NASA’s Perseverance Rover Looks for Life on Mars | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 19 feb 2021
After traveling 300 million miles in seven months, NASA’s Perseverance Rover touches down on Mars to search for signs of life. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NASA
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  • I'm just here to tell Trevor Noah you're a clown you're not funny though. I have a nice day.

  • once we get done sucking this planet dry of resources we can move onto the next planet.

  • I thought you were Bruno Mars OMG so confused right now🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Why are we spending billions to find out if there was life on mars again when that money would be better spent here on earth?

  • It amazes me how this humourous show deals brightly with deeply serious topics.

  • #trevornoahisahack

  • #bringbackjonstewart

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  • Waste off money

  • The gray greasy great calculus advantageously kneel because gasoline moberly reply inside a foolish planet. beautiful, gray greasy great psychiatrist

  • Earth: Sends billion dollar probe 300 million miles in seven months to one of its closest planets. Aliens: Travel from one of the farthest galaxies from Earth in three days, recycles all the wasted radiation in the solar system for fuel, flashes a photon probe at Mars and says, " ahhh...what cute little rover." Then, leaves to conquer the Crab Nebula.

  • Hope it dose not find life on Mars for human sake

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos send you his regards...

  • Loving Martian Trevor 👽

  • We have destroyed planet earth. Next mission is to exploit and destroy mars. People will destroy and go to the next

  • Since the Destruction of the Mar's atmosphere eons ago by them; Now, they think they can go back Home...Please LEAVE! Go Home! We are Through with you trying to do the same thing to Earth! Go back to Mars! Leave us ALONE!!! We were good before you and Better, without YOU!

  • Dig the hoodies...miss the suits though.

  • Our Japie Van Zyl was instrumental to make Perseverance land. Rus in vrede ou grote

  • Nope.. ghost of Mars was enough for me.. nope

  • It's a god awful small affair....with a girl with mousy hair...

  • What about life on earth? Wussup NASA? Fuck it right. Eyes set on a dead planet while our own is dying. Houston we have a PROBLEM!!! IN HOUSTON!!!

  • FYI "Jezero" means lake. (Bosnian/Serbo-croatian /Czech)

  • Lmfao Martians out here watching their government propaganda program version of "Ancient Aliens"

  • Trevor doing the “American” voice is absolutely cringe. Like why. An American wouldn’t put on a British accent if they were reporting shit in the UK. His whole show is just like a shitty amateur ISmem sketch.

  • Forget signs of life. What life? Primitive microbes? Like Germs? Who finds germs interesting anyway? But what if, Perseverance discovers GOLD! Tons and Tons of gold deposits on the Red Planet! Show me the Money! Oh nooo! A thousand spacecraft now in exodus heading towards Mars. Looks like colonization will happen earlier than planned.

  • i honestly dont know see what is thhe problem with wearing masks besides even after this pandemic i think we should still wear them because they are one of the reasons why influenza and some other diseases cases and deaths are so low .

  • I already feel less alone knowing that Mars is also known for "7 minutes of terror"

  • wow the rich wants scape the earth and leave us to Mars ...good luck stay their. but sorry you guys stuck with us....this time they took the photo somewhere in Arizona ...

  • Jezero means Lake in czech lol

  • Send a group of super AI human alike robots instead of rovers

  • He is slowly morphing into the weekend

  • puleeez, ahahahaha! andthe result was?, NO LIFE FOUND, gud job tho, but its never going to happen

  • We should be trying to save this planet, this other planet is clearly inhabitable

  • Marsains 'those earthlings are throwing shit ata us it's on

  • They hiding something on Mars, and the Moon. Why else would they only release low resolution, black & white, photoshopped or CGI images and footage?

  • This is such garbage how does anybody tune into this show?

  • Hon'ble THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH, Please save Bangladesh Democracy. #DhakaMafia

  • It’s better to look for life on Mars than it is to feed the living on Earth 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • hope they have a better ending of game of thrones in blu-ray up there

  • John Carter !!! Are you home?

  • How much did it cost to send *another* robot up there?


  • What we think we’re gonna find on Mars: remnants of life What we’ll actually find: some alien kicking the rover

  • Now I had to find out who Chris Harrison was and what happened to him.

  • Comment for the algorithm

  • Government supported shoulda been aborted

  • He ran off $15 min wage - bullshit Ran off unity - bullshit Would put an end to covid - bullshit IMMEDIATE covid RELIEF - bullshit $2k stimulus checks - bullshit $10k student forgiveness - bullshit


  • The picture at 00:00, isn't it the blood moon? That isn't mars.

  • Best Buy repackage fee: 1 Billion dollars.....jaja

  • Send all the democrats to Mars best ideal yet. Lol

  • You guys really believe NASA?? PLEASE FOLKS. Time to start using your common sense. NASA means deceive in Hebrew.

  • On the one hand I'm excited by all this stuff (and SpaceX's plans for instance); it gives me something to dream about. On the other hand this shit makes me angry; billions of dollars being spent while a few billion on Earth don't even have access to clean water/enough food/energy (or, if you live in Texas, all of them).

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  • 7 months? Sound like our technology is far behind.

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  • 7 minutes of terror for NASA, an eternity of terror for inhabitants of Mars.

  • The Bruno mars joke😂😂

  • Trevor, you haven't said anything. Come back to Soweto . .. after which you maybe real again.

  • Please send all the rich and Trump's family. 🙃

  • 😂😂

  • Fake

  • I would take Noah more serious and funny in a suit and tie than his daddys hand me downs and mothers wigs.


  • If you upvote this comment, life will be discovered next week. 100% guarenteed Edit: life on Mars, not on Earth. There is already life on Earth. Not intelligent life, just life. Unintelligent life. You know, not very smart.

  • Humans are dying of hunger, earth is being destroyed with pollution but hey let’s waste 3 billion dollars on something that literally doesn’t help one single person on earth. And let’s just for a second pretend that we are living in a star wars movie and there is any sort of intelligent life on Mars, why the hell would anyone want to have anything to do with humans? Think about that.. I’m not being a pessimist, truly think about what humans are and what they have done to their own people and their own planet. Why would any intelligent life form want anything to do with humans? Not all but a huge number of humans are like parasites, destroying everything in their path without any sense of shame. Just when I think to myself, can humans get any dumber, news like this hits.

  • Can we put in more money into ocean research and find what's in the deep sea

  • If you look closely, there is a man in camouflage and sunglasses sitting in the front driving the thing.

  • It's all fake ya dummy

  • Bruno is not from Mars silly! He is from Hawaii.............silly.

  • All of that to find Matt Damon 🤔

  • Not that anyone cares but I'm 67, never been sick since age 15, never drank, smoked, took drugs or meds, never even been to a doctor. And I got my first Pfizer vaccination Friday 19th 2021. No side effects. No soreness, redness, swelling, nausea, nothing. The point is, if someone who never gets sick gets the vaccination then those of you who definitely get sick should especially get it.

  • We: 7 Min of terror Rover : Hey I landed 20 min ago .

  • Cancel culture is real tho.

  • Mars: A planet conquered by robots

  • Jaysus who gives a F what a waste of money

    • Do you know what is scientific progress?

  • The fact that Trevor has Jared diamond's " upheval " in his shelf❤️

  • Mars: "I dunno, you wait ages for a spaceship to arrive, and then three come along at once!"

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  • Seriously trev,$300 million dollar,s for something no bigger than my washing machine. Dammmm.


  • Luckily??

  • Sucks dude i was hoping the mars was flat too

  • "Mars, the planet named after a pop star whose first name's Bruno" 😂

  • Nut funny

  • Please! Human has already destroying half of earth n now going to find ways to destroy other planets!! Achievement my ass!!

  • I have heard a porn named seven minutes in mrs heaven 😂.

  • That rover won't be the only thing landing on mars this year! GME💎🙌🏴‍☠️

  • Aliens are not aliens in their home planet.

  • They can’t even keep earth in good state and they wanna go to mars.

  • I had the same thought as I sent roomba to the kitchen.

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