The Worst of Tucker Carlson | The Daily Show

Tucker Carlson: white supremacist mass shooter copycat and Jeopardy winner. Here’s the absolute worst of Tucker Carlson.

0:00 - Who Is Tucker Carlson?
7:53 - Jeopardy Winner
9:05 - White Supremacist Mass Shooter Copycat
9:58 - How You’d Imagine Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson Might Laugh
10:20 - Desi’s Voter Fraud-Obsessed Cousins
13:35 - Tucker vs. Tucker: Protest Edition
14:26 - Sudden Vacations

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  • The switching of his names has me cracking up!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • When he disrespected Bill Nye, he became my mortal enemy.

  • This seems a lesson for liberals ,they are not rewarded for being liberal so they have to become extremists. Similar example in India is Arnab Goswami.

  • Credit due to Fox, they’ve spent multi millions researching the brainwash potential of a public that is very stimulated in this manner. They know what they’re doing, it’s ruining America, isn’t that their plan, it has to be. I can’t believe the Saudi Prince owns part of Fox, that’s all I need to understand how important it is to Murdock to destroy America. Tucker is the desperate puppet needing attention, power and more money more than his brainwashed viewers. 😑 Fox has taught me the most dangerous human is one brainwashed. You brainwash enough and you can own a Country and do with it what you wish. 😑

  • never gets old 💩 on this Guy

  • I'd probably feel bad for permanently rearranging his face.

  • The metric system is "the yoke of tyranny" 😂 does he know the measurement system the US uses is literally called THE IMPERIAL SYSTEM!

  • 21 minute runtime so I'm assuming this is just part 1 of 35 or so right?

  • Isn't this an old video that already exists on the channel? Why upload a duplicate?

  • I lean more conservative libertarian and love Tucker, but man that bit with the skype call about thanksgiving was hilarious :DD

  • The worst of Tucker Carlson? He is #1 in Nielsen ratings. How are your ratings Trevor Noah? Is there a "best of Trevor Noah" compilation?

  • Wait Fox “News” lied about vacations? Why burry at the end?

  • Anyone unironically watching this is ngmi.

  • Tucker double dates with Matt Gaetz..

  • We all need to BOO him right off tv!

  • The daily show is trash, they ran out of context after Trump lol

  • I only watch Tucker for comic relief, and only in small doses.

  • "They will come a time, when criminals, liars, fools, perverts, and the corrupt, will be trusted as leaders and celebrated." -Mohammad PBUH

  • Classic 😂

  • I love tucker he’s my celebrity crush

  • "There was no evidence that George Floyd was murdered by a cop" -- Tucker Carlson You believe YOUR LYING EYES!

  • What’s wrong with Freedom of Speech without boundaries? Tucker Carlson.

  • It seems Noah is feeling the heat from a continuous Beating by Tucker Carlson in the Ratings. So much so, he think the only solution is to Attack FOX. It didn't work for CNN It didn't Work for MSNBC It hasn't worked for any of the other Late Night shows. Perhaps this is not the Path to success.

  • Would many cry if the entire Fox Crew crashed and burned in a bus accident?

  • The Jerry Springer Show was on for thirty years, the last ten were repeats, same with any show on Fox.

  • Tucker still has the same haircut mommy gave him in 8th grade, so sad.

  • I think Tucker's so called offspring should get a DNA test to make sure who their father is, my guess is it isn't Tucker.

  • Still #1 in cable rating 👌

  • lol this guy styles himself as against the elite while he heir to a food makers fortune!

  • He figured out populism sells, and shed his elite identity. He has nothing in common with his viewers in Kentucky or Alabama, but he wants them focused on silly social issues, not actual tangible economic issues which actually impact them 24/7.

  • This is fantastic, lol.

  • The way that she constantly gives him a different name is hilarious tucker "mcrib" Carlson😁

  • Tucker Carlson is a prime example of Backpfeifengesicht.

  • Trevor Noah going through the laundry. How sad. I guess that’s what you do if you don’t have a personality.

  • Eyes so piercing they'll give you a nose ring ///yoooooo 😂😂😂😂

  • If Tucker Carlson doesn't like America then he should leave.

  • I love watching tucker's show. He asks so many questions I often forget he's on a NEWS network, where I had foolishly thought people went to get answers. He's like a an instagram story poll from your supposed-to-be smarter friend who asks 4 questions in succession then coming up with an often provoking/stereotypical/dated/hazy hypothesis delivered in confidence with another inexplicit question often beginning with 'maybe'.

  • 11:01 So he admits the Right engages in conspiracy theories?

  • I feel people have a lot of hate towards kcuter Larckson that may most definitely be 100% justified in all cases, but come on ... He is just trying to take advantage of this situation for his personal gain by disregarding the safety and well being of a large portion of his own audience ... If I were kuccer Larkson I would have done the same, stop hating on the man baby with the "who farted" face! He is just trying to make sure the life expectancy stays low. He might seem like an idiot, but deep down, underneath that thick skin he is sharp as a marble.

  • Tucker is a pile of after birth

  • Since ur a South African that terrorist organization called Isnotrael in d Middle East a apartheid state?

  • Tucker is hate spreading virus on this country

  • Love Tucker, hope he gets promoted

  • The Worst of Tucker Carlson ... When his show starts. The Best of Tucker Carlson ... When his show ends.

  • Atleast he reports what's going in South Africa 🇿🇦 👍

  • The laughing montage had me rolling.

  • I could listen to Desi forever... ^____^

  • All you dumbies realize tucker has the #1 news show on primetime tv? Just a bunch of haters

  • In America, the simple fact is that hate sells. I hate him too, but don’t need to have it sold to me again and again. Along with numerous commercials - which is the real point behind perpetuating the hate , right? Get well soon, America. ❤️

  • I’m genuinely convinced he’s an NPC

  • baby yoda has a name and its grogu.

  • That was great. Did anyone catch Hannity's face when Desi said 'Hey, SECOND cousin Sean' haha 12:05

  • Is this part 1 of a 30 part series?

  • BLM is going to come after you? What does that even mean? What is it exactly that conservatives like Carlson think BLM wants?

  • People still watch Trevor noah? He isn’t funny at all he is a complete moro

  • I just came here to say that 21 minutes isn't long enough to show the worst of Tucker the Fu*ker.

  • Stewart the man that took the bow tie out of the Tucker Carson you can tell he got to him Before bow tie city after top button unbuttoned or a regular tie. Stewart the Goat

  • Tucker is one of the best.

  • Spineless sak of skin!!!

  • A man comes from apartheid, becomes rich and famous, but tells everyone else like him that they're oppressed. What man am I talking about?

  • Hilarious!!!!!!!! Try harder next time though 😂.

  • Is tucker's maniacal laughter a sign that he's possessed by demons? Why doesn't he show us he's NOT possessed by demons? I'm just asking questions.

    • This comment is gold... heard it perfectly in his obnoxious voice

  • Is this fox news or fox hate speech

  • I would like tucker to look back on his dying bed and feel how his soul crunch

  • This guy is no Jon Stewart.

  • This is comedy?

  • I thought Trevor Noah was a comedian. This has to be one of the least funny shows I’ve ever seen.

  • Someone hates Tucker. Bottom feeders will be bottom feeders

  • The daily show of profanities and leftist bias. Keep going man, Americans will be soon united.

  • Imagine caring what this affirmative action "comedian" thinks about Tucker Carlson

  • "Democrats rigged the election in front of all of us and no one did anything about it.......including me"

  • Why are you such a racist Trevor. Please stop hating whites. Its okay to be white.

  • I couldn't get even halfway through the video, it was so painful to watch.

  • everybody who watches this mirror job of Tucker Carlson should really watch a show once and make up your own mind. It might really open your eyes. It’s one of the last bastions of free speech in this country and you will realize the truth of that statement if you watch the show if you times

  • When is part 2 coming? You could easily make a new episode every week?

  • Donkey laugh man!

  • The daily show is pure dogshit now

  • Dumbest face on US TV - and inside he is rotten

  • So besides his first and last name we’re any of those true?

  • I'm so glad your back Mr. T.😎😎

  • Lol I love the newer one where tucker is speaking like a communist by saying that corporations need to pay the people for making profits off the pandemic and schools need to use their money to pay off student debt

  • 3:27 - my jaw is on the floor. I fall into the group of never giving him any attention but there a people out there who believe everything this bow tie boy says. I don’t know if I can finish the rest of this segment 🙃🤬

  • Trevor Noah has literally become propaganda lol taking tucker out of context. You only label him as a racist bigot instead of addressing his points. 😐👌

  • The World will be a better place when, they take the mic away from people who have hate in there hearts. None of these fake Microphone/TV gangsters won't be anywhere near the front lines. Why continue to spread hate and lies. Fox needs to shut it down.

  • I don't like Noah at all. After hearing what Tuckee said about child marriage I will never be listening to him again.....

  • Agenda hit piece. Tucker rocks. Trevor should try debating him instead of having someone else splice old video to discount him without facing him. This is not only a comedy show, It's a leftist comedy show. Now CNN, MSNBC and other news are very much like The Dailey Show just more comical.

  • Tucker's fly-catching-gape demeanor is the most punchable face in TV's history

  • "The Worst of Trevor Noah"... Everytime he speaks.

  • The Crazy thing. He actually became famous telling the truth: Elites looking down from their scaffolds and running a scam we know of as "Our Government" (It's really all theatre. They make all the real decisions and deals being closed doors, then write a script and choose who acting what part and play out in front of us. ANy politics on TV is nothing more real than WWE

  • Another leftist attack on conservative views…..

  • Love Desi. More of her !

  • the zoom bit was brilliant

  • Is there a “ best” of Pucker Carlson?

  • If you support Trump you just waived your rights to call yourself a human being

  • McRib Carlson?..too much

  • He laughs like a sociopath attempting to mimic human behavior. He's the creature from Vivarium.

  • Jesus he was literally quoting the shooter manifesto and promoting it.

  • Way to go tucker. Thanks for the insight trevor. At the beginning of 2019 I couldn’t wait to see ur show trevor but slowly u started showing me that ur not worth watching. I once’s used ur name as reference n was laughed at. I guess it was at that moment I took a closer look at ur mind concept n opinions. Well I found out why I was laughed at. I still tried watching ur show for the jokes but just wasn’t the same.

  • Look its the guy who ruined the battlefield reveal