You know the great thing about Australian accents?

Birt 12 júl 2021
Australians always sound happy.

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  • Priceless 🤣😂🤣

  • Oh Trevor, you are such a joy.

  • For me ,it reminds me of cobra commander’s gangs.But I like it .

  • Fake person. Fake news

  • It's easy to make an Australian sound sad. Remind of the times England has won the Ashes :P

  • Man you said the same thing oñ Trinidadian accent 😟😟😟😟

  • 🤣

  • Yeah literally They sound like funny cowboys from the East 😂

  • This theory needs to be tested, someone ask Chris Hemsworth to say that line

  • Suffolk people (England) are always being told we sound Australian ... don'y know why??


  • And Russians sound terrifying all the time

    • What do you mean, comrade? We shall throw you big party with huge fireworks to prove wrong.

  • Brilliant! 😆

  • 😂😂😂

  • And then there's Ronny.

  • TREVOR, I have long wanted to visit AU but I know before i go I will have to learn the language first. !

  • That's actually a spot on accent yk

  • Dank pods

  • You know the great thing about Jon Stewart? He wasn't a pathetic loser owned by democrats

  • bae bae bae

  • ..then he turns to England fans "You lost the EURO finals, mates!" 😂😃

  • Finding the accent very positive is really nice. I'd like to visit there sometime

  • It’s true. Go watch the “How Ridiculous” channel… just lower the volume first.

  • The great thing about Australian accents is Ozzy Man Reviews :D

  • If you're show is obviously too lazy to make new episodes, at least spare us of this unfunny tripe.

    • There's a saying in my world ChusnaLavdeChusnaMera

    • @Quinn Quarantined '(no apostrophe or e)'... that got me!

    • Soooo how many shows have you made? 🤔 your channel is devoid of content. Hmmm. You chose to spend *your* (no apostrophe or e) energy on a low effort attempt at a jab. If you are obviously too lazy to make your own content, at least spare us of your "unfunny tripe".

    • Lol you a joke for this one you know you can just now click on the video no one is forcing you to watch it

    • Okay I get it Jon Stewart is funnier than Trevor but you what you have to understand about Trevor is that he has a dry sense of humor is sometimes that humor so dry you may not laugh at it because you may not understand it

  • Trevor your home is currently burning.

    • Jesus Christ you Wonder why you're Depressed all the time Leave Trevor alone

    • He doesn't care he is an American now

  • Teetering on a New Zealand accent there mate but all in all I'll have to give it a 👍

    • I can't quite tell the difference.

    • And Aussies say fish not fush

    • There's a lil bit of a difference. New Zealanders can actually say "fine" and not have it sound like "foine" lol

    • There is no difference.

  • The end of this will be used by trolls one day😔

    • Yeah

    • Well at least it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.