see their reactions.

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  • I see that fake red hair is on the rise... Jesus, help us!

  • Jordan is great. Schiff said "Bat Shit".Ha ha.Oh well,look how that went.America,still a Fucked up country full of crazy morons.I wish there was someplace else I could go.

  • 45% vote republican no matter the candidate, 45% vote democrat no matter the candidate. Leaving 10% deciding every election which sucks

  • Nixon would've gotten away with Watergate with today's Trumpabillies in the Senate

  • He will be back Shifty Schiff to be a pain in your side. To pay you back for all the make shift Schiffty Lying Bull Shit you made up for almost four years.

    • Tell tRumpf prison pay is about 10 cents an hour. It could take awhile for that 'payback'.

  • I love Jordan Klepper!!! Whatever he makes, please give this man a raise!!! 💰💰💰

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  • I propose a 'clean slate protocol' replace all members of the government from both sides with a younger generation-about 15 years younger, with terms only lasting max of 10 years. Cut the massive pay they get by 50 or 75k. Make it illegal for anyone to get money as gifts from large corporations. Also make it illegal for government employees to have another job that would have conflicts of interest with the government and the law making process.

  • The crazy part is wasting our tax money starting something that you knew ahead you didn't have the votes to win but doing it anyways to grandstand, but hey who cares about the homeless, covid vaccines not reaching us fast enough, and holding up the covid relief. As a moderate who doesn't support either party it's sad and predictable of politicians to not give a crap about the important things.

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  • So funny but true. Cruz treats his country like he treats his wife. He won’t stand up for any of them.

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  • What has my aunt Tifa to do with this??

  • 1. Incorrectly using the word "literally", is your first sign she is crazy.

  • Nothing but senseless information.

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  • Jordan sarcasm & quips are just too fast lol

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  • I think Jordan and unnamed woman at 2:28 have good chemistry

  • Where is the marvel’s punisher when you need him. I’m sure he would have held Trump accountable.

  • Trump didn't put the country through hell. Democrats, FBI, State Dept. Justice Dept. and FISA judges did.

  • Who got murdered?


  • “He wouldn’t even stand up for his wife let alone the country.” Says a lot

  • What a absolute joke is joe Biden, and these lefty talk shows that have nothing’s at all to talk about than trump

    • @Alexis Allen lol yeah but at least I don’t support racist joe Biden. 😄😄😄😅😅🤣🤣

    • And here you are....🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Hahaha isn’t it ironic that Biden stops funding of the Mexico wall and built one around his house??!! Lololololozzzzx

  • I say make him a mayor. A mayor of nothing Bc that’s exactly what he is. No power to actually do anything. Or even influence ppl. He’s just allowed to wave and feel important. Or ya know. Lock him up Bc that’s what he deserves. But if we have to compromise fine. Give him a hat or something. Or ooooh. Send him to Punxsutawney! Make him the grand Vizier or whatever of Groundhog Day. That might honestly be perfect and not actually affect anyone’s lives.

  • Nice they now blaming leftist

  • Will always love Klepper. Jordan, you are a legend and so refreshing every time. Thanks for getting out there and helping us laugh.

  • It's hard to find the courage when most Republicans are spineless cowards that care for nothing but their own interests.

  • Impeachment 1 was more srs imo. Everybody brings rhetoric up. Dems using fighting wprds telling republicans to “watch out. We are coming” while repubs do the same thing. Ppl crying over political “battles”, it’s hilarious. Meanwhile holding back an agreed upon military aide to investigate bogus conspiracy theories about a political opponents son, and asking a foreign country to ivestigate that and not the FBI.... That is straight loser shit right there.

  • Looking for news from a clown asking street questions. Like ALL of these network street questions, they are filtered and checked to make SURE that they only allow the people who show the side they want shown to make it to the TV screen. This is a bash conservative liberal show so what do you expect to be portrayed.

    • @Susan Kay I see that last comment from a lot of people - Facts matter. Take a moment to think of what that means. What facts do we know. Just because one network calls them "facts" or several calls them "facts" Does not mean they are facts. Watch for omissions that are missing from those "facts" . All the networks do that.

    • down bad

    • That doesn't erase the fact that those "batsh*t crazy" people are really out there, as members of the Republican party. Facts matter.

  • Eventually there will come a time where you can't just blame "Antifa" for shit you do as a grown adult

  • I think the Senate should move all the Republican's Offices into the Rotunda, so when the next riot happens they can get an even closer up view of the RIOTERS!!!

  • Bruh the red head is a meth head

  • Today I learned Adam Schiff was a Trump Supporter.

  • I told you all that b**** was crazy

  • The impeachment evidence is irrelevant. Any thinking person knows the president is guilty as sin. But he could murder Ted Cruz's family on video and Ted would vote to acquit.

  • Democrats are more concerned about impeaching a former president than helping their citizens during a pandemic. That tells you all you need to know about these people..

  • Trump acquitted.

  • i thought trump supporters didnt watch the news?