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Birt 10 júl 2021
Trump Supporters: Read the transcript
Also Trump Supporters: I did not read the transcript

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  • This is why the US and many democracies are failing, bcz of people like this. Idk how we can solve this, but education is only part of the problem.

  • I’m English so I need an American to clarify something for me … surely these aren’t real interviews with real people???

  • It's called critical thinking

  • This definitely is staged. We all know that... Or is it? •_•

  • Circular firing squad

  • Yep your topical trump supporter

  • Trumplicans are in the greatest 🤡🥳💩 show 😜🤪

    • That's CLOWN PARTY POO POO KAKA DO DO Deuce #2 show

  • Everyone else can read but he can't 🤣🤣🤣

  • How you peeps liking Biden now?

  • Classic

  • The brilliance in this isn’t Jordan pulling a “Gotcha” moment, it’s that he goes with the flow and allows them to continue saying the ridiculous.

  • Republicans in a nutshell

  • Oh my.

  • This looks and smells like a set up. Typical democrat stunt.

  • I think it’s a brain disease maybe even a curse

  • It's totally amazing how clueless this guy is.

  • Why aren't you side by side in the video it's seems like it's put together or fake

  • This Is looped perfectly.

  • Idiots 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Trump Fanatics are straight scary. Wonder how they will react to Trumps arrest?

  • I was wondering the IQ distribution of these people. I bet it is NOT bell curve.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • _Immigration_ is NOT the enemy!! The enemy is already within! _Education_ is friend to many but not to all!

  • That guy looks like a fairly well known A/B lister actor

  • What a 🐑!

  • People believe anything someone says it's ridiculous .

  • "You're supposed to have common sense." - Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

  • His family are still facepalming themselves.

  • 😂😂😂😂 stoooooooooop

  • Some impressive cognitive dissonance, even from a group of people that was simultaneously chanting "stop counting" in some states and "keep counting" in others.

  • mr.sheep : "read the transcript don't be a sheep"

  • Insurrectionists: "The election was stolen! I'm here to save America!" Also insurrectionists: "No, I didn't vote."

  • Hahahahhahhaha dimwits!

  • This is a historical event that will never be forgotten for the number of foolish people that tried to stand up for something. Nut jobs having their voices do they not see their foolishness is amazing.smh

  • Bel and Nebo, kind of scenario.

  • Wahhhahaha!

  • Sometimes I feel bad for Jordan because they kind of stole his job lol. all he’s got to do is stand there with a microphone and then make fun of themselves! 😂

  • This man just contradicted himself and called himself a sheep...

  • "Don't Be Sheep!" How,ironic? They are little mice...following the sounds of their "Pied Piper" Mesmorized by the lies of his flute(mouth)!

  • Trumpers write their own jokes.

  • He is some where watching this saying i NAILED IT!!!

  • Think for yourself. Parrot the words of Fox News and Trump. Have contempt for science and facts. Be a self-consumed individual.

  • Literally every Republican ever... hypocrisy DNA

  • No matter how many times I see this scene: hillarious every single time!!! A perfect representation of T**** supporters: "no-brainers" (literally)

  • That's basically the entire Trump supporters now.

  • 'Do your own research.' == Ignore any and all facts to the contrary of the ISmem video Gus shared in your Facebook group.

  • These morons have been waiting decades for a leader 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ I do love the comic relief they bring though 🤣

  • 0:02 What is that laugh trying to tell us?

  • This guy is either REALLY not getting it or just doesn't want to acknowledge his own hypocrisy.

  • Seriously, who is this man? "Don't be a sheep"

  • The sad part is, most (if not all) of the people he talked to still support TRAITOR Trump and are now part of his CON-federacy.

  • The “sheep” don’t think they are sheep but will always repeat what they hear without any research into the words they repeat. When you throw up at least know what you previously ingested.

  • LOL

  • Remember if we can help it, we must make sure that T---p DOES NOT get back in office if he runs in 2024. And please don't forget about the mid terms and your state elections.

  • I honestly feel sorry for the guy when he sees this clip and Realizes just what he has said.

  • Trumpers can't spell research

  • cognitive dissidence personified

  • He means exactly this: “I’ve made up my mind without any accurate information, and I’m not looking for any. If you disagree with me, what you need is information.”

  • i read the transcript ayo

  • It is funny. I admire Klepper, how he can just talk to people, tickling out their beliefs. He gives them a chance to rethink. He gives a verbal recount what he said, but they don't seem to notice. Rare off screen voice. Which seems great

  • Every time I see it it's sadder

  • this is sooooo typical, its actually funny, but also sad.

  • Trump has radicalized more Americans than ISIS ever will. Let that sink in for a moment. You don’t need to go to Iraq to see terrorists. They r here in America and wearing red MAGA hats. #trumpismMentalDisorder

  • trump wasn't that bad, only the voters were

    • Why did you think were the trump voters were bad?

  • Wwwww

  • I just love how many experts we have now out there. They don’t even need to read transcripts. They just know and share their “knowledge and wisdom.” True heroes. 😝

  • As much as I love the daily show, especially Jordan Klepper’s segments, i can’t for the life of me believe these segments. For my own sanity, I’d love to believe that these were scripted segments because I don’t really want to face the fact that people are the gullible.

  • Makes sense if you trust your fellow tribe members,?

  • Morons!

  • When the sheep says dont be a sheep....Like...I don't....WHAT???!!

  • Epic

  • Idiocracy

  • I think that's your lot. Nothing more to be said to people who are too dense to know how hypocritical they are being. :)

  • These people treat the Bible the same way. They never read it and take the word of others🙄

  • I am fascinated by how dumb people can be.

  • Blank stare on his face. He might be a zombie.

  • I can confidently say that I a a little bit smarter than this dude

  • He is right don't be a sheep do your own research, even if he he didn't do research and is just following what they told him.

  • What a bunch of fools!

  • Him: It's important to read the transcript Also him: I have NOT read the transcript

  • It's like saying the lie that men are logical and women are emotional. I haven't met very many logical men in my life only a very few. And a lot of these people are well paid illogical people like the Senate and the insurrectionist and those who are calling themselves helping voting rights while taking away those rights but then Snowden tried to tell us on a whole lot of levels

  • Psychopaths like this are allowed to vote? Man America is Rock´n Roll r/Selfawarewolves

  • 🤦🏽‍♂️🤔🤣😂

  • "..I don't have to.." ❓❗🙄🙄😂

  • And this is why U.S.A. is 30th place in education.

  • this is from like 3 years ago! Why does the daily show keep remixing old stuff, I want some new goodies!

  • Jordan Klepper is an absolute master at eviscerating them without them realizing what is going on. His field pieces are a work of art.

    • I absolutely agree, Jordan klepper is the BEST MAGA interviewer

  • This man either has the best or worst understanding of irony

  • The caliber of stupidity of people that believed and still support Trump is beyond belief!!!

  • These people

  • I love The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. But... Nobody thinks the cuts are funny. You never see both of them together in one picture. i am not say that this is faek. But that looks hard splintered together. Sorry

    • This one is pretty funny

    • Its from a video, there is a shot of them together there this is edited to make it into a yt shorts

  • It's in! The judges have unanimously agreed that this is a brand new Olympic world record for mental gymnastics!

  • "Do what I say, don't do what I do."

  • And they wonder why people outside maga don't really wear red baseball style hats anymore

  • I can find more uses for batshit than I can for these clueless people(?).

  • Read the transcript people! But don't be a sheep!

  • what in gods name is wrong with white people

  • Typical republican trump worshipper..sad that he's American

  • I know this was supposed to be funny but it’s just sad and scary instead 😔

  • "That's 4 years!" How it feels to try to be logical now days