Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnell & Joe Arpaio: Who’s Who on the Far Right | The Daily Show

Stephen Miller. Mitch McConnell. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Here’s a look at who’s who on the Far Right.

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  • Mitch has no morals whatsoever.

  • He's 31???

  • The entire world will begin to see then working very hard to dismantle an entire country.

  • Mitch McConnell shuts down when he is at home by breaking little animal's necks. Because they have more neck then him.

  • Stephen Miller is now lurking in dark caves waiting on poor people getting lost so he can have riddle battles with them and show them his precious ( it's a lock of DJTs hair)

  • .

  • Looks like the three stooges revival

  • Great report! Leave it to Trevor's team to make me smile on this Monday morning!

  • One of my dearest wishes is to see all the scumbag traitors gaoled.

  • Vile bottom feeders.

  • Now there is three cockwobbler FASCIST for ya

  • He pardoned actual losers. Narcissistic abuse and projection 101

  • Three of them , YUCK!

  • The right is not ashamed of their hypocrisy, they are proud of it...

  • Trump is gone.....I didn't vote for him in 2020 but I didn't think I'd have to......biden is illegitimate.....trump did Win.....but I'm not mad......I will prosper even under Biden....though I hate all democrats......I operate freelance anyway.

  • So did mitch's wife go down on donald 🤔 ¿

  • That's why I can't stand him they need to vote his old cricket race himself out somewhere with his old race himself 🤮🤮

  • Mitch looks like Franklin the turtle! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Jesus imagine him moving in next door 😵‍💫

  • Put round glasses and a Hitter mustache on SM and voila, Himmler!

  • Is having a toad neck a prerequisite to being a Kentuckian senator?

  • Is Lindsay Graham Mitch McConnels boyfriend?

  • Is Stephen Miller Jarrod Kurshners boyfriend?

  • Moscow Mitch the longest seated criminal in Us history!way to go !

  • Look at him with his spray on hair he got from rudy 🤣

  • As for Mitch McConnell.. There needs to be a law banning being a politician for more than 8 yrs. They are there to serve us... not to make money and control things to their liking

  • That sheriff needs to go to prison for assault on all those inmates. That's so sickening.

  • He Moscow Mitch needs to be voted out!!!

  • He should go to prison for treason

  • Mitch is s***!

  • @GOP DailyShow Trevor Noah hitting truth with comedy.

  • Miller is f!cking Goebbels reincarnated. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Miller is nothing but super ego, FAKE it till you make it, truly a dangerous personality.

  • Trevor: I'll see you in the spring mom Me: your mom smacked you in the head for that one didn't she

  • The rebulican party is a freak show withen a freak show.

  • Mitch McConnell please stop doing politics with peoples lives, but I do not think he would listen any way

  • Racism is still prevalent in America

  • Ignorance is our nation's public enemy #1.

  • I tell you hwhat. All these dudes are into true white supremacy. What else do you need

  • Captive hunt them like Junior does his Lions...

  • I can't see why he got someone pretty and rich to marry him.

  • Why’d it take so long for them to make this?

  • Republicans practice chicken politics just walking around scratching dirt, bobbing their heads and not getting anything done for the American people.

  • They all looked deranged.

  • Miller has the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen on an animated body

  • Imagine this guys family owned slaves. I know his family must have had alot of money...🤯

  • Stiff neck,AH

  • 31 years old.Looks like 60?The few hair on his head are ready to leave him.

  • Miller is a FASCIST!

  • Really liked these late night shows during the pandemic when there wasn't all this forced manic laughter after every comment.

  • Mconell is a useless little sorry excuse for a human being...🤑🤑🤑

  • They still have provided no evidence 60 - 0 in the courts.

  • McConnell should retire. He's useless.

  • Called homegrown domestic anti-american terrorists!

  • I hate Mitch McConell. If hate were people, I'd be China.

  • So many evil people that deserve to die...

  • Triplets.

  • Disgusting bunch!! it reflects the sick state the USA is in

  • Miller is d dumbness divider ever

  • The inbreeds!!!



  • Joe Arpaio still has people doing criminal acts for him through Law Enforcement in Arizona. Fusion Centers.

  • term limits for every and all offices

  • Made of what BS? LOL LOL LOL

  • Time we shop calling it the far left and call it the BOTTOM!!

  • 2 of the 3 we don't need to worry about as like Trump they aren't just old they are nearly dead

  • The worthless garage interestedly sign because stock eventually gaze midst a absorbed salary. puny, jealous parsnip

  • Moscow Mitch looks like a Grave digger, that is digging His own grave!!

  • If a Vampire was real, this is definitely the poster boy!!

  • Mitch McConnell’s neck looks like theater curtains.

  • You can literally see the horns coming out of Stephen Miller’s forehead. He is the devil incarnate.

  • Is Miller a grandchild of a certain propaganda minister by the name of Goebbels? For sure he is so handsome, just like Goebbels.

  • the worst of America. proof of insentient androids.

  • Mitch McConnell has the charisma of a salted slug🤣😂 His family owned a funeral home where he learned to smile from the corpses 😂 Oh Desi...I love you ❤

  • I don’t know what it is but I hate Mitch McConnell.

  • I believe the mission given to Trump by his master Vlad Putin, disrupt the US as much as he can.

  • Moscow Mitch needs removed from the Congress by ANY means. Someone needs to research what Donnie has on Moscow Mitch,.

  • It is scary to me how many people liked and retweeted Trump’s tweet about Stephen Miller. 91,551 likes and 14,615 retweets. Like Mark Twain famously said: It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they HAVE been fooled. Just think this guy was a speech writer for Trump but has zero respect for the truth.

  • TELL ME IN WHAT OTHER COUNTRY would a failed business man-who became a game show host-that molested 25 other men’s daughters-became president aided by foreigners-inspired the rise of homegrown terrorist-embezzled from his work place and supporters-allowed the death of thousands of his citizens-sought to cheat on the upcoming election-pardoned criminals who worked for him-caused the takeover of the building where he works-became impeached twice-gave rise to traitorous disciples-and continues to work against the government that gives him security, health benefits, a pension, and freedom get away with it all? Put this text on your calendar for November 2022 & 24. Much Luv.

  • America has two types of malignant viruses right now one is covid the other is Republicans.

  • When is this thing going to disappear.

  • I don't understand why Mitch McConnell keeps getting reelected? What's going on with those people from Kentucky? You mean to tell me that they really like this guy.

  • Why do ALL of these TOTAL CREEPS look like they BELONG ON WANTED POSTERS? Or maybe, their photos and video clips should be used as a "DON'T LET THIS STUPIDITY HAPPEN TO YOU OR CLOSE ONES!" P.S.A..

  • Let's call everyone I don't like far right! the video series. Quite the alt-left tactic there.

  • Mitch McConnell has 2 necks but not 1 throat to speak from, wow!

  • Although I got one question for you Trevor why are you being so nice to The Three Stooges I don't mean to the three from the 30s these three stooges you're being too nice to him

  • „Integrity of 1-ply toilet paper….“, absolute killer 😂

  • Is that the grate democratic state at the world? Shame on the world, if the rest of the world has any influence!

  • This is exactly why I have said since the mid 80's....USA Corporatocracy Terrorist Govt.

  • Miller is the worst ever


  • Mitch one of the biggest Hippocrates in Congress maybe besides Lindsey Graham

  • Vote McConnel Out of office Kentucky...... Please

  • The one cop out for ppl off color... 🤬 Stephen Miller

  • America ...The most absurd political system that claims to be a Democracy ....well at least the GOP. is openly corrupt and racist....

  • "the integrity of one-ply toilet paper" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣


  • You're a *lot* funnier now than when you did the Miller bit. Funnier, and more likeable.

  • I've seen road killed animals with more lively eyes. The guy is literally an abyss. Scary.