The Worst of Sean Hannity | The Daily Show

Sean Hannity: infamous hypocrite and Trump’s pillow talk buddy. Here’s the absolute worst of Sean Hannity.

0:00 - Hillary 2016 vs Biden 2020
1:55 - What About-ism
3:13 - Hannity Eviscerating Hannity
3:53 - Wannabe Army Man
4:37 - Nighttime Chats with Trump
5:47 - Staten Island Protests vs. BLM Protests
7:24 - The 2018 Midterm Elections
8:34 - Having “Exclusively Almost” Nothing to Do with Michael Cohen

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  • Nazis

  • What has Michael Cohen tweeted about Hannity now and then?

  • We all need to BOO him right off tv!

  • Remember the 2016 debate where Trump kept telling everyone to "call Sean Hannity"?😁😁😁

  • What is it abouttrying to get on or off a plane that presidents and apparently also Hilary can't handle...

  • Background music ,can anyone name it?

  • Probably already said. Worst is every night isn't it?

  • That Sean Hannity rap battle is gold. 🤣👏👏👏😂

  • The Newt ster

  • Hypocrites.

  • He’s saying nothing wrong here

  • They are soooo two-faced! Double Standards run wild!! Starts with Trump. Then "Turtleman" O'Connell not approving Obama's Judge appointee, but then with Less time left in office, Rushed "Chumps". Then this idiot "Insanity Hannity" (Who lives under Dumps Desk) along with their Token Black (Shes really just tanned, married to a white guy) Candace "kkk" Owens!

  • Trevor's like AOC. Allergic to the truth

  • Trevor is an imitation man.

  • Sean Inshannity

  • Shawn Hannity, has become the joke and clown for Fox news ,they are all willing to say anything for ratings.

  • Just how deep is Hannity involved in the #RealPizzaGaetz??? 🤣😆😂

  • After listening further double my last statement

  • Thhis guy is a j.o.

  • The worst of Sean Hannity, and the video is only 15 minutes long!

  • Poor Sean. He only gets 15 minutes; Tucker gets a 21 minute segment. Sean will always be second banana.

  • Sean H does not stop and stare at the public with a stone face like Tucker Carlson, but he is just as Racist and Ignorant of the facts about the BLM movement as TC

  • H you are a rotten Lier and the truth is not in you!!!

  • Take a walk on the wild side, yea ah nah.

  • It's so funny how he thinks that us Democrats are the ones defunding the police. You . . . Republicans are!!! Especially by killing them.

  • Looks like. Best of Hanity to me.

  • this video only works when you know your supporters will never watch the WHOLE video or do ANY research on their own.,., i watch and listen to ALL OF THEM., left right neutral., don't care., npr is fox., your being mindwiped and i hope you get what you want.,., because they are all telling you what your going to get., you just don't comprehend them.,., peasant., ';'

  • He looks like a baby Trump with his real hair.

  • It's not obvious to me how any of this content discredits anything Sean Hannity has said... most people have typically said words more than once...

  • Trump couldn't pick out a elephant

  • shawn hannity is no better than the blatant liars pretending that their agenda will somehow benefit us all....come on a liar is a liar no matter how you try to twist it.

  • alan dershowitz is a yucky, yucky man....

  • Trever Noah is a clown and is on a communist pay roll

  • sean has courage and few reporters do

  • Make on of this for Biden :D

  • One day hopefully you'll realize people like Noah make ALOT of money off your ignorance 🙂🙃

  • We all know Trevor Noah is establishment's attack dog,go collect your paycheck now boy!.

  • Trevor Noah is a piece of trash compared to John Stewart.

  • Worst? Seems spot on to me..

  • Let's destroy fox News with dislikes

  • How on fair of Trevor Noah to give Tucker Carlson a 21 minute video and all Sean Hannity is 15 minutes! I just can't decide who was treated more unfairly, Sean or Tucker I dislike both of them!

  • "Raceist movement " SMH somebody get that woman a confederate flag. I had to rewind the part five times to make sure I heard that right damm 😔

  • Thanks!!

  • honestly your just helping hannitys word get out and making his point for him. so for that thank you

  • 🤦🏾‍♂️


  • Someone needs to drag Trevor Noah

  • I want to hold Trevor in my arms like a new born baby.

  • the star wars voiceover tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OHH !! the best people

  • Lol..."the radical left"...most americans wouldn't recognise a radical leftist if he'd sit on their heads ^^ Just one thing left (pun intended) to say: Rotfront!

  • Everything said on this video I've seen before & they are SO very true. I don't see anyone disputing any facts. Never facts....please...inform me. No name calling - just facts. I thank you.

  • What lie was said? I must know!

  • I really don't care for Sean but you, you make me throw up don lemon

  • I like listening to Hannity, makes me proud that an Irishman is standing up to the wokes, "victims" and other trash that inhabit the left.

  • It is nice to see lame mock interjections along with the clips. I see a lot of commentary, not much "worst of". Try harder.

  • Definitely something wrong with Biden!-

  • In only 15 minutes? Calling it now this will be BS. 😁

  • And with his dumb audience this works all the time

  • Fox has to be hardup to keep you

  • The left is hilarious 🤣 The shade throwing in the comments killed me.😂

  • They need to call this show Hannity's Fantasies.

  • They should call this show Hannitt's

  • How is Biden’s cognitive decline not obvious to every one ? Imagine if Trump had uttered even 1 or 2 of Biden’s word salads - how is pointing this out representing “the worst”of anything ?

  • the tucker episode was 30 min long bofa deez coulda been 10 seasons

  • They’re BOTH on the same team. You should also know that they’re mocking us all. You should also know who’s TRULY pulling the strings and writing the scripts for these “people”.

  • If this was trying to debunk the FACT that sippy cup Joe is a

    • Is a what

  • Same news over & over reading ftom same script that hates The Democratic party

  • You people still watching CNN national enquirer ? I thought they went under.....

  • I'd rather watch fifteen HOURS of RACHEL MADDOW being RIGHT with FACTS!!!!

  • Sean is a vile puke of a man

  • Wow he sounds like actually is paying attention.

  • Every occasion that I've flipped to Hannity, within 15 seconds I'm Angry saying LIAR!!!!! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.😠

  • That kayliegh macdaddy clip should play during every single commercial break for 2 years

  • Hannity is such a goofball.

  • Trevor are you Communist????

  • All you Democratic (slavery supporters) are so gullible. America may be doomed after all.

  • Hannity looks like an angry thumb

  • Hyperbole

  • Hyperbole

  • Fox spreading hate news again

  • You should be not allowed to propagate your religious beliefs using people’s bodies during times of sickness as well as healthcare provisions.

  • wow funny haha

  • Whiteism

  • #SOSCUBA.#🇨🇺

  • “Kinda rich” sounds straight out of the 80’s

  • Give it a rest Noah.

  • Everything he said is true...100%.

  • He's made a handsome living off of being intellectually dishonest and one-sided.

  • "Worst of Sean Hannity!" Done by a show where every day is the "worst of."


  • I'm not a doctor, but im losing my patience.(popeye)

  • Why can't we have a side by side comparison of how each side attacks the other ?

  • Go back to South Africa.

    • @Ernesto V17 We all love Trevor Noah and he belongs in our country. He's an American Treasure.

    • No. We love Trevor Noah 🤣👍

  • Bunch of fools.

  • LOve Sean Hannity.

  • News shows are supposed to be nonpartisan and informative not persuasive.

  • Why are you so obsessed with President Trump and Republicans/conservatives? You look ridiculous!

  • How did the Clintons and Mueller not sue him for libel with all that 'crime family'?

  • The FOX Channel is the garbage dump of the media. All the useless and rotten things end up there.