Will Biden Get All Americans Vaccinated by July? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 18 feb 2021
President Biden says that everyone in the U.S. will be able to be vaccinated by July, with a return to “normal life” expected around the holidays. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Biden
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  • The vaccine has killed people. Corticosteroid treatment HAS NOT. *hey, lefties, your lies are starting to show.*

  • You actually know its because of Trump's operation warp speed that we even have a vaccine right?

  • The problem is, with the pandemic behind them, they'll have to address the whole UFO thing.

  • He never promised to get everyone vaccinated. He promised that July would be their point where enough would be manufactured for everyone

  • ****CONGRATULATIONS* to Trevor Noah for finally showing what type of person he really is in his latest promo commercials for his so-called show. He tells us we should “ROAST CORONAVIRUS SO HARD” He states coronavirus you got so many zits it looks like your exfoliating with pizza crust. Then. The coronavirus starts to cry and Trevor feels sorry for what he said to the coronavirus and says “ AHH, I FEEL BAD NOW” Unfortunately, this is not comedy. This is exactly how Trevor really feels about a Covid Virus that has Led to the following. *HE FEELS BAD ABOUT OFFENDING CORONAVIRUS WITH THE BELOW ATROCITIES THAT HAVE OCCURRED TO ALL OF HUMANITY AND OUR FAMILIES* A dramatic loss of human life worldwide. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. The pandemic has decimated jobs and placed millions of livelihoods at risk. Nearly half of the world’s 3.3 billion global workforce are at risk of losing their livelihoods No income means no food. Border closures, trade restrictions and confinement measures have disrupted domestic and international food supply chains in which we all suffer. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA People like this who have a voice to millions of people worldwide should not have the ability to continue to have a platform as the LATE SHOW to spew his one-sided agenda to the masses. Trevor. As well as many other public figures in similar positions need to be held accountable for their one sided globalist views based on their beliefs and not be so closed minded that there are others who believe differently and that’s ok. That’s why we live in AMERICA and have law and a CONSTITUTION that our country was founded upon. Fortunately for Trevor. Since he is such a beloved character for the globalist agenda his past exploits were quickly squashed by the globalist in which he works for within BIG MEDIA. NOTE: A lot of people have not seen the real Trevor and have not forgot his past. Its funny that in such a CANCEL CULTURE we live in now he wasn’t cancelled long ago for his supposed offensive/hateful comments which were much more offensive than the majority of the unfortunate cancelled individuals of today. WHICH, by the way means anyone who speaks derogatory towards the left and their agenda who does not agree to their personal opinions. If you do. You are deemed a liar, conspiracy theorist, white supremacist or domestic terrorist. His show is supposed to be an Award-winning program that examines the day's biggest news stories in politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports and more. That description is the furthest from the truth. The show is simply about a puppet who is would be clinically deemed Self-Absorbed. Remember folks TREVOR SAYS YOU MUST TRUST SCIENCE. So, here is the clinical description of a Self-Absorbed person which is simply another term for a narcissistic personality. They are always on the defensive. They do not see the world from another person’s eyes. Anyone who opposes his views. They don’t see the big picture. A self-absorbed person thinks the world is just about them. They are imposing. They always think they are superior to others. They are so consumed by their own world and self-image They are extremely opinionated. They hide their insecurities behind a cloak of success. They devalue others. Constructive criticism is okay, but self-absorbed people always take criticism too far and use it as a weapon to allow them to devalue others. They can be arrogant. This is because they feel they are so important and better than every other person. A self-absorbed person can often be egotistical. They hide who they are. coming across as pretentious They are extremely selfish. They think they are great and the world out there is wrong. The previous is just one persons opinion as allowed for by the the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. It spells out Americans' rights in relation to our government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual-like freedom of speech, press, and religion. NOTE: These rights should not be compromised no matter left or right when given a platform to promote ones-self and their personal beliefs. All issues should be equally presented and considered by all parties involved and not be suppressed/withheld as they are in todays society.

  • It'll be funny if I get a Corona vaccine before a PS5

  • 😂😂

  • Does Trevor know that covid isn't labeled by the year?

  • For as long as wealthy countries are hoarding vaccines, nothing will return to normal. There will be continious outbreaks with new variants for as long as the global population does not have access to vaccines. Take the UK for example, 70 million people but they are hoarding 450 million vaccines. As long as there isn't vaccine equity the whole world will be struggling with this pandemic for many more months.

  • Trevor Noah is not funny anymore.

  • Maybe the US should not only think of it's own but also the rest of the world and lift the export ban. Yes, it would take a bit longer for the US but the high-risk-patients in the rest of the world would have a chance to survive and it wouldn't only be Russia, China and the EU who supply the rest of the world.

  • SO, ALL Humans have left for MARS! Everything Great on EARTH!

  • SO, ALL Humans have left for MARS! Everything Great on EARTH!

  • The key words are COVID 19 GONE!

  • The key words are COVID 19 GONE!

  • Just question him the same way you did with Trump. You’re going to lose viewers sucking to him. People want you to question whoever is in power.

  • Comment for the algorithm

  • He ran off $15 min wage - bullshit Ran off unity - bullshit Would put an end to covid - bullshit IMMEDIATE covid RELIEF - bullshit $2k stimulus checks - bullshit $10k student forgiveness - bullshit

  • The word god is pathetic. Intelligence and work will pull us through.

  • Love your show, Trevor. It often more informative than most news, and very entertaining, to boot! However, if I may, I like to respectfully correct you on one score, though... President Raisinette actually said, "we'd be approaching normalcy, and hopefully, during this Christmas, we'll be in a much better place than the last." He never said that we'd "be totally back to normal". We must not feed misinformation to the wombat liars on the right. Because they will always seek to exploit it to try and twist reality even more than they already do!!

  • I'm not sure because black and brown people don't know how to use the internet. So it will be hard for them to find where they give it.

  • Inaccurate. He predicts they'll have enough DOSES by July. It'll still take more time to get those doses to people. Also, its highly unlikely that everyone will be vaccinated by Christmas. However, there is a good chance that the vulnerable will be vaccinated, leaving only the low-risk population who are unlikely to suffer greatly if infected.

  • With new strains popping up right left and centre... Even this timeline is a tad too hopeful

  • Reminder: Trevor Noah is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections.

  • The difference between Biden and Trump predicting when and how Covid will end is, Biden is listening to actual medical professionals while Trump was listening to the two Magical Fairies whispering in each ear.

  • “You broke that shit santa!” 😂

  • “All Americans” includes anti vaccine people, also the people who believe they gonna be chipped by Bill gates

  • Um.. Joe Biden said NEXT Christmas...

  • 2 years

  • No and this retarded idea of vaccinating everyone is a pipe dream. Push for that and enjoy civil war

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/moHLo2uNpKrJamk.html

  • "Goodwill of your neighbors." We're 🤬ed

  • How will Biden deal with the vaccine deliveries? How will he do from his term from this year to 2025?

  • When are u going to be a south afican again and not an american..cuz we fear that we lost our beloved Trever noah

  • Funny how you praise democratic points of view and the democratic president like they are god. Did you hear his speech? Did you even listen to him say that the trump administration had 0 vaccines before he came to office? You’re absolutely no different then CNN lol maybe if you pointed facts at republicans AND Democrats you could have more views and more subscribers but it’s okay because you have freedom of press. Just remember that your party is the one who censored multiple apps and social media posts and best of all trump himself. Your party did that. Dumbass’s don’t even know what your rooting for.

    • Don’t forget that there are HUNDREDS of Democrats using the word “fight” as in fight Donald trump fight the republicans fight against his administration and fight for the Democratic Party. And the man you praise used the words “if we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” but please continue shitting on trump and praying the man with dementia. You can’t even get enough views if you don’t mention trump in your videos. He’s been out of office for 5 weeks now and you still bring him up daily lol so pathetic

  • We are skynet

  • We go 2 venus S you go to mars I'm staying popular

  • Sadly trevor Covid is gonnna be like Aids. Never Disappearing but hopefully we dont need to wear protection each time we ... Come outside (Pun intended)

  • *You are clown*

  • in the other hand the poor country doesn't have access to the vaccine.. first America


  • At least there are still some good people in America.

  • "Joseph Raisinette Biden" 😄

  • Cool to see now! Great video now! Go now, Biden! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!

  • I feel like wherever trevor mentions joe's middle name, I'm surprised at what it is.

  • Normal wasn't all that great for many people, esp children‼ #poorpeoplescampaign @UnitethePoor #BernieCares

    • @fraud insanity it's a start & a helluva lot better than $7.25 an hour

    • @Bess Smith Ppl stay poor because they dont know how to set their own price. Its a negotiation

    • @Bess Smith Sounds pretty on paper, tried in some states and it wasnt what it seemed

    • @fraud insanity a lot of 45's cultists are poor, SUPPORT $15 minimum wage, the SURVIVAL checks, & extended unemployment benefits, etc...

    • #capitalism #votefreedomvotetrump Speak for yourself.

  • It's not up to Joe. All up to the Pharma companies to produce the vaccine for the virus they released because of the Opioid lawsuits...O.o...I've said too much.

  • the fake joe middle names are my new favorite bit

  • I just love how you are not talking about the stimulus check anymore!

    • Nothing new happened. No point talking about nothing when there are so many other things happening.

  • Santa is the most socially distant person there is. Trevor, I think you were just another victim of living in New York City.

  • COVID 20 is the varients

  • Don't dis Santa, he got an eye on you.

  • Maybe Trevor isn't as dumb as his guest lineup suggests. Note the light has gone from his eyes.

  • Mass murder pornography.

  • Tracking g the T A X CAT TLE will get complicated. Fingerprints, facial recognition and iris scans are easily hacked.

  • Will the survival rate for the vaccine exceed the 99.?% survival rate from covid? What's the long term effects for the dna vaccine?

  • . Vaccines typically contain many of the following fillers: aluminum hydroxide * aluminum phosphate * ammonium sulfate * amphotericin B * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, * dog kidney, monkey kidney, * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg * calf (bovine) serum * betapropiolactone * fetal bovine serum * formaldehyde * formalin * gelatin * glycerol * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) * hydrolized gelatin * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r)) * monosodium glutamate (MSG) * neomycin * neomycin sulfate * phenol red indicator * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) * potassium diphosphate * potassium monophosphate * polymyxin B * polysorbate 20 * polysorbate 80 * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein * residual MRC5 proteins * sorbitol * tri(n)butylphosphate, * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and * washed sheep red blood. Common sense and a thinking brain will clearly tell people/parents, that most of these are ingredients that are not safe ( and at the very least questionable) for injection into the body, let alone the vaccine dose schedule suggested for babies and children. Does anyone really want these chemicals, animal and insect DNA injected directly into their blood stream?

    • @Inevitable Ban Why don't you look at the ingredients on the back of your injection LOL if you can find them

    • Feel free to link where you’re getting these ingredients from

  • Frozen Babies Winter. Via exclusive Saudi oil supply with hourly hikes. Biden cut off Canada. MAGA vs mainstream liberal biggest dummie competition winner is the ladder.

  • By next Christmas... gimme a fucking break. Empty politician promise if ever i've heard one. Maybe mention god another 12 times, it really gives great credence to your scientific predictions (smh).

  • I watched the townhall...he did not say this. He said by next Christmas, meaning Dec 2022 things should be normal if the vaccines work and everyone either gets it or has covid. He said by January 2022 we will be in a better place than today. Pay attention, dont report wrong news!

    • @It'sCommonSensePeople agreed, "this" and "next" get mixed up all the time. But by listening to the context of his entire sentence, he definitely meant next Christmas being 2022.

    • The literal next Christmas is the one coming up this year. However, some people think next means the one after this one. Leads to miscommunication all the time.

  • According to Public Health experts, we will never be completely free of Covid and we will need to learn new standards of hygiene and behavior from our experience with this virus. By reducing the number of infections however, we will also reduce the development of variants.

  • Now this is how a president should give a promise. We will have the doses available, getting them out is another story. He didn't even say it would be a "better" circumstance, just different. He certainly didn't promise normalcy. I'm not trying to be critical of him, I'm saying it's nice to have a President again who knows how to spread a little hope without blatantly lying to us.

  • Can Old Feeble Biden make China pay for waging war against US that killed 500,000 innocent Americans? If not, why he is holding Office of Presidency? Can JB follow the path of Trump & Pompeo?

  • 😃😃😂😂

  • What's funny is, in the original story that the "stocking" tradition is based on, Saint Nicholas actually did throw the presents in the window.

  • He said *" N E X T X - M A S "* i.e. X-mas 2022 just to be sure.

  • if what Biden says doesn't end up happening there will be a round 2 of the riot. from the people who is going to believe in his words

  • That seems like alot of hoping and wishing there!! Hope it works for us all!

  • Pfff I aint taking that poison shit. In 3 years we'll all be seeing those commercials "if you took the covid vaccine you may be entitled to financial compensation"

    • Those commercials surprise me when I first watched US channels. 😂

    • Exactly my thoughts

  • He’s not God to predict 👎

  • Love you, love your show! I do wish that not just you but so many would stop the old age jokes, age discrimination is real.

  • Will biden get all Americans vaccinated by July hopefully.Still better than the orange peel in chief did.

  • Nope

  • I like how u chose to ignore his statement on the uygur genocide as part of Chinese culture completely. Unbiased journalism at its finest.

  • This vaccine is not the end of Covid! Neither can they force anyone to take it! 'Mark of the Beast', is what's beginning to occur!

  • Is the plan to only move to the next round of vaccinations once the others have worn off? I don't know about you but it seems much more logical to have an extreme supply and a vaccinate first come first serve to get as many people as quickly as possible vaccinated before the benefits wear off.

  • It's weird to think that in Russia we're already vaccinated, and Americans still aren't...

  • All is well. Raisinette is in charge! ☺

  • Member of the forever victim club

  • 💙

  • 😎ismem.info/for/v-deo/tp-QjaSsmZbfioo.html

  • he said we will be in a very different circumstance by the end of the year, didn't say if it'd be good or bad lol

  • Can we talk about how Biden dismissed mass genocide to different cultural norms?

  • 502,840 takes the US over the half a million Covid death milestone. After 12 months New Zealand has suffered 26 Covid deaths. New Zealand proved social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks saves lives. Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy will be written down in history as America's biggest failure.

  • US Media need to interview New Zealand and Taiwan pandemic experts. CDC briefings would benefit from zoom connected global advisers. Covid variants = US has 10 variants, UK 2, South Africa 1, Brazil 1 and China 1. 2020 the virus possibly originated in China. 2021 there is no debate the virus is from US.

  • Americans believe New Zealanders have less freedoms than Americans and that is why they have 502,840 Covid deaths while NZ have had 26. US Propaganda must be good for Americans to believe that having half a million Covid deaths is freedom. Oh well, I'm off to a BBQ at the beach.

    • It's really not fair comparing a global super power that gets millions and millions of people visiting it to a small country only knowed bc of the lotr movies and who even doesn't appear in some maps.

  • Raisinette really does sounds like a more reasonable middle name for him then Robinette.

    • @Christel Headington I do remember that, which is part of the reason I think it's a good middle name for him. Can't you see Biden dancing with a bunch of raisins wearing sunglasses? 😎

    • Nah, you are too young to remember the California Raisins singing, "I Heard It Thgrouygfh The Grapevine."

  • No mention about Biden stilling the vaccines from other people? U fake . Pretending to be a good person

  • Not without Trump Just a phone call away.

  • soon to be birthday boy trevor

  • am i the only one who cried when i heard that i'd be able to be vaccinated by the end of july

  • Even if 60% of frontline workers refuse? Forced vaccination of spuriously tested immunosuppressant substances will plunge us into civil war.

    • @It'sCommonSensePeople It won't be from Covid.

    • @It'sCommonSensePeople With an illness that has a 2% fatality rate with similar fatality rate for the "vaccine" itself?

    • No people will start dying on mass, dead bodies in the street, and then suddenly everyone will want the vaccine.


  • Can't we get a little love for Santa? You have no idea how hard he works


  • I am loving your COVID hair.

  • Maybe they could dry and burn Republican bullshit.

  • My parents got their first shot last week and already have their second scheduled... I genuinely feel like I can sleep better at night. Ive been so worried about them because if they ever got covid... it would be a death sentence. They're vendors and have been working this entire time, the pharmacist at one of their stores specifically sought them out to sign up for new shipment. I'm so grateful for him.

  • I hope so too. Because I'm really done with covid-19 and Trump and his BS I just want a quiet world

  • Joe "You aint black if you don't vote for me" Biden is here to save us with his racism.