Trump didn't do anything wrong

Birt 13 júl 2021
You can tell Trump didn't do anything wrong because he's not hiding anything. Except that he is.

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  • Has anyone told this woman that the facts don’t care about your feelings?

  • When will people realize that the only reason that these morns support Trump is because he promotes white nationalism? Every time I speak with a Trumpanzee I simply ask them to tell me 3 policies that he has that they like. I have yet to find one that can tell me 3 policies at all.

  • In the U.S.A. all you need to be is a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old to vote there's nothing saying you need to be intelligent. If the law said you need a high IQ to vote Trump would have never had any votes.

  • She just illustrated the difference between a low-IQ voter and a no-IQ voter...


  • These people are completely blinded by their own desire to be relevant.

  • Aren’t these the type of people that call the rest of us ‘sheep’?

  • Who had egg on their face The lady : yea, yea No who's got egg on their face The lady : just shaking her egg i mean head

  • "What about Obama's birth certificate?" has got to be the most Trumpian thing ever. A whataboutism and a conspiracy rolled into one

  • "I don't care" - sums it up. You can write a 1,000-page thesis on Trump supporters, but the bottom line is "they don't care" about truth or anything worth caring about.

  • He's never done anything but block the truth. Lets see those tax returns and college transcripts, spray tan golem.

  • that woman's stupidity will live forever on the internet... now THAT is justice.

  • Coo coo, Coo coo

  • They're all the same 😲😂

  • And people still argue whether we descended from monkeys… obviously we didn’t - a monkey is smarter than her.

  • You can’t get any DUMBER than a Trump fan🐷🪰

  • How about this...Trump didn't do anything right!. Heck, Trump pretty much did nothing but divide a nation and watch it unfold on Fox News.

  • This is just like all trump supporters. When he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in plain and get away with it I thought that was laughable yet so far true. Wake the f up republicians. Don't be sheep. Use what little mind u have.

  • He tried to over throw a legal vote. That is not a democracy. He should be behind bars for the rest of his life as a deterrent for presidents down the road who want to try and become a dictator. He should not be free to wine about his lies.lock him up.

  • Have a care. Being interviewed in front of a camera is stressful and most people would perform below their normal level. Add in a charming, intelligent and well informed reporter who is out to getcha makes things even harder. That being said, it does the extreme partisanship (at the expense of truth and independent thinking) that you need to have to be and remain a trump supporter.

  • That's what dumbing down America looks like.

  • Donald Trump claimed he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters." This mouth-breathing idiot would be standing there, offering to help him reload the weapon.

  • These crying Trumpers it still is today the tears of the trumpers who crying

  • Democrats have been trying a long time to convict trump of anything. Democrats will not try to convict Andrew cuomo of the 2 charges

  • More half the country over the head

  • Who's the guy doing the interview? I like his style 😄

  • "I don't care" They made an emotional decision to back Trump and nothing will stop them


  • Scary for the continuation of the human race.

  • These peoples! Their ignorance is so irritating

  • racist

  • Who has egg on their face 🍳 💀

  • Just think about it….there are millions like her

  • Trevor should have voted for Trump so he could milk more content. Hes been out of new ideas for years now and relies on Trump even though its July

  • Jordan Klepper is a true genius with these folks.

  • A piece of a rock is smarter & more practical than this lady

  • another critical thinker smh

  • This lady is a great judge of character.

  • Classic trumpets

  • Haha just because you break the law in broad daylight doesn’t make it anymore legal geez Louise.

  • Why did it get cut off? Did her keepers show up?

  • How does she get her shoes on the right feet?

  • Trump just made Murica worse.

  • Don't worry, they probably won't be around too much longer. They are slowly but oh so deliciously committing suicide. Who knew they were right about MAGA? None of us realized it would be in the form of removing their own existences by purposely dying of covid :D

  • Then you tell them what he has in fact done terribly wrong and they give you the whole “fake news” speech. Quit kidding yourselves.

  • They dont care, they enjoy being lied to by trump. The truth dont matter to them

  • Lord save the US from these morons

  • Soooo much stoopid!

  • TREASON should be punished by Death!

  • America got some real silly folks.

  • I hate the human species. 99.9% are sheep and the other 0.1% are pure evil.

  • want this chick taking your vitals in the doc office or would you sue

  • She's gonna have egg on her face tonight :)

  • This is merica!

  • Uh duheeeee!

  • If aliens came to earth they would want to know how these people were able to reproduce.

  • Delusional people at their finest.

  • Is that Roseanne Barr?

  • Another 'well informed' Trump muppet. Trumps demeanour absolutely reeks of shady practises. Especially the hand clasping and invisible accordion playing he does 95% of the time. Oh, and the interviews in front of whirring helicopters so he can pretend to be off somewhere important when he just going to a golf course.

  • Retrumplicans= I don't care

  • A display of an absolute lack of being able to apply deductive reasoning. Wow.

  • I've seen many comments along the lines of "Obama almost destroyed this country". Apart from not offering any specific examples of how Obama almost destroyed America, you have to ask exactly what the commenter meant by "this country". A certain part of it (an ethnicity?) maybe?. The same people won't hear a word said against Trump, no matter who that criticism (or less than 100% loyalty) comes from. Very, very strange.

  • The only thing he did wrong was being born

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! 😂😅🙊🙈🤦🙀🤣🥴💩💩💩

  • Oh yeah she’s a keeper

  • 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Another professor at Trump's university.

  • Ignorance is a pandemic in itself....

  • Is anyone else concerned that these people might possibly become the majority one day? 🤪

  • She seems like a sweet woman

  • This woman is totally delusional.

  • Jesus CHRIST that's funny!

  • *when the ad is longer than vid…

  • Can you say sheep

  • The Karen mentioned Obama's birth certificate. She showed her true motivation! It always amazes me how these folks would rather be perceived as dumb as long as they can unleash their inner racism.

  • Curb your opinion

  • over 640,000 dead from C19 virus in the USA ... in my country of 5 million we lost 26 people ... as you have 330 million that equates to 66 to our 1 ...simple maths means 66 x 26 = 1716 ... a far cry from 640,000 plus ... perhaps a quick, complete, lockdown, with all borders closed, and mandatory mask-wearing would have/could have worked for you too ... yep, I reckon DJT (45) got it wrong big time

  • Keppler is great in how he makes fun of them without them even realising and how he always manages to show their inconsistency.

  • Klepper: "Who has egg on their face?" Trumpist: "yeah..." (proceeds to wipe face.) I love how perfectly timed that was, lol 😆

  • So Ted Bundy was innocent?

  • He's FIRED

  • We need to ship trumpers off somewhere remote.

  • .eno eciN

  • when evolution takes a day off

  • 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Ignorance comes in all forms

  • We're the stoopidest people on the planet, and our Republicans are the stoopidest people in the universe.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Trump is a white guy and Obama is a (half) black guy. Seems simple.

  • Obama is always their first place to go

  • She probably votes in a photo booth

  • My father told me once when I was young that letting the average American select a president was a really bad idea, I thought he was being foolish.. Now I realize the wisdom of his statement.

  • " I don't care "... Now I know where Melania got her slogan for her jacket..

  • And here, folks, is why we need a psychometric test and a psych evaluation before you're allowed to vote.

  • The Trump Borg has assimilated her, she's not redeemable.

  • You can`t argue with cult-members.

  • if the adults are like this, I just hope their next-generation gets wiped out.

  • I wonder if Americans realize that people around the world can watch this video, and those people might think that this person is a typical example of an American. Are people in the U.S. not embarrassed?

  • Second clip is a lie.

  • Trump won! Az audit proves it.! Don’t be mad👍

  • Wonder if she realizes how ignorant she really is , after watching herself on video later ? If so did it change her answers at all ? My bet is no . LOL