The Tri-Faith Initiative: Peace in America’s Middle East | The Daily Show

Birt 13 júl 2021
Throwback to Ronny Chieng’s report on the Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha, NE, which aims to create a peaceful religious space for Christian, Islamic and Jewish worshippers.

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  • Meanwhile Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh people chilling together 👀

  • you know I don't really get it, why did these religions start hating on each other so much in the first place. they're probably the most similar to each other? you'd think that the hateful fundamentalists in each religion would just kinda shake hands and agree to hate on.... I don't know, polytheists?

  • The Muslim gentleman has such a sweet face. When he had his ears covered I just wanted to wrap him in a blanket and shield him from anything evil.

  • It would have made more sense if he not only had the one guy cover his ears, but had the other two have one cover his own eyes while the other covered his own mouth.

  • Y'all, trying to make me laugh, made me cry instead. As a plaintive plea was once uttered, by Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?" I have friends and family of all hues and creeds. We are all just friends, with different life experiences. While Tucker Carlson asked, as an ignorant bigot, if we are truly stronger if we have differences between us? My answer is a firm YES. I have learned more from my diverse friends and blended/mixed family and friends than my bigoted family members will ever know, and it has gifted me with a benevolence and peace they can't grasp. While they fear what they might lose, I know what I have gained, to which I pledge allegiance: The Sibship of Humanity, all evolved from one origin, under one Ultimate Creator, whether worshipped or not, indivisible by hate, with Liberty and Justice for All.

  • This ain't gonna work.

  • In the undated video, Trevor Noah addresses the 2012 massacre of 34 striking miners by South African police. He rationalizes the use of police force, joking that rubber bullets and tear gas “don’t work anymore,” and downplays the lack of police warning before the massacre.

  • Why is there no coverage of Zuma and his rioting followers??

  • Christians, Muslims, & Hebrews are different branches of the same family. We are all brothers & sisters; WE NEED TO ACT LIKE FAMILY. WE SERVE THE SAME FATHER.

  • Nice..

  • It is an interesting fact that the biggest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, has a separate national holiday for every world religion.

  • Hey I am an Indian just watched you videos and I think you have a very very very liberal audience

  • Why isn't Trevor covering the South Africa riots ? BLM opened a branch in SA, he should be elated !

    • Based Indian uncles 😎

  • This guy is not funny at all

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  • I think I'm gonna stick to being an atheist. 😅

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  • I love this initiative

  • Things that are happening in Durban is heartbreaking. The daily show should make atleast 1 segment on it.

  • Strange how the rich never seem to fight these wars.......but they make the money!

  • Why are you silent about whats happening in South Africa ?

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  • I used to teach at a Muslim school. The students and teachers there became life-long friends with the students and teachers at a nearby Catholic school. My co-workers said that they had a lot in common. 😊

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  • Trevor, what about south Africa situation?


  • #soscuba #patriayvida Report about what is going on in Cuba, people are being disappeared and killed. CUBA LIBRE!!!! 🇨🇺 🇨🇺

  • #soscuba #patriayvida Please cover the news that is currently going on in Cuba. The government is murdering the people simply because they're asking for basic human rights. Please bring attention to this matter!!!!

  • #soscuba #patriayvida Is Trevor not going to mention the HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS that is happening in Cuba right now????

  • Yup, eiffel tower


  • Great report and lesson for all of us around the world.

  • Religious harmony is possible in Singapore though, just look at the diversity in worship places all over the country, and feel free to look up Inter-Religious Organisation Singapore, formed by religious leaders from 10 different faiths. Education is the key here.

    • I agree. Despite popular belief, Asia is actually further than the West when it comes to religious tolerance.

    • Maybe if you remember that Singapore is a city-state, the task is already too easy for them, and more like a lip service

  • First you have to convince most of the faith leaders not to employ violence, then you have to figure out what to do with those that do preach violence. It's a long shot.

  • Are you gonna say something about your country

  • This video made my day.

  • Talk about south africa!!

  • Are you even south African anymore ??

  • Suggesting they are three men in love with the same woman and all in a relationship with her was amazing. I'm amused.

  • Have you not seen the unrest that is happening in South Africa? People are dying. Malls are being burned to ashes. Businesses are being looted. Hundreds of people injured. People are too scared to leave their homes. And yet you haven't even said anything about it, not even on your personal social media. You've fallen quite far from your own people.

    • Just to put things in perspective, he was employed by an American company, in America. Run by American producers who decides what to show as entertainment. So yeah, he does not really have the freedom to say all things he want. Regardless if his birth country is in crisis.

  • So weird... 🤔 Is this even real?

  • Trever talk about South Africa I know he's gonna make tons of pons there

  • Religion poisons EVERYTHING. China is on the right track. Look at how far ahead they are.Go China go.

  • Ronny Chieng.....Doing God's Work!

  • trevor can u make a vid on whats happening in south Africa? confusing

  • Ephesians 6:12 KJV For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • Who wants more of Ronny Chieng ? 👀

  • Ronny makes this 1000x better 😂

  • I kinda wish this can be talked seriously and not to make fun of.

  • That poor rabbi cant hardly get around without his cane. Maybe the Christian reverend can teach him about the healing powers of Jesus christ. Or the Muslim can just put him out of his misery. Lol

  • These people are so serious, I hope they were briefed before hand that Ronny is just channeling Colbert's satire?

    • LOL, we were playing a part, too. We were a lot less serious off camera! (I'm the Christian guy in the video.)

  • Peace in the middle of America ✌️

  • Mark the Ex. "Muzlim" is just an actor. Yet he failed miserably as he couldn't even pronounce Muslim properly!.

  • Finnaly peace

  • Why do religious leaders have any authority at all? Imagine if mall Santas and Easter bunnies got the same power and privileges as religious groups.

  • I’m so sick of “faith.” All it leads to is extremely poor decisions, to put it mildly. We have this thing called science now.

    • Most scientists have a theistic background…that even applies to greats..

  • #PrayForSouthAfrica ✊🏼🇿🇦

  • Mr. Noah, are you going to have a new show about the current chaos (looting and rioting) in S Africa??

  • @trevorNoah .. South Africa is in flames and nothing about it from your show 😮???

  • How do this people seat down with Ronnie amazes me. He is a lunatic! 😂😂😂

  • 4 some 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Dude can't even pronounce the word Muslim correctly and he was a Muslim. Suuuureeeee.

    • 80% of muslims don’t know arabic either so that’s kind of a weird thing to say..

  • Is that an Irish pub? 🤣

  • How “pray tell” did you get this interview on TDS? 😂 TDS is Brilliant as always!

  • Hey Trevor, seen the news lately? After Jacob Zouma' s arrest, Riots and Looting have uprise.

  • "Jihading a crusade" forgot one group. Hmmmm, who is it?

  • This is one of the dumbest pandering videos daily show ever made.

  • The old imam was too pure

  • Pray for South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • War are caused by people with power and religion is just a scapegoat...

  • I really hope things go alright for them and it works out

  • Man oh man , you think this bad check out Trevor Noah home country, they are literally burning down the entire country, why because Zuma the previous president got some jail time 😂😂😂😂😂

  • That "Mark Christian" if he truly was a Muslim ever, then you can already tell what type of Muslim he was by the type of Christian he is today, not the best.

  • Superstitious nonsense.

  • We have a new ergun caner, Mr. Mark Christian

  • I really enjoyed this segment and happy to see see y’all platforming people coming together and respecting the things that make us different

  • Ey how bout south africa trevor

  • Come together was the best part hands down

  • The Muslim guy is like a happy Buddha. 💖💖💖

  • I love Ronnie ✌️💙


  • take care Cheng. Someone might want to do something to you....

  • This guy Mark is not making sense

  • 😂😂😂

  • Get all influencers and celebrities involved to stop looting and violence and vandilism in South Africa.

    • @Sthembiso Mthembu I want youtubers and celebrities to go out there and help stand against it and protect our country

    • Lotters don't have time for ISmem

  • It's a fine idea, but once again it seems like the "big three" are just shutting members of every other religion out, like we don't even exist.

    • They say "big three", because of politics since almost half of the world is either Christian or Muslim and Jews have had a huge impact on all our lives as well. Tbh, a lot of the world has been impacted by the presence of these three religions in some way or the other (not saying that the other religions haven't) but in Theology, the Abrahamic Faiths have a special importance

    • Maybe they should have been rewrote the script with the description "abrahamic" instead of "big three"

  • One world order laying its foundations

  • All happened because Abraham is forced to sacrifice Isaac or Ishmael.

    • Why r u lying 😅😅😅🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • "i didn't mean to" the muslim guy is so wholesome i can't. protect him at all costs

  • Meanwhile, USA, Israel and Saudi are the new Axis of Evil. All three countries of the three major monoesthic religions teams up in terrorizing other nations.

  • 3:48 why is the muslim guy so cute lol

  • Ronny, you're one talented dude. Great piece!

  • This was epic, Ronny 👏 “Two-faced,” “coming together,” the cutest and sweetest Muslim guy ever who you keep throwing shade at 😅 So much gold in here! I think this is my favorite daily show clip ever

    • Not all Jews are zionists. Many against also

    • It was almost like they said NOTHING bad about one particular Apartheid-loving group...

  • Faith is the excuse people give for believing in things for which they have no evidence, often in the face of direct evidence to the contrary. #FreedomFromReligion

    • @Sydney V. Can you proof your claim??

    • Not cool dude

  • Nepal also has a Hindu temple, a Mosque, Buddhist temple in the same area. It works :)

    • @Sagar Tomar a close parallel would be the abrahamic religions, where Judaism came first but the other religions are not considered to be descended from it though heavily influenced by Judaism. Hinduism is oldest of the dharmic tradition but that does not means that all others were descended from it in the proper sense

    • @Sagar Tomar yes, agree agree but the traditions of atleast sikh and Buddhist religions have been influenced too much by foreign influences,Adi shankaracharya already says that buddhism is just an abomination of hindu dharma

    • @Rockin Flemingo I mean to say these three religion derived from hinduisim sanatam dhrama and have same culture as of India who made those religion all were hindu or sanati that's why people of these religion can pray in each other temples no one cares

    • @Sagar Tomar Brother that is the problem of the claim, You cant say that these religions are same on the basis of two key differences 1. Their followers clearly distinguish themselves from sanatan dharma. Eg BR Ambedkar 2. Their books arent derived from vedas, they even dont consider sanskrit to be sacred. Prakrit and pali are entirely different languages Nationalistic views can be wrong too

    • Bhuddhism , jain and hindu and sikh different sect of Santam religion , we are same , islam and Christian are other ideological religion

  • What about what’s going on in South African?

  • Awww so cute 'Makes me hug him'

  • How nice


  • Please talk about what is happening in South Africa

  • Come together.. lol

  • ✌🏻🙏🏻👌🏻

  • Is this like the First Amalgamated Church from Futurama? The future is finally here!

  • All fundamentalists and extremists are dangerous The Faiths themselves are not the problem its the manipulators Peace in USA unlikely its a nation f immigrants who ignore the original peoples just to get started