Where was Obama during 9/11?!?!?

Birt 15 júl 2021
Obama has some explaining to do.

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  • You can find dumb people everywhere. Like I could go around the corner to the coffee shop and find someone who thinks that trumps rascist and bidens not and covid came from a wet market.

  • Are these people always like this, or is it just Politics that unleashes the pure insanity of the Human psyche?

  • Democracy is brilliant until you realise it’s got nothing to do with your Policies or Political Stance... It’s just how popular you are with the masses. Either that or we need to require mental health tests before people are allowed to vote.

  • I mean honestly....how?🇺🇸

  • Obama is the devil Lightning in Hebrew means Baraq Heights in Hebrew means Bamah So if a Hebrew would speak those words today Jesus Christ would of said in Luke 10:18 and I saw Satan fall from heaven like Lightning has Barack Obama

  • Sometimes it’s really embarrassing to be in the same universe as another human being... this is one of those times

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • These people are obviously actors ,

  • Give me strength....This has to be a wind up 🙈

  • Hee haw actors

  • This is why the trump people are idiots 😂😂😂

  • I can show you a ton of videos of libtards sayin idiotic things as well.

  • I never knew that, or realize that the same people that call another certain people ignorant and dumb are actually as airheaded as airhead could ever be.

  • Ignorant

  • Id be embarrassed to be these people. Ignorant as F@#$!

  • It’s easier to make a clip like this of Democrat Trump haters…. They’re everywhere and always remarkably ignorant.

  • Got e'm!

  • This type of ignorance is on both sides.

  • Love ya Jordan..never gets old showing people who are idiots!!

  • Stupidity is required for cult membership.

  • So they don't know their own presidents

  • This is where Bill Envil's "Here's your sign comes in".

  • Willful ignorance on full display

  • The fruition of "the dumbing down of America!"

  • Yep Agreed I don't Know Why

  • Fake

  • Remember, these people are allowed to vote 👍🏻

  • This can’t be real lol.

  • 🤦

  • These people exist on both sides of the political spectrum. I've heard democrats say sone dumb sh#t so lets not pretend this is unique to republicans.

  • Im using your logic.... They have no logic

  • Barrack Obama : Lady :"no no, can't trust his mom, she has motivation to lie" Donald Trump : Lady : "why would they lie?"

    • That’s people argument logic. When we’re in a debate we don’t apply the same level if scrutiny to our own arguments that we do to others’.

  • They are all nazis

  • More brainwashing against trump i see the man was battered from every angle ever since he stepped in office.... its sad Americans don't realise he was hated by the mainstream media, China, the UN, etc for a reason the elites and powers that be hated trump with a passion which is why I think he was fkin fantastic

  • "ignorance... Stooopidity" love how we perpetuate excuses for people and not call them out and shame them for it

  • Some necks are redder than others!nuff said!😒😣✌🏽

  • Beam me up captian. I checked and there is no intelligent life hear.

  • As Fred Sanford use to say, YOU BIG DUMMIES!!!!

  • These kind of people handed power to China on a golden plate

  • Those liberal hacks could do the same thing at a democrat gathering

  • He is right he also destroyed libya

  • So this is America

  • 😏🙄...All-righty then😏😏...

  • These people are some of the stupidest

  • Am ashamed on her behalf, really!!🙈🙈🙈😁😁

  • This is satire it's heavily edited to get the reaction that they want.

  • It's amazing that they talk to people directly from the 12th century! 😅

  • Here are Americas lost souls and lost minds.

  • MAGGOTS being maggots

  • These people vote.

  • that old racist karen doesn’t know what biased means

  • This must be a set up... If not america needs to pour trillions in their schools

  • Idiots

  • .........:sigh:.........

  • Not intrested in 629,570.covid deaths just there white privilege racism.

  • Looks like Racism causes stupidity also

  • Wow he forgot Ebrahim Lincoln 😂😂

  • the same people who think the CDC wouldn't lie about covid are the same people who think 911 was an inside job.

  • Funny. People take late night comedy as actual serious news. Anyone else like SNL?

  • Was he at law school or college at that time? Gosh! At least know your enemy's cv.

  • Idiots abound

  • Boy I hope the Delta variant hasn't hurt them 😢

  • I mean he was flying all the planes wake up people!

  • Basket of deplorables

  • Racists pigs

  • Not all Trump supporters are dumb, but if you're dumb, you're a Trump supporter.

  • This is why the world laughs at us.

  • Ow my logic processor just crashed. Everybody should get to vote. Also everybody should get to do a mental test before they get to vote. That's fair, right??

  • What did I even just watch? Somebody from America, please explain.

    • Nothing to see here…just pretend you never saw this clip and your brain will thank you for it.

  • You can find the exact same amount of stupidity on the left. Reporters from both sides purposely interview idiots. To make the side they fall under seem superior. In the end, both sides who use this as a means to label an entire group... are idiots, because they can't see the bigger picture.

    • @Potato Probably more idiots on the left to be honest. But to avoid hurting feelings.. equal amount of idiots.

    • Exact amount eh

  • Obama wasn't even a US Senator then. He was an Illinois STATE senator.

  • You guys realize most of these are fake or highly edited? I mean 99% of what you watch is, but yeah Obama and bush love you, never forgetti

  • Gesses,, must be something in the water !!

  • XD

  • Funny how Americans can't remember as far back as twenty years.

  • Incredible that people like these folks still exist anywhere especially in the US of A!

  • Dumpty trumpster

  • Laughs in Obama Care

  • Morons: at least we’re not these people.

  • I kinda think WW2 was Kamala Harris’s fault. I mean, where was she when the Germans invaded France?

  • Lol they copying the Jesse Watters strategy with this one 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • Lol they makes Trump win 2016

  • Fox fake new's audience 🤡 this racist misinformation network should be banned from television

  • Deplorables.

  • Behold the brightest among the brightests

  • It's all edited to make them look bad

  • This is the fakest video I've seen yet. And I watched Pain Olympics.