Ted Cruz Jets to Cancun While Texans Freeze | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 18 feb 2021
Texas Senator Ted Cruz jets to Cancun as storms and power outages ravage his state, then throws his daughters under the bus when he gets caught. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TedCruz
To help fight food insecurity in Texas resulting from recent snowstorms, go to dailyshow.com/HoustonFoodBank
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  • Ted Cruz was born in Canada from Cuban decent, he believes he is white man, he doesn't believe to be a Latino. Ted Cruz is a Canadian man living in Texas. He is supposedly representing Latino interest in Texas. Texas has 38% latino population, about 35% of them of Mexican decent. He was ready for a coup d'etat in the United States, just like his fellow county man and childhood idol Fidel Castro. He also heavyly supported to build a wall to the neighbor Mexico. Ted Cruz needs to be flipped in the next election. Texas doesn't need a gusano in a land that used to be Mexican. Texans-Mexican let's flip this Canadian for a Texas born from Mexican decent. Let s go Texas!

  • I don’t know if anyone will read this but most people of every race are truly good people. Our similarities bring us together rather than those who seek to divide us thru pointing out our differences. May God touch your heart, bring you peace, and share this with everyone you know.

  • Who cares

  • This Eraser head is so typical of the Democrat Party low life's that spew forth!

  • Don’t push your BS, I am from Texas. We were not eating snow, mind your business. By the way, where was Sheila Jackson Lee? That sorry POS didn’t offer any help at all. You don’t live in Texas, don’t worry about Texas.

  • Maybe Raphael Cruz should do his fucking job, instead of having Twitter wars with celebrities. Arguing with celebrities on Twitter makes him look like a trolling fanboy instead of a sitting US Senator. People of Texas........PLEASE vote this miscreant out of office already.

  • He could have worked remotely, just like all of the teachers and talk show hosts.

  • the biggest racist on TV still has a show? oh sweet irony

  • Sure is a lot of hate in the comments almost like everybody is pissed at the fact that he took a vacation right before a major ice storm hit, he and his family were supposed to freeze like the rest of us right misery loves company yes? So I guess everybody here is willing to admit that if you had the money to leave right before that ice storm hits and go take a nice vacation somewhere where it was warm that none of you would have left none of you would have gone none of you would have taken your family out of there that's what you're all going to sit here and say.... Oh if i was a senator I would have stayed and suffered like everybody else...... yeah okay lie to yourself if you want to everyone knows damn good and well you would have left to if you had the money. I did not have the money I had to freeze in my house and survive just like everybody else but I'm not such a bitter asshole that I'm going to take it out on somebody who had the money to go take a vacation.

  • We aren’t pussies in Texas. Cruz can do what you want. If you can’t survive with no power, luckily your not as weak as your great grandparents.

  • loser

  • "America is not sending us their best.." -Mexico

  • Trevor = unfunny liberal dickhead

  • As the most important work of Texas senator, stand with Hongkong riots, not with Texans.

  • He flew to Hong Kong to be with the rioters. He cares so much for them. What a joke. Lol

  • The ship starts to sink and the captain is the first to leave

  • Love it that in 2016 Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz's dad of killing JFK in 1963. What a stable genius Trump is.

  • Maybe they need that wall to keep Repubs outta Mexico. !!!!! A goats beard has more common sense and empathy.

  • *CONGRATULATIONS* to Trevor Noah for finally showing what type of person he really is in his latest promo commercials for his so-called show. He tells us we should “ROAST CORONAVIRUS SO HARD” He states coronavirus you got so many zits it looks like your exfoliating with pizza crust. Then. The coronavirus starts to cry and Trevor feels sorry for what he said to the coronavirus and says “ AHH, I FEEL BAD NOW” Unfortunately, this is not comedy. This is exactly how Trevor really feels about a Covid Virus that has Led to the following. *HE FEELS BAD ABOUT OFFENDING CORONAVIRUS WITH THE BELOW ATROCITIES THAT HAVE OCCURRED TO ALL OF HUMANITY AND OUR FAMILIES* A dramatic loss of human life worldwide. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. The pandemic has decimated jobs and placed millions of livelihoods at risk. Nearly half of the world’s 3.3 billion global workforce are at risk of losing their livelihoods No income means no food. Border closures, trade restrictions and confinement measures have disrupted domestic and international food supply chains in which we all suffer. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA People like this who have a voice to millions of people worldwide should not have the ability to continue to have a platform as the LATE SHOW to spew his one-sided agenda to the masses. Trevor. As well as many other public figures in similar positions need to be held accountable for their one sided globalist views based on their beliefs and not be so closed minded that there are others who believe differently and that’s ok. That’s why we live in AMERICA and have law and a CONSTITUTION that our country was founded upon. Fortunately for Trevor. Since he is such a beloved character for the globalist agenda his past exploits were quickly squashed by the globalist in which he works for within BIG MEDIA. NOTE: A lot of people have not seen the real Trevor and have not forgot his past. Its funny that in such a CANCEL CULTURE we live in now he wasn’t cancelled long ago for his supposed offensive/hateful comments which were much more offensive than the majority of the unfortunate cancelled individuals of today. WHICH, by the way means anyone who speaks derogatory towards the left and their agenda who does not agree to their personal opinions. If you do. You are deemed a liar, conspiracy theorist, white supremacist or domestic terrorist. His show is supposed to be an Award-winning program that examines the day's biggest news stories in politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports and more. That description is the furthest from the truth. The show is simply about a puppet who is would be clinically deemed Self-Absorbed. Remember folks TREVOR SAYS YOU MUST TRUST SCIENCE. So, here is the clinical description of a Self-Absorbed person which is simply another term for a narcissistic personality. They are always on the defensive. They do not see the world from another person’s eyes. Anyone who opposes his views. They don’t see the big picture. A self-absorbed person thinks the world is just about them. They are imposing. They always think they are superior to others. They are so consumed by their own world and self-image They are extremely opinionated. They hide their insecurities behind a cloak of success. They devalue others. Constructive criticism is okay, but self-absorbed people always take criticism too far and use it as a weapon to allow them to devalue others. They can be arrogant. This is because they feel they are so important and better than every other person. A self-absorbed person can often be egotistical. They hide who they are. coming across as pretentious They are extremely selfish. They think they are great and the world out there is wrong. The previous is just one persons opinion as allowed for by the the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. It spells out Americans' rights in relation to our government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual-like freedom of speech, press, and religion. NOTE: These rights should not be compromised no matter left or right when given a platform to promote ones-self and their personal beliefs. All issues should be equally presented and considered by all parties involved and not be suppressed/withheld as they are in todays society.

  • Ted Cruz actually saved Texas, this hero lassoed the sun in Cancun and brought it back to Texas , god bless Ted Cruz

  • Classic Cruz throwing his daughters under the bus.

  • AND in the middle of a pandemic

  • They bet not vote for him again

  • lying Cancun Corona Cruz and family importing covid variants to Texas. Doing their part to get the body count up

  • This is conservatives when it's time for the welfare of the kids they "saved" from abortion.

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/yKi4apux2rLgoqg.html

  • Why is nobody getting upset over the fact that his kids took a trip with friends while the covid numbers are still busting through the roof?

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  • You know someone isn’t used to having snow when they try to melt it down to get “clean” drinking water.

  • Alternate headline: Andrew Coumo sends elderly patients to their deaths rather than utilize the hospital facilities provided by President Trump. OOPS! Not supposed to say that!

  • He just nods when Trump calles his wife ugly. He uses his daughters as excuse for his cowardly desertion. What a maggot.

  • How did he and his family get to/from the airport???

  • What part of that statement from Ted Cruz blames his daughters for something?

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  • Mind your own business, bunky.

  • What a douche - VOTE HIM OUT!

  • My kids made me do it! 😂

  • I hope he understand us , we cross the border to have better life, that's what he did ...stupid

  • I notice that Rafael is participating in the hearing for the new AG. I am sure Judge Garland wanted to say, “Welcome back,” when Rafael started to pontificate.

  • Hu un

  • He should maybe own two different homes in different states, where his family can go,but without him joining them, flying to a foreign country just shows how unconcerned he is about his people's problems

  • He's from Cuba so he ran to the heat🤔🤔🌅🌴🤕

  • I can't blame Ted Cruz. It is cold over in Texas so why not want to take the family to Cancun?!!! Good job Ted!

  • throws his daughters under the bus, wat a pos

  • Hilarious as always Trevor! 🤣🤣🤣

  • You joke about Ted Cruz in a speedo, may I remind you Australia has a Prime Minister who was known for regular wearing speedos whilst giving interviews?

  • So what could ted Cruz make it warmer no everyone that says he should have stayed only wanted to see him suffering

  • Wow amazing

  • Hope his dog is warm and fed today

  • I would like to know what Ted would do if they had separated him from his children and put them in a cage.

  • I was hoping to hear something other than just this... u'r loosing it bro...

  • Kool

  • Keep bashing your fellow man for doing something as miniscule as traveling with his family! 😅 You demonrats keep dumbing yourselves down and continue to stoop to new lows! The real voters are watching!

  • Being a father comes first.

  • His wife told all her friends why when she invited them all to join her family in Cancun. None of it matches what ted said.

  • And his supporters will “STILL” vote for him!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Cruz IS a Real disgrâce Hope they vote him out next election

  • Cruz thought that face mask would hide his identity. People without power wouldn't know immediately that he's out of the country.

  • No Big Deal, just offer people Guns, own the libs and continue those tax cuts and Ted will win again hands down. Texans, remember, elected these idiots

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  • Im from texas and there still people that thinks there's nothing wrong with what ted did.. 🙃 thats right im moving to California fml

  • You need a friggin food bank, because the state is not taking care of the well being of its constituents? I'm not sure it's called the United STATES of America.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#FukTedCruz

  • If any Chinese official acted like him, removal immediately would be the answer. That is meritocracy all about. If you still think democracy is the only way to govern a country, better think again.!!

  • He's gonna go down in history as a textbook example of poor leadership.

  • Dude rolled completely out of the US at the first sign of a major disaster coming his direction. Haaaa!!! ‘Member he isn’t in session so he can’t hang out in DC or claim to be assisting from DC. Guy just ROTF & left Texans looking at the bottom of his shoes.

  • Remember when this show use to be good.... Also f*** ted Cruz

  • Tone deaf much?

  • Trevor Noah contact me for the ultimate idea yet to be stated since November 3rd, really blockbuster, so contact me.

  • FLED Cruz ✈️🇲🇽

  • The guy went to Cancun cuz he's really good at Social distancing, you're sitting there bitching at people hypocrite

  • Hes an idiot...😂😂😂😂😂

  • B.F.D.

  • He also had no problem leaving their family dog alone in the house, either.

  • Distract EVERYONE from Andrew Cuomo the mass murderer. CNN Crap News Network

  • So what’s the issue? Could Ted have fixed something had he stayed? Noooope. Let the guy go to Mexico. WHO CARES! If he or anyone else wants to go to Mexico, let them.

  • They should sign a bill to send money to the state of Texas to help them out.... Oh wait the Democrats sent all that money to foreign countries instead of helping out its own people.

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  • With all due respect, I understand he is a politician, i did the same but travelled to Mérida, the trip was booked in January, it was impossible to calculate the weather conditions. The main idea is: where all the people that took the photo where going to?

  • He needs bigger mask in order to hide

  • Yeah Ted! Get out there and repair them lines and fix them pipes! You're a joke man. It was a preplanned vacation I would have done the same. He came back the next day and all he needs to have is zoom a cell and email. He's not "blaming" his daughter you dim wit. You're saying he is lol. Just like all these other liberals. If it was blue they would say "well deserved". How about we stop all the hate dude you're part of the problem. Better luck with you're channel.

  • People are failing to realize that the further this guy stays from US and A -the better.

  • Do you know you can make money from the comfort of your home without sending money to anybody through bitcoin investment?

  • Teds daughters, when younger, appear to have little to no respect for him. Look at this clip. ismem.info/for/v-deo/yaPPpoidxNDbgXE.html

  • The sad part about this is that the douche bag will run for president and people will vote for him😆

  • He's just a senator, not the governor!

  • We melted snow to flush our toilets, and only when we took a shit. The toilet would stay full of piss cuz we didn't want to waste water to flush piss. We happened to have drinking water because we had water bottles from Costco before the outage.

  • Fled Cruz, what a despicable human being!

  • MAGAts will reelect ted like they did to duncan hunter even after he was convinced.

  • This is obviously a matter of national security. Who are the victims of this heinous crime of going on vacation?

  • What is one word for a government official who lets another man insult his wife, who tries to overthrow the government, who won't vote guilty to the person responsible for and insurrection, who crucifies other officials for doing right, who runs away from a state crisis..... his name is COWARD.

  • Cruz, you are a FRAUD!

  • Why didn't he take a private jet wow

  • Oh...and the "overnight" bag he was dragging..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • What is the electric bill for the people that live in the city that was all lit up. When the power went out

  • Why can't the media mob do something productive and report on sleepy Joe allowing another wave of migrants to enter our nation? Funny part is....dems don't seem to mind paying for illegals to be here? Smart people.......nah....idiots really.

  • Libmedia - Oh no WAIT global WARMING - WE have to STOP everything to fight it!!!! ...Texas has a little snow and ice during winter...OH ITS A NATIONAL DISASTER (global warming all but forgotten) OH AND WAIT LETS FIND A NEW CHUMP GIMP TO BLAME it on since Trump is gone- TED CRUZ....FAKE NEWS IS now focused on YOU because they have nothing better to do to help the country than point fingers, while Pelosi and Schumer collect millions from exporting your jobs away

  • The new GOP philosophy: Well, I am in good shape in my personal life. F’em. He shouldn’t even be allowed to tag himself as GOP. He’s something completely on his own. How about SOP. That’s more fitting.

  • Cruz should tell Texans to just eat cake.

  • Typical Republican! It’s all about themselves. If it was his kids, it would have been a great teaching moment to tell the kids were are all Texans and we stay together in a crisis, , and what happened to the spouse who suppose to say honey, that doesn’t seem like a good idea. Trump was right about Cruz and his wife!🤣