Roundup: Week One of Trump’s Second Impeachment | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 14 feb 2021
Impeachment roundup: unseen riot footage, s**ty lawyers, and a grown man screaming at his own TV. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Impeachment
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  • *CONGRATULATIONS* to Trevor Noah for finally showing what type of person he really is in his latest promo commercials for his so-called show. He tells us we should “ROAST CORONAVIRUS SO HARD” He states coronavirus you got so many zits it looks like your exfoliating with pizza crust. Then. The coronavirus starts to cry and Trevor feels sorry for what he said to the coronavirus and says “ AHH, I FEEL BAD NOW” Unfortunately, this is not comedy. This is exactly how Trevor really feels about a Covid Virus that has Led to the following. *HE FEELS BAD ABOUT OFFENDING CORONAVIRUS WITH THE BELOW ATROCITIES THAT HAVE OCCURRED TO ALL OF HUMANITY AND OUR FAMILIES* A dramatic loss of human life worldwide. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. The pandemic has decimated jobs and placed millions of livelihoods at risk. Nearly half of the world’s 3.3 billion global workforce are at risk of losing their livelihoods No income means no food. Border closures, trade restrictions and confinement measures have disrupted domestic and international food supply chains in which we all suffer. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA People like this who have a voice to millions of people worldwide should not have the ability to continue to have a platform as the LATE SHOW to spew his one-sided agenda to the masses. Trevor. As well as many other public figures in similar positions need to be held accountable for their one sided globalist views based on their beliefs and not be so closed minded that there are others who believe differently and that’s ok. That’s why we live in AMERICA and have law and a CONSTITUTION that our country was founded upon. Fortunately for Trevor. Since he is such a beloved character for the globalist agenda his past exploits were quickly squashed by the globalist in which he works for within BIG MEDIA. NOTE: A lot of people have not seen the real Trevor and have not forgot his past. Its funny that in such a CANCEL CULTURE we live in now he wasn’t cancelled long ago for his supposed offensive/hateful comments which were much more offensive than the majority of the unfortunate cancelled individuals of today. WHICH, by the way means anyone who speaks derogatory towards the left and their agenda who does not agree to their personal opinions. If you do. You are deemed a liar, conspiracy theorist, white supremacist or domestic terrorist. His show is supposed to be an Award-winning program that examines the day's biggest news stories in politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports and more. That description is the furthest from the truth. The show is simply about a puppet who is would be clinically deemed Self-Absorbed. Remember folks TREVOR SAYS YOU MUST TRUST SCIENCE. So, here is the clinical description of a Self-Absorbed person which is simply another term for a narcissistic personality. They are always on the defensive. They do not see the world from another person’s eyes. Anyone who opposes his views. They don’t see the big picture. A self-absorbed person thinks the world is just about them. They are imposing. They always think they are superior to others. They are so consumed by their own world and self-image They are extremely opinionated. They hide their insecurities behind a cloak of success. They devalue others. Constructive criticism is okay, but self-absorbed people always take criticism too far and use it as a weapon to allow them to devalue others. They can be arrogant. This is because they feel they are so important and better than every other person. A self-absorbed person can often be egotistical. They hide who they are. coming across as pretentious They are extremely selfish. They think they are great and the world out there is wrong. The previous is just one persons opinion as allowed for by the the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. It spells out Americans' rights in relation to our government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual-like freedom of speech, press, and religion. NOTE: These rights should not be compromised no matter left or right when given a platform to promote ones-self and their personal beliefs. All issues should be equally presented and considered by all parties involved and not be suppressed/withheld as they are in todays society.

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  • Comparing an actual murder (OJ) to a narsasistic ex president who doesn’t wish death on people, but is just delusional. This is actually entertaining TV now a days?

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  • That lawyer sounds like a bad ISmem apology.

  • Reminder: Trevor Noah is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections.

  • If you don't vote for me, You're not black! -Joe Biden. The words from a real raciest!

  • this needs to be fact checked

  • The Democratic party should have compared the events to the Purge, and that Republicans are on a thin line of legalizing murder for a day. I bet that would have gotten them to turn their coarse a bit.

  • We love President Trump...

  • ah america 😂😂😂 thank for the lol

  • WHY IS DEMOCRAT v REPUBLICAN STILL IN THIS CONVERSATION?! I don't understand why his actions get evaluated in a partisan manner? Shouldn't this be in a 'neutral' court! The fact that I have to put neutral in front of 'court' is just sad. Why is this the process? uninformed, asking for real.

  • How did we get acquitted with this guy on the stand. Even Trump talked crap about his own attorney.

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  • How do you know that this was a "strategy" as Mr. former President knew the vote will fail.

  • He speaks more like trumph than trumph himself does ffs! XD

  • I like your hair

  • They didn't even get Kool-aid!! So very sad!

  • You’re the best.

  • Pei-na-te loco!! Asicalate por lo menos el afro para el show!!!!

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  • Trever, you need to get over the fact that Trump has half of the US support. You attacks on him will bring down your show. Thank me later.

  • Thank you alot! I enjoyed really the video, I am subbed here, and you all might like my content also! For fun streams and recordings on interesting and fun games (AND MORE!)

  • 😂

  • Well America is going through a civil war Russia and China are at war with each other

  • I think Trump's defense team is purposely doing a terrible job because they don't have a real defense and they are going for a mistrial until they can pull a rabbit out of the Hat. SMH the biggest shame of this country second to racism

  • Back to back impeachment winner 🏆🏆 trump is on that next level

  • Are his lawyers incompetence a way to potential distract views of the trial? We knew Trump wasn't going to get the vote but the intention was to put Republicans on the spot. I don't see the Dems side of the story getting that much airtime.

  • Bring back John Stewart and get rid of this hack.

  • Trevor I think it's time to stop reporting about Donald J "accident" Trump and start reporting about Myanmar and the military taking over . I'm tired of hearing of that cartoon . Especially when he came to India I stayed at home because I thought he would build a wall and "try" to make me pay for it. He is an idiot I think we all established that . Time to move on to real news. Btw I don't do hash tags or those weird short forms so please high light me in the next video. Fn©* you karens

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  • Oh man still lingering around trump 🥴 why aren't guys covering up bidens govt

  • Roughly 43% of the Senate did not get nearly close enough to Trump's loyal followers.

  • I really like your hair. Damn, I wish my hair looks like that...

  • "There be no way u can convict that guy, what wait that happened! "


  • this shit is so funny

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  • Nothing will change Trevor. People are good but the authorities are bad everywhere. Look how these government are torturing people in India, China etc. You guys were chasing Trump, but can you do a small effort to tell against these Indian, Chinese governments.

  • How many sippy sippys did he have.😲😳🤪

  • So much for integrity and double jeopardy

  • The rioters were right with one thing: Someone has to change something about this system ... if it is too broken to properly function. The republicans don't even care, and still win without even trying, even though Trump is guilty. The desperately required CHANGE probably won't come through politicians ...

  • Your gang can't be the judge of your own case.

  • Damn Uncle Castor telling one of his stories again.... “When I was young I used to have coffee right there. Right there!”

  • Yo they found an extra cheesy Cheeto tone for that photo

  • Lol The real Donald Trump lawyer are Republicans !!!

  • I like to think that the lawyers also turned on Trump and intentionally did bad.

  • Failure just like your so called comedy channel..hahajajjajaja

  • The result of impeachment clearly indicates that even this channel the daily Show is a one-sided news. The truth always previal


  • Hes living and will live in ur head rent free for the rest of ur life ! If u think ur bettr run fr president dems would vote u ! Ur actuallt bettr than kamala and biden

  • I heard people saying these impeachment trials are wasting tax trump's every other weekend golf trips/ wife n son living elsewhere isn't?

  • So apparently cops getting severely injured/killed by the hands of protesters is ok when they are white. The amount of privilege exploitation is disturbing.

  • #GOPterroristOrganization

  • funny asf!!! I know this is serious but you made me laugh so fuckin hard!!!

  • Trump’s lawyers go off point just as much as he does, which make them perfect for him

  • Trevor....please wake up! There are no rules of law for these gilded turds like Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, ad nauseum. Trump's acquital was a done deal! Because of our corrupt capitalist system, the billionaire class can get away with murdering millions of people with no consequences! You are either a worker who is exploited by the caitalists or a capitalist who makes his wealth by exploiting the labor of workers. You decide who you are. In solidarity with the working class. Comrade Harold from Minnesota.

  • I miss Hasan

  • Trump told his mob that he was going to walk with them to the Capitol...then didn't! He lied to his mob! Ha ha ha...

  • Presidents can't be given carte blanche, especially just before the transfer of power. Only facts related to Trump's egregious & oath violating inaction, AFTER the illegal violence started, has lasting political relevance or impacts. As even McConnell clearly stated, Trump's unwillingness to stop the death & destruction via a single Tweet was IRREFUTABLE (an "easy win"), so should have been the prosecution's sole focus. Unfortunately, they foolishly pursued diversionary attempts to prove intent which Trump's supporters can, & will, forever hold in dispute, plus claim martyrdom to "govt overreach," for any jail time they may incur.

  • Can you imagine what the GOPs argument would've been if those people got there hands on one sentor, I believe some of those people are corrupt and did some shady shit to make all that money they have and trump knows about it cause he sat at some of those tables and sat in on some of those calls and they are nervous

  • All this editing is completely selective. The daily show has turned into cnn. Sad

  • Can you imagine, how many black people, accused of being "complicit in a crime" and convicted for decades because they were at the scene of the crime, wish the jury would say, "I just want to get over this is unconstitutional..." even before the evidence is presented!! :(

  • My name is Doug and I’m here to say, democracy was threatened in a major way. Impeachment enforces the Governments separation of powers, Crushing corruption in Politics was hella important to American OG founders. Article 1, Section 2 and Clause 5, bringing the heat, putting out da vibe The House of Representatives controls who can be impeached, This information our American Constitution provides. Article 1, Section 3, and Clauses 6 and 7 state, Only the Senate has the power to convict, The conviction needs a 2/3rds majority vote, that ain’t no joke. A political trial with ya boi, Chief Justice, who honorably presides. That’s how it be when ya President is legally tried, This ain’t no civil case, ain’t no one going to prison. Unless they know they really fucked up and subsequently resign. Worst case scenario convicted can never hold office again for any reason. The President can’t give no pardons to no impeachments, But if an impeached Pres. is convicted, they throwin him and all his homie cabinet on da streets. Treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors, all arbitrary as fuck, Could send any President, judge, or member of Congress to da cleaners, like they outta luck. Only congress decides what constitutes for impeachment, One main thing they be saying is if they caused harm to society, MF’s out here in the latest impeachment be saying Trump became a liability. He never conceded to losing a legitimate election, He called on all the homies to storm the Capitol and create an insurrection. Trump’s words caused a riot at the Capitol and people died, They wanted to kill the speaker of the house and any Democrats they could find. They even brought weapons, looted, and screamed out to hang Mike Pence, They erected a makeshift gallows outside, where they were all climbing up the fence. But did the President’s actions really harm society? Proud boy in the livestream Capitol storming yelling out “But the President invited me"!!

  • THESE COLORS DON’T RUN... WE MARCH AS ONE UNION.. [THE AMERICAN FLAG] ----------------- “the confederate flag” THESE COLORS DO RUN FROM DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, UNITY and THE CONSTITUTION.. Let’s [X] OUT THE PAST and make them accountable.. “ On January 23, 2016 at a campaign rally in Iowa, Then presidential candidate Donald Trump says and I quote: I COULD SHOOT SOMEBODY OPENLY and NOT LOSE VOTERS... [His words came to FRUITION on January 6, 2021] HE instigated a coup that KILLED MY FELLOW BROTHER in ARMS. MB •2021®️©️™️

  • You can’t even play the original video . Play that video fully not just the media’s cut version

  • As an outsider and just out of curiosity I watched the impeachment trail and saw the points made by both sides... And I felt the verdict was correct... Trump lawyers did prove their points ... But you clearly made it look completely different... This looked very biased Trevor Noah..

  • that is f•*king appalling.

  • They tried to take the captiol like it was battle feild 5

  • The Republicans 43 had their minds made up....which is sad... the defense team lawyers were laughable. They have the worst arguments and most of their time was filled with the same two video clips playing over and over again. This is dangerous no one should have that much power over people.

  • For once’s Trevor Noah report real news Trump won and the was a lot of falsified information about trump (watching your show in 🇿🇦 South Africa and disappointed ☹️ that’s you don’t report real news just fake fake news )this come from your fellow South African

  • If the president really gave a fuck he will be there… But I’m sure he knows something I don’t.

  • Republicans slept on the job, and Republicans exonerated a Republican president.. hwat a surprise

  • Excellent montage of current Dump events! I'm rooting for GA DA at the moment (and then DC, then NY, then...). On an unrelated note, how is it that your hair is so perfect! I think you have been cheating and going down to the barber shop every now and again. Lolol

  • Treason

  • I notice the Republicans took their sweet time, and the rioters kindly stopped until they cleared the room. Just so you know you didn't get away with it.

  • It's crazy that Trump's legal team sucked, but managed to pull just enough out of their asses to appease the GOP.. ladies and gentlemen, remember, America can be bought.. THESE ARE NOW MADE MEN..

  • What happens to family of the police was kill?

  • European here: how can you guys trust any Republican after all this stuff?

  • He was there with them via tv screen

  • So Trump got acquitted... So imagine the next President be it Democrat or Republican launch a nukes at a city... Well it's unconstitutional right? Get over it..... There literally no accountability for an action a President can take. President can commit war crime and still get away with it...

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  • Somehow, I can't help, but think the Democrats are in with Trump, but just pretend to be good cop. How can they be this weak. Everyone knew if not a secret ballot they have no vote, why did they not push for a secret ballot

  • These Democrats are too weak, especially their Senators. They need 10 of Nancy Pelosi and 10 of AOC in the senate.

  • Like how senator said, "Now if I'm an impartial jury..." - Emphasis on 'impartial'. He knew what he was saying.

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  • Never heard such rambling, except from very drunk people.

  • We can thank the Koch organization for Trump ...

  • Making America dumb again🤔🤔😉😞

  • I'm going to walk down there with you it's all magically going to disappear we going to make America great again I am the chosen one🤔🤔😉😞 making America dumb again

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  • Have you been taunting trumps baby? Try harder it might make real stuff happen and we'll all move on with our lives.

  • Come on...

  • What are you waiting for? What is this all about? You know American TV doesn't need help, so what's up with you Trevor? Wanna talk? There are more jobs in the world aren't there..

  • STOP THE STEALing of amerikkka from Putin's hands...

  • Hg